What Containers Can Be Used In The Air Fryer

The air fryer has become an essential appliance in many kitchens thanks to its ability to cook food quickly and healthily. As with other appliances such as the microwave or oven, there are certain air fryer containers that can be used to obtain the best results when cooking our food. Once you know what an air fryer is and how it works, we will focus on knowing what containers can be used to cook in our air fryer.

What molds and containers are suitable for air fryers?

When choosing containers or molds to cook in the air fryer, it is essential to select materials that resist high temperatures well and that also allow air circulation to achieve uniform cooking. These are some of the most suitable containers and molds for the air fryer.

Silicone containers because they are non-stick

These flexible and non-stick molds are best suited for preparing breads, cakes, and other pastry recipes such as sponge cakes and bakeable doughs. We can also get them individually to bake foods such as cupcakes or muffins.

Glass containers because they heat evenly

Ideal for dishes such as lasagna, gratins and different dishes with sauce, tempered glass containers are one of our favorites for several reasons: they heat the food evenly, they are easy to clean, and you can also serve the food in the container directly in the table as it will stay warmer for longer.

Aluminum containers for their many shapes

They are the most practical for preparing cake bases for cakes, brownies, and other similar preparations. The good thing is that we can find different molds on the market with the shape we like the most to make the base of our cake. One of the aspects we like the most is that we can also find disposable aluminum trays and molds ideal for roasting vegetables, meats, and fish.

Ceramic and porcelain containers because they are heat conductors

Ceramic or porcelain plates and dishes are excellent for casseroles, cakes and desserts such as soufflés and flans. The great advantage they have is that their material is a good conductor of heat and has the ability to provide more uniform baking.

How to choose a container for an air fryer?

Choosing the right container is crucial for a good final result since depending on the food we are going to cook and how we are going to cook it, one type of mold or another will be better. As you have seen, glass containers go well with gratins, sauce dishes or lasagnas; The silicone ones are ideal for bakery and pastries, the ceramic and porcelain ones for stews and desserts, and the aluminum ones also for all types of sweet cuisine, although in truth they can be used for anything.

The great advantage of air fryers is that we can cook all kinds of recipes for an air fryer without oil or air fryer, from chicken wings or pork ribs to sweet recipes like this fluffy homemade cake.

Our advice when choosing the container is that it is made of the most appropriate type of material depending on what we are cooking and that it has the necessary measurements to cook the food we want. Check the dimensions of your air fryer carefully.

What containers should not be used in an air fryer?

We should avoid using plastic containers, as they could deform, release toxic substances and even melt due to high temperatures. Likewise, any paper or cardboard container not suitable for cooking in the air fryer due to its lack of temperature resistance. We will also avoid untempered glass containers as well as ceramics not suitable for ovens.

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