These 5 Animals Named Similar to Food, Make You Hungry!

Every time they find a new fauna species, scientists will definitely try to give it a name. The goal, of course, is to distinguish one animal from another. Naming can be inspired by anything, from the name of the city, country, and famous people, to musicians. But do you know yet, if there are also those who are inspired by food? Want to know anything? Come on, get to know them!

1. Chocolate chip starfish


If you look at the shape, you already know, right, because it’s called a choco chip? The brown or black horns are like the choco chips we usually eat. Although funny, reported by National Geographic, the horns can make the chocolate chip starfish look scary and ultimately not be eaten by predators. Unique, huh? Well, because of the horns, the chocolate chip starfish has another name, the horned sea star. They can be found in the waters of the Indo-Pacific Sea, especially around coral reefs or seagrass beds with a depth of 100 m.

2. Pancake batfish

Pancake batfish

Entered into the family Ogcocephalidae, batfish pancakes were found in an oil spill area in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010 ago. At that time, scientists managed to find two new species, namely Halieutichthys Intermedius and Halieutichthys Bispinosus. Thanks to the flattened appearance of batfish pancakes or pancakes, this fish was later named after food.

About the distribution, reported by National Geographic, Haikouichthys Bispinosus can be found around the east coast of Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas. While other species exist only in the Gulf of Mexico. Likes to be around the sand, batfish pancakes has a unique habit of using fins to ‘walk’. Not only that, this animal is also good at camouflage, you know! This is because the color of their skin resembles their habitat. This also causes them to be rarely seen. Coupled with the occurrence of oil spills, batfish pancakes are now increasingly rare.

3. Fried egg jellyfish

Fried egg jellyfish

Having a unique shape, fried egg jellyfish deserves its name because it looks like a fried egg. So far scientists have found two species of fried egg jellyfish, namely Phacellophora camtschatica and Cotylorhiza tuberculate.

Some of these jellyfish species are scattered in the waters of the Mediterranean, Atlantic Ocean, and Pacific Oceans. Just like other jellyfish, fried egg jellyfish also sting. However, the sting is not dangerous let alone lethal. Interestingly, the fried egg jellyfish was only able to survive for six months, reported Kidadl.

4. Garlic bread sea cucumber

Garlic bread sea cucumber

Garlic bread sea cucumber or in Indonesian means sea cucumber is also included as an animal named like food. Its appearance is fat-like bread with a black top and sometimes shriveled like garlic bread, with a length of about 15-20 cm. Even so, there are also those that exceed the average size, which is up to 40 cm. As a marine animal, garlic bread sea cucumber can be processed into food. In fact, this sea cucumber is eaten by many Chinese citizens, you know! How about you dare to try?

5. Ice cream cone worm

Ice cream cone worm

Lastly, there is the ice cream cone worm or ice cream cone worm. So named because his body has a cone resembling an ice cream cone. Interestingly, the cones are made of sand or other small particles to protect the worm’s soft body.

It is estimated that the fauna, also known as the trumpet worm, can be found around the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, the Brazilian Sea, and America. Even though it has a unique name, it doesn’t look that funny. The ice cream cone worm looks a bit scary with hair that resembles claws. But don’t worry, because these worms prefer to hide underground. Some of the animals above have food-like names. Have you ever seen one of them? In addition to the marine animals above, have you ever met other fauna whose names are similar to food or not?

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