Things To Keep In Mind While Choosing Toys

Play is life in children’s early stages of child development, and toys are part of early education. There are countless options to choose toys in shops. Let’s see what’s wrong with toys. I will share some tips on what qualities and features you should look for when buying a toy for children. While choosing toys for children, choose such toys that help in sharpening the creativity and intelligence of the child.

Children are constantly exploring their world and play is their right and need. We parents often buy a lot of toys from the market with the hope that they will keep our children entertained for a long time, but does it really happen? Toys are used only for a short period of time and then the child gets bored and does not even look at them. . What could be the reason? Are they not attractive enough? What is the root cause of this behavior?

What can go wrong with a toy?


Some toys flash lights and make noise when pressed. A child cannot learn anything with such a toy, initially he will be happy to hold it but later on he will not be interested in hearing the same noise.

Attractive light or color

This is exciting for children. It is not advisable to play in an overly stimulating environment. This may lead to more active or unruly children in the future.
Gender Biased Toys: Kitchen sets and dolls can be played by boys and cars can be played by girls too. Parents try to impose gender on toys which is wrong. Provide your child with all kinds of toys.


A toy cannot give a child the opportunity to be imaginative. The printed playset is great for imaginative play.

Much more details

You have different types of building blocks like buildings, building blocks, house building blocks, amusement park building blocks. Too many details in a toy restricts children from using their own imagination. Give normal blocks to children.

Not open-ended

Open-ended toys fascinate young audiences for a long time; children can shape countless imaginations using such toys.

Not helping in development

Toys that do not help children’s development in any way, be it motor skills, emotional intelligence or anything else, are of no use.


If your child gets distracted or distracted while playing with a toy, this can give you an idea of ​​whether the toy is going to last for a long time.

Non-Natural Ingredients

Toys made from natural materials like wood, wool, cloth, etc. are better for children as well as the environment and are definitely sustainable.

Exposure to screen gadgets

We can avoid educational apps that claim to teach colors, shapes, and things that toddlers like. Showing screens to children below the age of 02 is dangerous, they may get addicted to it.

Battery operated

Most of the toys are battery-operated and they entertain the child and the child just sits and watches or listens. The focus should be on what the child can do with the toy and not what the toy can do for the child.

Lots of toys

Educators have long recognized the positive effects of giving children extra toys and encouraging them to engage in creative play.

  • How to choose the right toys for your children
  • Next time you buy toys for your kids, check with this checklist:
  • Check that the toy engages the child’s senses properly.
  • The toy is made of natural materials.
  • The toy is open-ended, imaginative and interactive.
  • The toy fulfills the purpose of learning in every way.
  • Toys enhance motor skills or emotional intelligence.
  • The toy should be safe and non-toxic according to the age of the child.

In the end, I would like to say that it is better to have less toys for your child. Even if you have more toys, keep some of them outside so that your child can enjoy the good toys.

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