Tiktok Shop: Definition, advantages, and how to sell it

Have you tried selling online on Tiktok Shop? The TikTok application, which is very popular with young Indonesians today, has launched its newest feature called Tiktok Shop.

Users of this application will have the opportunity to earn from Tiktok Shop. In addition, you can also shop online easily through this feature.

For those of you who want to sell online through Tiktok Shop, this article will discuss everything in full.


1 What is Tiktok Shop?
2 Advantages of Selling on Tiktok Shop
2.1 Social Media Applications That Can Be While Shopping
2.2 Huge Active User Base
2.3 Expanding Business Market
3 Ways to Register as a Seller on Tiktok Shop
4 Ways to Get Buyers on Tiktok Shop
5 Ways to View Orders Entered in Tiktok Shop
6 Ways to Promote Business on Tiktok Shop
7 Conclusion

What is TikTok Shop?

Tiktok is a short video-based social media application that is popular in various parts of the world, including in Indonesia.

The number of Tik Tok users makes this application think of launching a new feature that its users will definitely like. The feature is Tiktok Shop.

The Tiktok company makes Tiktok Shop a solution, feature, and tool that can provide business opportunities for anyone who wants to focus on selling online.

You can find this feature in the profile section of your Tiktok account, with the icon of a shopping bag.

Through the TikTok shop, people can shop online just like through e-commerce in general. They can also make payments by transfer method or via COD (cash on delivery).

The Advantages of Selling on Tiktok Shop

For online business people as well as newbies in the business, the emergence of Tiktok Shop is certainly good news. This feature has advantages over similar applications or marketplaces though. The advantages of selling on Tiktok Shop are as follows:

  • Social Media Applications That Can Be While Shopping

Usually, when we open social media and find a product we like, we will exit the social media and be directed to an e-commerce website.

After this platform appears, you no longer need to bother scrolling through the marketplace because Tiktok makes it one platform.

In addition to playing on social media, you can also sell online and shop online anytime, anywhere through this feature.

  • Large Active User Base

Did you know that this short video-based social media application already has around 800 million active users? On average, they are young people who open this application at least 8 times a day.

No wonder this social media application has the opportunity to find customers who are the target market for the products or services you sell on this media.

  • Expanding Business Market

For those of you who are experienced in selling online, this feature can also be a new way to expand your business.

With the large number of TikTok users, the steps to further expand the market are more wide open. This of course can increase the sales turnover of your business.

How to register as a seller on Tiktok Shop

Interested in selling on Tiktok Shop with some of the advantages? Here’s how to register to become a seller on Tiktok Shop:

  • Open the Tiktok application via the following address site https://seller-id.Tiktok.com/account/welcome/
  • After that, do Sign up first, if you don’t have an official account. You only need to enter your email address or mobile number.
  • Then, the authorization page will appear, read it carefully then if you agree with the terms and conditions of Tiktok, when “authorize”
  • Continue verification via email. After that, you will get a code, then copy the code so you can verify the email
  • After the account is successfully created, it’s time to learn your Tiktok account
  • Do some basic things like edit profiles, add products to sell and so on
  • If you are finished, you can start selling online through this feature.

How to Get Buyers on Tiktok Shop

When you start selling on Tiktok Shop, there are two ways you can try. The first is to upload product photos, the second is to go live and start promoting the flagship products of your business.

How to View Orders Entered in Tiktok Shop

Business owners want to know what orders their customers have ordered. Likewise with Tiktok Shop, and here’s how to see your customer’s order tracking:

  • Go to the menu and select “my account”
  • Click the three dots at the top right
  • Then click “ orders ” and a running order will appear and the tracking process with details

How to Promote a Business on Tiktok Shop

In addition to several advantages that Tiktok Shopi has, in terms of digital marketing, the Tiktok application does have a fairly high engagement rate compared to other social media applications.

Launching from the hostinger, this ER from Tiktok reaches 17.96% per upload. While on Instagram it is 3.86%, YouTube is 1.63%.

A high engagement rate, of course, makes it easier for companies to increase trust and communication with their customers.

The right way to promote on Tiktok Shop is as follows:

  • Make sure to create a business account, or your own Tiktok Shop account
  • Get to know the Tiktok application in more detail, get to know the majority of potential customers
  • Focus on creating quality content, not only products that are sold, consumers also want to know how the process of making it becomes a product. Or provide “ how-to ” and tutorials.
  • Take advantage of the features in the Tiktok application, filters, sound, effects, you can use to make promotions more unique and attractive and also take advantage of the stitch feature on Tiktok
  • Register Tiktok Ads
  • Join influence r on Tiktok
  • Use hashtag challenge in every upload

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