Tiktok Marketing Strategy: Interesting TikTok Content Ideas For Your Business Product Promotion

As a businessman, you should see the TikTok platform as a golden opportunity to increase your sales. What’s more, as reported by the Hootsuite page, TikTok has dominated the social media platform and was able to attract more than 800 million users across the country. But, you need interesting content ideas to increase sales.

Then, what are some interesting and appropriate TikTok content ideas to serve as business promotions? Take it easy, because on this occasion we will provide various interesting TikTok content ideas specifically for your business.

1 7+ TikTok Content Ideas For Product Promotion
1.1 1. Product Launch
1.2 2. Catalog
1.3 3. Workspace Tour
1.4 4. Behind The Scene
1.5 5. Packaging and Shipping
1.6 6. Tutorial
1.7 7. Educational
1.8 8. Hashtag Challenge
1.9 9. Company Profile
1.10 10. Promotional
2 Conclusion

7+ TikTok Content Ideas For Product Promotion

1. Product Launch

To gain the trust of the audience, every brand must introduce itself and feel connected. Especially if it is closely related to business relations. Your product must be something that is very familiar so that the audience can believe it.

Well, the media to get acquainted can use TikTok content ideas. Make your audience curious with short video content related to your product spoilers. display the performance of your product in an attractive packaging. To make it even more memorable, you can also insert the reason why you made the product.

2. Catalog

When you visit a store, what’s the first thing you look for there? Most of us will definitely look for menu books or catalogs.

Previously, you might easily be able to find a collection of photos on book sheets, posters or clearly displayed in your storefront. There, you have to flip through each page or walk around the shop. This of course will make you tired.

However, this method is an old and ancient way of marketing a product. Today, you can revive product catalogs with interesting TikTok content ideas.

If you are a fashion businessman, perform a few magic tricks, such as changing clothes in every movement of your model. Finally, also add text so that each audience knows the various product variants that you sell.

3. Workspace Tour

One of the best ways to get to know yourself is to invite the person you want to know to come over to your house.

Take them also around and show them sharing your interesting spots. In no time, the person you invite will feel as if you already know half of yourself.

Well, if you want every audience to know your product more deeply and faster, then the TikTok content idea that you can use is to create interesting content.

Show how you organize your office or workspace according to your business operational needs. show your way of arranging each stock of inventory, good work spots, and storing products that are ready to be sent to customers.

When you successfully make the video, then the friendship you forge with a new audience is off to a great start.

4. Behind the scenes

The next interesting TikTok content idea is to make a video behind the creation of a product or a Behind The Scene video.

Today, most people are very concerned with the process of making products. They really care about what goes on behind the products they will use or consume.

For that, open the door of your product kitchen and invite the audience to come in. Show that you really use a variety of good quality materials and the process is carried out in the best way.

You can use these interesting TikTok content ideas to share your business, such as souvenirs, food, drinks, photography, etc.

5. Packaging and Shipping

When you are shopping online, you will surely wonder, “How far has my order been processed?”. Then when you open the TikTok social media application, you find the online shop uploading or posting an interesting video.

The seller displays the order packaging process in an attractive package. Behind him is also a queue of packages that are ready to be sent.

At this time, your mind has started to fantasize, “I wonder, my order has been sent or not? Or is it still in the packaging process?”

But beyond your imagination, we just want to point out that TikTok’s content idea about packaging and shipping is an interesting idea.

For customers, there is a sense of satisfaction in seeing how you treat their orders well. For business people, the customer’s sense of trust in the business will be stronger and guaranteed. Well, wouldn’t this TikTok content idea benefit both parties?

6. Tutorials

How do you promote a product that has the same function and takes a long time to spend on the product, such as make-up?

In the past, of course, we know that lipstick is an ordinary lip color product. Chances are, your acquaintances will always reject the new lipstick with the excuse “that’s all it does, it’s still the same thing at home, there’s still the old lipstick at home.”

But now, the situation has changed. There are many variants of lipstick, such as Korean Lips, Ombre Lips, etc. For that, don’t be surprised if you find a woman who keeps a lot of lipstick in her make-up bag.

Of course there are plenty of people out there who are curious to do the same but don’t know-how. In the end, they started looking for video tutorials on social media platforms.

On TikTok social media, you can find more than 800 thousand impressions for the hashtag #ombrelip. That means video tutorials are a good TikTok content idea to showcase your products. The video content will inspire the audience to maximize the function of your product.

For that, share tips, life hacks, or other tutorials that can amaze the audience and do your video tutorials. But of course you have to use the product that you have suggested.

7. Educational

When you hear the word education, most people will immediately feel sleepy and bored. The display of educational videos that we now know is mostly filled by people who talk at length on topics that are difficult for us to hear.

But if you don’t want your video viewers to feel bored and sleepy, then now is the time to leave the dry educational video content behind.

Make a TikTok video content that is interesting and fun, so that your educational video will look more fun and can be more easily accepted by others.

Make the most of the various features found in TikTok in creating various types of educational videos, such as FAQs, short stories, or video listicles. In addition, also insert a background that supports and writes text as a helper for your video.

8. Hashtag Challenge

Basically, the hashtag challenge is a challenge to invite other people to do various things with a certain hashtag or hashtag. This TikTok content idea is also quite popular with various large companies, such as Tokopedia and Indomie.

Why? because with the hashtag challenge, these big companies can easily get User Generated Content or content created by product users.

That means product promotion will run massively without having to bother creating content with your own ideas. Of course this will be more practical and easier.

9. Company Profile

According to Thedrum’s official website, 80% of the audience out there prefers to listen to stories. For that, try to provide motivational stories and reasons why you should set up your current company.

In addition, also add to your business portfolio. invite each audience to be directly involved with your business or inspire the audience to start building their own business.

10. Promotional

The final TikTok content idea is Promotional. Most likely you must be confused, weren’t the previous points we discussed about TikTok content ideas for business promotion?

However, the promotional content in this case is a direct highlight to the conversion activity. Whether it’s following social media, making product purchases, or getting them to want to go to your website.

So, if your product sales are on the decline, try using these TikTok content ideas to increase your sales returns.


By now, you must have had many interesting content ideas to promote your product or business. However, it is likely that in the future various other ideas will be born along with the development of existing trends.

For that, you must be able to continue to adapt to any changes that exist and continue to innovate in making products that suit consumer needs. So, later you can get a large profit turnover, according to your goals.

However, don’t forget to always record business financial reports, because these reports can later be used to determine future business policies. However, making financial reports manually will definitely take a lot of time and is prone to errors.

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