Twiggy Lawson Biography, Wiki, Age, Husband, Net Worth and more

Twiggy Lawson Biography, Wiki, Age, Husband, Net Worth, and more

Twiggy Lawson

Birth name: Lesley Hornby
Date of birth: September 19, 1949
Age: 72 years
Place of birth: Neasden, England, UK
Profession: Model, Actress, Singer
Marital status: married, 1 child
Spouse: Leigh Lawson (m. 1988), Michael Witney (m. 1977–1983)
Children: Carly Witney
Net Worth: $50 Million
Height: 5 ft 7 in (1.72 m)
Nationality: England
Original hair color: Blond brown
Eye color: Brown
Zodiac Sign: Virgin


1. Twiggy (1976)
2. Please Get My Name Right
3. Unreleased (2014)
4. Britain’s First Top Model (2008)

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The angel-faced Lesley Hornby was born in the 1960s, suddenly became the most successful model in the world, and soon became known as Twiggy. With its appearance, it created an entire fashion trend. Her thin body, boyish hair and strikingly large eyelashes showed the woman whom teenagers in the 1960s considered our role model.

Twiggy Lawson career

Twiggy was born in London on September 19, 1949. In 1966, Nigel Davies discovered her and immediately offered her a contract. He suggested that she not use her real name but rather her childhood nickname, Twiggy. His career began when The Daily Express gave him the “Face of 66” award. He was 16 at the time. He received this title with his first photo series and thus laid the foundation for his further career. After that, Barry Lategant took the following photos of her, who said that Twiggy was exceptionally beautiful and extremely photogenic, but this was preceded by seven hours of hair cutting and make-up at the Leonard salon. The proportions of his face are absolutely perfect and he painted his large eyelashes, even at the bottom, which was not customary in his time. A journalist from The Daily Express saw the pictures and referred to Twiggy as the new face of ’66.

Twiggy Lawson Successes

He was only 17 years old when the whole world knew his name. She has worked for companies such as Vogue, Tatler and at the start of her own American publication called Her Mod, Mod Teen World. Barry Lategan, Melvin Sokolsky, Richard Avedon and Bert Stern are all great photographers who were lucky enough to photograph Twiggy. Bert Stern also wanted to make a film about the exceptional success of the 967 with the angel-faced model.

One of his best-known pictures was shot into space in a time capsule. At the height of Twiggy’s success, she officially retired and began an acting career. He was admitted to the film The Boy Friend, at that time he was already 20 years old. He also received a Golden Globe for this role. She also appeared as a singer, several solo albums were published. In 1988, he married Leigh Lawson, with whom he played in the film Madame Sousatzka. 

In the ’90s, he was active in the world of television, with several shows running under his name, such as Take Time With Twiggy. His autobiography was also published and immediately became a bestseller in America. She also walked many catwalks and, in addition to acting, also pursued a modeling career. His most famous photo was taken with David Bowie, which became the cover of Bowie’s Pin Ups album.

, Twiggy has created her own collection and since 2005, she has also participated in Marks&Spencer’s successful advertising campaign. Twiggy, the role model of thinness, strongly fights against the compulsion to conform to today’s female ideal. According to him, he had a slim build and had never been on a diet. The model, still in top form at the age of 63, would not have starved herself to become a fashion icon.  

Twiggy married actor Michael Witney in 1977, and their child was born a year later, but their marriage ended tragically suddenly: the actor died of a heart attack in 1983.

In 1988, he met actor Leigh Lawson on the set of the musical drama Madame Sousatzka, with whom he tied the knot that same year, and their marriage has been stable ever since.

Twiggy Lawson Cinema films

  • The Boy Friend (1971)
  • W (1974)
  • There Goes The Bride (1979)
  • The Blues Brothers (1980)
  • Pygmalion (1981)
  • The Doctor And The Devils (1985)
  • Club Paradise (1986)
  • The Little Match Girl (1986)
  • Madame Sousatzka (1988)
  • The Diamond Trap (1988)
  • Sun Child (1988)
  • Young Charlie Chaplin (1989)
  • Istanbul (Keep Your Eyes Open) (1990)
  • Body Bags (1993)
  • Something Borrowed, Something Blue (1997)
  • Edge of Seventeen (1998)
  • Brand New World (based on the Jeff Noon play Woundings) (1998)


  • Cinderella, Casino Theatre, London, (1974)
  • The Butterfly Ball, The Royal Albert Hall, London (1975)
  • Eliza Doolittle, Pygmalion, (1981)
  • Captain Beaky And His Musical Christmas (pantomime), Apollo Victoria Theatre, London (1981)
  • My One and Only, St. James Theatre, New York, (1983–1984)
  • Blithe Spirit, Chichester Festival Theatre, (1997)
  • Noel and Gertie, Bay Street Theatre, Long Island, NY, (1998)
  • If Love Were All, Lucille Lortel Theatre, New York (1999)
  • Blithe Spirit, Bay Street Theatre, Long Island, NY (2002)
  • Mrs. Warren’s Profession, Played at several theaters in England (2003)

Twiggy Lawson TV Shows

  • Twiggs (1974)
  • Twiggy (1975)
  • The Muppet Show (1976) (1 episode)
  • Victorian Scandals (1976)
  • The Donna Summer Special (1980)
  • The Gift of Music (1981)
  • Princesses (1991) (2 episodes)
  • Tales from the Crypt (1992) (1 episode)
  • The Nanny (1994) (1 episode)
  • Heartbeat (1994) (1 episode)
  • Absolutely Fabulous (2000–2001)
  • This Morning (presenter in 2001)
  • Take Time With Twiggy (host 2001)
  • America’s Next Top Model, ANTM (judge, Cycles 5–9) (2005–2007)
  • Shakespeare Re-Told: The Taming of the Shrew (2005)
  • Friday Night with Jonathan Ross (Guest) (2008)
  • Twiggy’s Frock Exchange (2008)

Twiggy Lawson Discography

  • The Boy Friend (1971)
  • Twiggy And The Girlfriends (1972)
  • Cole Porter In Paris (1973)
  • Twiggy (1976)
  • Please Get My Name Right (1977)
  • Captain Beaky And His Band (1977)
  • Pieces Of April (1978)
  • My One And Only (1983)
  • The Doctor And The Devils (1985)
  • Technocolor Featuring Twiggy – Unchained Melody (1989)
  • The Boy Friend & Highlights From Goodbye, Mr. Chips (1990)
  • Twiggy And The Silver Screen Syncopators (1995)
  • London Pride – Songs From The London Stage (1996)
  • Beautiful Dreams (1997)
  • Dead Man On Campus (1998)
  • The Best Of Twiggy (1998)
  • If Love Were All (1999)
  • Peter Pan (2000)
  • Midnight Blue (2003)
  • Twiggy (2004)
  • Twiggy & Linda Thorson – A Snapshot Of Swinging London (2005)
  • Gotta Sing Gotta Dance (2009)

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