Spatial Awareness: An Essential Life Skill

As a STEM teacher, I often find children lagging behind in these foundational skills. These skills come in the neglected area of ​​education, whereas they should be included in the higher list.

The following are some of the reasons why I believe we need to place greater emphasis on spatial awareness during the early years.

1. These mental skills are needed in everyday life. We expect kindergarteners to find their way to their classroom, put on their shoes, look at themselves in the mirror, comb their hair, and do other tasks on their own. L. All this will be difficult for the child without any spatial logic.

2. One way to increase spatial awareness skills. For example, kindergarteners are expected to recognize at least four pictures or symbols and remember their names. Circle, square, triangle, and import.

3. Research suggests that these skills are very important for success in math and science and are a better predictor of success in math than other verbal and math skills. Early spatial ability is a predictor of future reading skills.

4. Spatial reasoning is essential in developing a child’s sense of position, condition, direction and movement.

These reasons make spatial reasoning difficult to ignore. The next step should be to learn how to develop life skills. As important as they are, they are not that difficult to develop. Simple, educational toys and activities can work. Here’s how:

Use correct words

Make your child aware of spatial words like above, below, outside, inside. When we use correct words for spatial words, it becomes easier to understand. For example, you have asked your child to bring a napkin from the drawer. Ask him to bring the napkin from the third drawer. Similarly, ask him to keep his napkin in the left pocket of his pants.

Play puzzles

Play puzzles

This measure is very important in spatial skills. Encourage the child to look at the picture and find the missing pieces. If the child is not looking at the picture to find the pieces, he is looking for a shape that fits into a given picture. Playing block games is a great way to enhance these skills.

Play shape games

Spatial Awareness: An Essential Life Skill

This is a great way to keep kids busy while traveling by asking them to match the rectangles that look alike. Help them understand the difference between a rectangle window and a rectangle building.

Busy in Block

Busy in Block

Blocks are a great tool for improving spatial skills. Encourage the child to build towers and shapes using blocks.

Map work

Simple activities like asking your child to draw a photo of his room and arrange the furniture and help him understand the map. Similarly, at the park ask your child the directions to the swing area.
The best thing about spatial skills is that children can be nurtured and respected. There is nothing determined by gene pool or gender. You just need to give it enough opportunity and practice.

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