Tips to the Supermarket with Small Children

For parents who have small children, you must always feel lazy to leave the house because you feel tired of bringing children, right? Later there will be people who rage, cry, fight, ask to buy all kinds of things… right? But sometimes I also have to go because the kitchen items have run out or there are things I forgot to buy. Try some of these tips to speed up your shopping tasks:

1. Don’t go out during peak hours

If you don’t work, you can buy things on Sundays or when your children go to school. If you’re only looking forward to the weekend to buy things, go to the supermarket early in the morning as soon as it opens and avoid peak times such as noon and evening.

Your child is still fresh because he just woke up and there is less risk of misbehavior. But even if he rages, at least you can still breathe easy because there aren’t many people.

Before going out, make sure the children have eaten and had enough rest.

2. Organize your purchases and moves

List the items you want to buy by category and aisle in the supermarket. Identify which one to buy first and plan your trip while in the supermarket.

Do not be easily distracted by items that are not on the list or be attracted by the promotions that are being carried out. Hurry to buy, hurry out.

3. Get the kids involved

Children like to feel important and like to be like adults. Give them tasks such as finding items, cutting down a list of items, calculating quantities, looking at prices or guessing what to buy. With this, you will make the shopping activity more enjoyable for them.

4. Prepare a light snack or the child’s favorite toy

Let the children indulge themselves with their favorite food, drink or toy. Or you can also buy while in the store. If they want to buy that, this or all, tell them they can only choose one (or two). Give them a choice whether to buy just one or not to buy at all.

5. Use the reward concept

Tell the children that they can receive some kind of reward if they don’t behave while shopping. Set a reward that you feel is appropriate such as being able to buy an ice cream cone, being able to ride a ride on a children’s toy or being able to watch YouTube in the car on the way home.

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