Useful advice from Mofaz chairman, Tuan Haji Mohamed Fauzy

For those who don’t know Tuan Haji Mohamed Fauzy, he is the chairman of the Mofaz group which runs the business of luxury cars, hotels and more. He is a native of Kelantan who worked hard to achieve his success today. The following is some of the useful advice he gave to brother Khairul Hakimin where the initial article was written on

Before starting your own business, work first to find the experience

Before starting his own business, Tuan Haji Mohamed Fauzy worked for 13 years at Nestle Malaysia. By holding the position of marketing manager, he managed to help Nestle make a profit of RM32 million in a month.

Do more than one job at a time

While working with Nestle, Tuan Haji Mohamed Fauzy also worked as a car salesman to earn a side income. From a part-time job, now just say what car you want. Even though it costs millions of ringgit, it must have been sold by Tuan Haji Mohamed Fauzy.

Want to do business, need to be brave

Not only as a car salesman or marketing manager. He also dared to become a franchise of the luxury ship company Bayliner in the 90s. At this point, he owned hundreds of luxury boats for the wealthy to use. After several years in the shipping field, he ventured into the aviation field and established the Mofaz Air Academy.

In 1993, he opened a low-cost airline with a capital of 2 airplanes. This was agreed upon by the prime minister of Malaysia at that time, namely Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad |

Life needs to have a vision and a mission

He also said that since he was a child, he has been sticking to his vision and mission, which is that he does not want to work for the government because he wants to start his own business. If we work with people, we will be limited by the walls that get in the way. It’s hard to grow bigger. If we do business, we can do it anywhere. Not limited to others, just need more effort for more results.

Make friends with everyone and don’t be hostile

Throughout the course of business, there will definitely be people who will damage, bring down, raise, help or advance our business. No matter what happens, we have to keep going and not be hostile to anyone. Make friends.

Need to know marketing (marketing) will definitely succeed

Nowadays, many young people find failure because they are not good at marketing. The strength of a business lies in how the product reaches the consumer. So these marketing skills are very important.

There must be basic knowledge to venture into a business

Before Tuan Haji Mohamed Fauzy ventured into aviation, he had obtained a pilot’s license in America to acquire aviation knowledge before venturing into the field. So in conclusion we need to know what we are doing. Let’s not do things we don’t know.

Appreciate the time and use time wisely

Entrepreneurs need a lot of effort to get more results. So to get more results, we need to be diligent. Want to be diligent, have to spend time well. Don’t waste time. Live only once, do the best for yourself and your life.

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