See Common Symptoms of ADHD in Children

Children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) have several symptoms. Let’s identify the various signs and symptoms of ADHD in children here.

Attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD) or known as attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (GPPH) is a behavior disorder that is often encountered in childhood.

This condition is generally characterized by hyperactive behavior and difficulty concentrating. Unfortunately, many parents do not recognize the symptoms of ADHD in their children. Most of these behavior disorders are only detected by teachers when children enter school age.

In fact, if detected early, ADHD behavior can be overcome with therapy. With regular therapy, children can become calmer and have good study concentration.

The following are signs and symptoms of ADHD in children that parents need to watch out for:

1. Children’s Attention Is Easily Distracted

Children with ADHD are very easily distracted by other things. For example, a child is eating, then something passes, then his attention will be very easily distracted by the new thing. The child will also leave what he was doing before.

This often happens and parents usually have difficulty controlling the child’s habits.

2. Not Diligent or Done When Doing Tasks

Still related to the first symptom, children with ADHD generally find it difficult to complete a task. Because, his attention is very easily distracted, gets bored quickly, and he finds it difficult to maintain his concentration.

This condition can occur at home or at school, so children with ADHD have poor learning achievements.

3. Children are very active at home and outside the house

Another symptom of ADHD children is that they are very active both inside and outside the home. For example, like on the playground or at school.

ADHD children can be described as having unlimited energy. In his daily life, your little one can run to and fro, likes to climb things, and also mess up things. Parents tend to have a hard time asking their children to stay calm.

4. Can’t Be Silent in Class

This is also a symptom of ADHD in children. During class hours, children usually like to walk to other tables and disturb their friends.

Teachers will find it difficult to ask children to sit still or follow directions in class. This behavior usually causes teachers to suspect a child has ADHD. Teachers can report it to parents to check the child to the doctor.

5. Talking Constantly

Children with ADHD will usually talk constantly without stopping. In fact, children tend to say or talk about things that are not important. Parents generally find it difficult to ask their children to be calm.

6. His Emotions Often Explode

Children with ADHD can be characterized by frequent outbursts of emotions. This condition can occur when his wishes are not fulfilled. Then, the child becomes irritable, causing explosive behavior such as throwing things and others.

On the other hand, children are also easily overjoyed when they are happy. This behavior is similar to bipolar disorder. In fact, there are studies that say children with ADHD have a greater risk of developing bipolar disorder later in life.

7. Difficult to Organize Tasks at School

In children with ADHD, their characteristics will be difficult to organize tasks at school properly. This is the impact of their difficulty concentrating so that their attention will be easily distracted.

As a result, the tasks given by the teacher will be difficult for them to complete properly.

8. Difficulty Waiting Your Turn

Children with ADHD will find it difficult to cooperate and wait their turn when playing with other children in the class. They will not wait and hope to play these games soon.

9. Forgetfulness

Due to the lack of ability to focus, children with ADHD are usually forgetful. They will often forget to do their homework or the tasks assigned to them.

They also often lose their belongings, such as toys or stationery.

10. Lack of awareness of danger

The last symptom of ADHD in children is their lack of awareness when there is danger around or doing something dangerous. Of course, this is very worrying considering they will be at risk of injury.

Therefore, it is important to continue to pay attention to children with ADHD disorders.

If your child has some of the symptoms above, consult a doctor immediately to get the right diagnosis and treatment.

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