Types of Accounting Careers and Related Jobs

Types of Accounting Careers and Related Jobs

Usually, after you graduate from high school, you will definitely be faced with a phase that makes you really confused about choosing a major. It’s very natural if you are in this phase, of course you have started thinking about work and future income. Many majors offer a bright future in the future, for example, accounting jobs that you can choose.

One of the most complicated preparations is deciding what college you want to pursue. Not only do you look for majors that match your interests and expertise, but you also have to research and find out in detail the majors and you are the best suited to you in Jakarta.

There are so many ways, one of which is by following the development of the learning process in the application or on their social media.

So, do you think you already know what major you want to major in? If you like the world of finance, bookkeeping, accounting majors, and all kinds of taxation, you can find information about the accounting major at the campus of your dreams.

What do you think the accounting major will learn in class? For accounting majors in the first semester, you will learn a lot of things related to financial statements.

Well, for 4 years you will learn the basics of making financial reports such as how to make financial reports that match the standards of each company, analyze financial statements, assess business feasibility standards through financial reports, even you can see and assess prospects. in the future.

Not only that guys, you will also simply learn how to see and learn whether the financial statements can be said to be feasible or not.

Some of the courses that you will get in the Accounting major include financial accounting, management accounting, cost accounting, financial statement analysis, taxation, auditing, accounting information systems, public sector accounting, government accounting, and many more.

How difficult does it look? Actually not really, it can even be said that there are lots of enthusiasts in the accounting department and always increasing from students in Indonesia. In fact, many people think that this department is the prima donna for students in Indonesia.

The accounting major is included in the Social and Human Rights group and is part of the Faculty of Economics and Business. Well, usually in this department, you will learn a lot about how to read financial reports and how to compile them.

Accounting jobs are one of the most sought-after jobs. Know accounting job opportunities Check Below

1. Public accounting

The first accounting job is that you can have a career as a public accountant. The profession of a public accountant is an accountant who gets permission from the Minister of Finance to open accounting services to the public.

You will get permission to open a public accounting firm and provide accounting services to clients. A public accountant can earn between IDR 5 million and IDR 10 million per month. The more experienced, the higher the salary.

2. Private Accounting

The second accounting job is that you can have a career as a private accountant. Private accountants are also known as internal accountants. This accountant is in charge of compiling all accounting requirements in a particular company or organization.

If a public accountant can open a public accounting firm and accept clients from various backgrounds, private accountants only work for one company.

In other words, those of you who work as accountants in a company are also called private accountants. This profession gets a salary opportunity of IDR 5 million to IDR 10 million per month for accountants who are beginners.

3. Financial Analyst

The third accounting job is to work as a financial analyst or financial analyst. A financial analyst is a professional whose job is to compile financial information which will then be the basis for decision making in a business. A financial analyst who is still a beginner can get a salary of up to IDR 10 million per month.

4. Internal auditor

The next accounting job is to become an internal auditor. This profession has the task of examining the internal financial statements of a company and providing input to management. The salary of an internal auditor is around Rp. 10 million and can continue to increase.

5. Tax consultant

The next accounting job is that you can have a career as a tax consultant. This accounting job opportunity or prospect is in charge of providing tax consultation for those who are taxpayers.

The amount of salary earned by a tax consultant varies greatly. The more complex the case, the higher it can reach tens of millions of rupiah. Tax consultants in Indonesia receive salaries ranging from IDR 2,000,000 to IDR 15,000,000 per month.

6. Financial Planner

The next accounting job is to become a financial planner, where you can be in charge of preparing financial planning. The salary also varies depending on the decision with the client. It’s not impossible that you can get tens of millions of rupiah from this profession.

7. Accounts Payable/receivable clerk

The next accounting job is as Accounts Payable/Receivable Clerk. This profession is in charge of accounting for accounts payable. If you choose this career, you have the opportunity to earn a salary of approximately IDR 5,000,000 per month.

8. Credit Analyst

His next accounting job was as a credit analyst. This profession usually works in the banking industry to analyze prospective customers who will apply for loans. Apart from banking, you can also work in other financial institutions such as leasing companies, financial technology, and the like.

As financial institutions in Indonesia grow, the greater your opportunity to work in this field. The salary earned by a credit analyst is around Rp. 5,000,000 to Rp. 7,000,000 per month.

9. Government Finance Expert

His next accounting job was a career as a government finance expert. This one profession can be said to be very promising because it opens up high-income opportunities.

To be able to enter a government agency, you can register for CPNS vacancies that are opened or you can also become a contract or honorary worker. You can get a salary of tens to tens of millions of rupiah from this profession.

10. Educator Accountant

Finally, as an accounting graduate, you can choose to work as an accounting teacher or lecturer. In addition to being able to earn, you can also get a reward for sharing knowledge with others. As a teacher, you can teach at a vocational school majoring in accounting or it can be in high school. For lecturers, you need to have a minimum S2 diploma. The salary range for this profession is approximately IDR 5,000,000.

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