What Are Some Yoga Poses to Alleviate Shoulder Pain?

Yoga Poses to Cure Shoulder Pain: It is considered very common for people to have pain in the shoulders due to working sitting on a chair in the office for hours and irregular lifestyle. If shoulder pain is not taken care of in the initial stages, it increases with time. Health experts and doctors believe that if the shoulders are given rest by taking short breaks in between work, it helps in getting relief from pain.

However, only 4 out of 10 people follow this advice of health experts. If you also often have pain in your shoulders, then today we are going to tell you about 3 yoga asanas. By doing these yoga asanas for 10 to 15 minutes daily, you can not only get relief from shoulder pain but can also make your body fit. Let us know about the yogasanas that provide relief from shoulder pain.

 Poses to Cure Shoulder Pain

Warrior Pose

Warrior Pose
Image Source: https://www.ekhartyoga.com/resources/yoga-poses/warrior-1-pose

Warrior pose can be very helpful in providing relief from chest and shoulder pain. Warrior pose has a direct effect on the neck, which provides relief from shoulder pain.

How to do a warrior pose

To do this yoga asana, first of all stand straight.

After this, take one leg back and bring the other leg forward in a slightly oblique shape.

In this position, spread your legs and slowly spread your arms like wings.

Place one hand in front of the front foot and the other behind the foot.

Stay in this position for 2 to 3 minutes and repeat this process 10 to 15 times.

Two footed pose

Two footed pose

Doing two two-footed poses for 10 minutes daily gives flexibility to the body. The two-footed Pose helps in providing relief from the entire body pain and not just the shoulders or knees. You can do 10 to 12 sets of two-footed poses in a day and increase it later.

How to do a two-footed pose

To do two two-footed poses, first of all lie down comfortably on your back on the yoga mat.

Now keep your feet bent at the knees on the floor. After this, position the palms on the feet and take a deep breath.

Now keep your chin close to your chest and do not move your head at all during the movement.

Stay in this position for 2 to 3 minutes and take deep breaths.

After this come to normal position.

Sphinx Pose

Sphinx Pose
Image Source: https://www.yogabycandace.com/blog/2014/4/22/how-to-do-sphinx-pose

There is less rotation in this yoga asana and it creates full pressure on the spine. Due to this, it helps in providing relief from shoulder and back pain.

How to do Sphinx Pose

To do the Sphinx pose, first, lie down on your stomach on the yoga mat.

During this, try to keep the feet completely flat and try to lift the head upward.

Lift your upper torso as high as you can in Sphinx Pose.

Once in this position, stay for 10 to 15 minutes. You can do 4 to 5 sets of this yoga pose in a day.

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