Robert Downey Jr. Biography, Wiki, Upcoming Movies, Height, Net Worth, Age

Robert Downey Jr. Biography, Wiki, Upcoming Movies, Height, Net Worth, Age

Robert Downey Jr

Birth name: Robert John Downey Jr.
Nickname: Bob, RDJ
Date of birth: 04 April 1965
Age: 57 years
Place of birth: Manhattan, New York, USA
Profession: Actor, singer, songwriter, producer
Marital status: married, 3 children
Spouse: Susan Downey (m. 2005), Deborah Falconer (m. 1992–2004)
Children: Indio Falconer Downey, Avri Roel Downey, Exton Elias Downey
Upcoming movie: Oppenheimer
Production company: Team Downey
Height: 174 cm (5′ 7”)
Original hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Net Worth: $365 Million

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Robert John Downey Jr. was born on April 4, 1965 in Manhattan, New York as the youngest member of the family. He has an older sister, Allyson. His father, Robert Downey, Sr. (born Robert Elias, but adopted his stepfather’s name) is an actor, writer, cinematographer, producer and underground filmmaker. His mother is actress Elsie Ford. His father is half Russian-Jewish, half Irish Catholic, while his mother has Scottish, German and Swiss ancestry. The family lived in Greenwich Village.

Unfortunately, he did not have a cloudless childhood. His father was a drug addict and introduced his son to this world as a child. At the age of six, he gave her marijuana, which he now regrets very much. ( “When my father and I used to do drugs together, it was as if he was trying to express his love to me in the only way he knew,” the actor said.)

At the age of 5, he appeared for the first time in his father’s absurd comedy film Pound (1970), where he played a sick puppy, then at the age of 7 he appeared in the surrealist Greaser’s Palace ( 1972). At the age of 10, she lived in England for a while and studied classical ballet, and by the time she was a teenager, she completed a course at the Stagedoor Manor Performing Arts Training Center in New York. In 1978, after his parent’s divorce, he moved to California with his father. After dropping out of Santa Monica High School in 1982, he decided to move back to New York to focus full-time on his acting career. After moving to Hollywood, she was Kiefer Sutherland’s roommate for three years.



Robert initially played in theaters. He starred in Norman Lear’s short-lived off-Broadway musical American Passion, which debuted at the Joyce Theater in 1983. In 1985, aged just 20, he joined a weekly television comedy show, Saturday Night Live (SNL for short), but was fired in 1986 due to low budgets. In 1985, Tuff Turf brought him a breakthrough, in which he played James Spader’s partner. She then appeared in two John Hughes films, Weird Science (1985) and Pretty in Pink ( 1986 ).

In 1987, he starred alongside Molly Ringwald in The Pick-up Artist in the movie. In the same year, he played a drug-addicted rich boy in the film adaptation of Bret Easton Ellis’ book in Less Than Zero. The role saw Robert increasingly employed in bigger-budget films such as Chances Are (1989)Air America (1990), and Soapdish (1991).

In 1992, he got the role of Charlie Chaplin in the film Chaplin. For the sake of the film, he learned to play the violin, play tennis with his left hand, and a personal trainer helped him master Chaplin’s characteristic posture. The film was nominated for Best Actor at the 65th Academy Awards but did not win. This was followed by films such as Heart and Souls (1993), Only You (1994), Natural Born Killers (1994), Restoration (1995), Richard III (1995) and The Last Party  (1993), a documentary, which he wrote.

From 1996 to 2001, there were changes in his career. He was arrested more and more often for drug possession and use. He was sentenced to rehab several times, but always relapsed. In April 1996, he was arrested for possession of heroin, cocaine, possession of a Magnum-type weapon and speeding. He was given a three-year probationary period and must take mandatory drug tests.

In 1997, he failed a court drug test and was sentenced to four months in the Los Angeles County Jail. In 1999, he was arrested again for a failed drug test. Despite the fact that his lawyer was the well-known John Stewart Holden, Robert was sentenced to three years in prison at Corcoran State Prison in California and referred to the California Substance Abuse Treatment The Devil, but was fired for repeatedly missing rehearsals. He was released early on $5,000 bail.


A week after his release, he got a role in the series Ally McBeal, where he played the new love interest of the title character Calista Flockhart. For his excellent performance in the series, he was nominated in the Emmy Awards – Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series category and was also nominated for the Golden Globe in the Best Supporting Actor in a Mini-series or Television Film category, which he won. In the series, he was able to show his talent not only as an actor but also as a singer. She sang a duet with Sting and also wrote a song for Vonda Shepard’s album Ally McBeal: For Once in My Life.


Before the end of the first season of Ally McBeal, he was arrested again on charges of possession of cocaine and valium based on an anonymous tip. Despite the fact that he was convicted, he could not face the announced prison sentence, as he was bound by his contract with the series.

In April 2001, the Los Angeles police arrested him again on suspicion of being under the influence. Series producer David E. Kelley and the other executives decided to write her out of the series despite reviving her character. After all this, Robert begged to be sent to drug rehab instead of prison. A year earlier, he entered California’s Proposition 36 facility and received three years of probation to overcome his addiction.


After five years of continuous substance abuse, arrests, rehabs and relapses, he was ready to make a comeback. In August 2001, she lip-synched in Elton John’s ‘I Want Love’ video directed by Sam Taylor-Wood. Then Mel Gibson, with whom he starred in the film Air America and became a close friend of the actor, offered him the lead role in the 2003 film  The  Singing Detective. Gibson paved his way to success as a gambler.

In 2003, he also starred in the film Gothika alongside Halle Berry. After Gothika, he got roles in several semi-independent films like A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints (2006), Good Night and Good Luck (2005), A Scanner Darkly (2006), Kiss Kiss Bang Bang  (2005), The Shaggy Dog (2006). In 2007, he got the role of San Francisco Chronicle journalist Paul Avery in David Fincher’s  Zodiac.


His first independent album, The Futurist, debuted on November 23, 2004, for which he also designed the cover. The album received mixed reviews and in 2006 he stated that he was unlikely to release a new album.


In his entire career, Robert has never appeared in ‘blockbuster’ films, but that changed in the summer of 2008, when he donned the Iron Man costume and became instantly famous. After Iron Man, he starred in Ben Stiller’s 2008 summer film Tropic Thunder, where he played Kirk Lazarus. This role earned him another nomination for Best Supporting Actor at the 80th Academy Awards.

In 2009, he played alongside Jamie Foxx in the film The Soloist, then played the title character in Guy Ritchie’s film Sherlock Holmes alongside Jude Law. The film became the 8th highest-grossing film of 2009. Thanks to the role, the 2010 GAt Olden Globe Awards, he was also awarded Best Actor in a Motion Picture Musical or Comedy from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. After the 2008 Iron Man movie became a huge success, Jon Favreau and Robert agreed that two more Iron Man and a superhero movie called The Avengers would be made, based on a connecting cameo scene from the 2008 movie The Incredible Hulk. at the end of the movie.


In 2010, Iron Man 2 / Vasember 2. was released, which became the 7th highest-grossing film worldwide that year. In the same year, his comedy Due Date / Terhes Társaság was published, in which Zach Galifianakis was his partner. In 2011, the second part of Sherlock Holmes was completed, Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows / Sherlock Holmes 2. – Shadow Game.

On April 11, 2012, the long-awaited film The Avengers directed by Joss Whedon made its debut in cinemas, which set a Box Office record in the opening week, so there was no question about the continuation, which is expected in May 2015 The Avengers: Age of Ultron his age. Iron Man 3   was released in May 2013. which broke the all-time Box Office record on its opening weekend.

This year sees the release of The Judge, in which he plays Hank Palmer. In 2016, the 3rd part of Captain America arrived under the title Captain America: Civil War / Amerika Kapitány: Civárháború, in which Tony Stark / Iron Man donned the iron armor again. In January 2017, the People’s Choice Awards took place, where Robert won Favorite Action Movie Actor.


In 2017, he plays Tony Stark again in the film Spider-Man: Homecoming, in which he becomes the young Spider-Man’s mentor. In 2018, we saw him again in Avengers: Infinity War as Tony. In 2019, Avengers: Endgame arrived, which became the most successful film of all time, ahead of Avatar. In 2020,  the movie Dolittle arrived, in which Dr. John Dolittle played him. The film Oppenheimer will be released in 2023, in which Lewis Strauss will play the role. At some point, the  3rd part of Sherlock Holmes will arrive, in which he will take on the role of Sherlock Holmes, but there is no exact information yet.

Robert Downey Jr.’s Private Life

In 1984, on the set of the film Firstborn, he met actress Sarah Jessica Parker, with whom he lived, but in 1991 they parted ways due to her drug addiction. On May 29, 1992, after only 42 days of courtship, he married actress Deborah Falconer, with whom he had their first son, Indio Falconer Downey, on September 7, 1993.

In 2001, due to a series of rehabs and prison terms, Falconer filed for divorce and the divorce was finalized on April 26, 2004. In 2003, on the set of Gothika, he met producer Susan Levin, whom he married in a Jewish ceremony on August 25, 2005. On June 14, 2010, they opened their joint production company under the name Team Downey. Their son was born on February 7, 2012Exton Elias Downey,  and on November 4, 2014, their daughter,  Avri Roel Downey.

Robert Downey Jr. Filmography & Movies


Sherlock Holmes 3 (2021) …. Sherlock Holmes
Dolittle (2020) …. Dr. John Dolittle
Avengers: Endgame / Avengers: Endgame (2019) …. Tony Stark / Iron Man
Avengers: Infinity War / Avengers: Infinity War (2018) …. Tony Stark / Iron Man
Spider-Man: Homecoming / Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) …. Tony Stark / Iron Man
Captain America: Civil War / Captain America: Civil War (2016) Tony Stark / Iron Man
The Avengers: Age of Ultron / Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015) …. Tony Stark / Iron Man
The Judge / The Judge (2014) …. Hank Palmer
Iron Man 3 / Iron Man 3 (2013) . … Tony Stark / Iron Man
The Avengers / Avengers (2012) …. Tony Stark / Iron Man
Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows / Sherlock Holmes: Arnyjáték (2011) …. Sherlock Holmes
Due Date / Pregnant Company (2010) …. Peter Highman
Love & Distrust / Love and Distrust (video) (2010) .. .. Rob (segment: “Auto Motives” by Lorraine Bracco)
Iron Man 2 (2010) …. Tony Stark
Sherlock Holmes (2009) …. Sherlock Holmes
The Soloist (2009) .. .. Steve Lopez
Tropic Thunder: Rain of Madness (video short) (2008) …. Kirk Lazarus
Tropic Thunder (2008) …. Kirk Lazarus
The Incredible Hulk (2008) … .Tony Stark
Iron Man (Video Game) (2008) (voice) …. Tony Stark
Iron Man / The Iron Man (2008) …. Tony Stark / Iron Man
Charlie Bartlett (2007) …. Nathan Gardner
Lucky You (2007) …. Telephone Jack
Zodiac (2007) …. Paul Avery
Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus / Beauty and the fur – An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus (2006) …. Lionel Sweeney
A Scanner Darkly (2006) …. James Barris
The Shaggy Dog (2006) …. Dr. Kozak
A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints / With a guardian angel, defenseless (2006)…. Ditto
Good Night, and Good Luck. / Good evening, good luck! (2005) …. Joe Wershba
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005) …. Harry Lockhart
Game 6 (2005) …. Steven Schwimmer
Eros (2004) .. .. Nick Penrose (segment “Equilibrium”)
Gothika (2003) …. Pete Graham
The Singing Detective (2003) …. Dan Dark
Whatever We Do (2003) (short) …. Bobby
Lethargy (2002) (short) … Animal Therapist
Auto Motives (2000) (short) …. Rob
Wonder boys / Hell’s weekend (2000) …. Terry Crabtree
Black and White (1999) …. Terry Donager
Bowfinger / Terrific filming (1999) …. Jerry Renfro
Friends & Lovers (1999) …. Hans
In Dreams (1999) …. Vivian Thompson
US Marshals (1998) …. Special Agent John Royce
The Gingerbread Man (1998) …. Clyde Pell
Hugo Poo (1997) ….Franz Mazur
Two Girls and a Guy (1997) …. Blake
One Night Stand (1997) …. Charlie
Danger Zone (1996) …. Jim Scott
Restoration / Changes kora (1995) …. Robert Merivel
Mr. Willowby’s Christmas Tree / Mr. Willowby’s Christmas Tree (1995) (short) …. Mr. Willowby
Home for the Holidays / Dizzy Weekend (A peaceful family holiday) (1995) . … Tommy Larson
Richard III / III. Richard (1995) …. Lord Rivers
Only You (1994) …. Peter Wright
Natural Born Killers (1994) …. Wayne Gale
Hail Caesar (1994) …. Jerry
Short Cuts (1993) …. Bill Bush
Heart and Souls (1993) Thomas Reilly
Chaplin (1992) Charles Spencer Chaplin
Soapdish (1991) David Seton Barnes
Too Much Sun (1990) …. Reed Richmond
Air America (1990) …. Billy Covington
Chances Are (1989) …. Alex Finch
True Believer (1989) …. Roger Baron
That’s Adequate (1989) …. Albert Einstein
1969 / One thousand nine hundred and sixty-nine (1988) …. Ralph Carr
Rented Lips / Parádés páros (1988) …. Wolf Dangler
Johnny Be Good / Johnny, the perfect (1988) …. Leo Wiggins
Less Than Zero / Below Freezing (1987) …. Julian
The Pick-up Artist (1987) …. Jack Jericho
America (1986) …. Paulie Hackley
Back to School (1986) …. Derek Lutz
Weird Science (1985) ) …. Ian
Tuff Turf (1985) …. Jimmy Parker
Deadwait (1985) (short)
Firstborn (1984) …. Lee
Baby It’s You (1983) …. Stewart
Up the Academy (1980) …. Boy on Soccer Team
Greaser’s Palace (1972) …. uncredited
Pound (1970) …. Puppy (as Bob Downey)


Family Guy (2005) …. Patrick Pewterschmidt
Ally McBeal (2000 – 2002) …. Larry Paul
Saturday Night Live (1985 – 1986) …. Various / George Michael / John Cougar Melloncamp
Mussolini: The Untold Story ( 1985) …. Bruno Mussolini

Robert Downey Jr. Discography


Bang, bang and kiss / Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005) (writer/performer: “Broken”)
The Futurist (2004)

The Singing Detective (2003) (performer: “In My Dreams”)
Ally McBeal: For Once in My Life Featuring Vonda Shepard Soundtrack (2000) (performer: “Chances Are” ft. Vonda Shepard, “Every Breath You Take” ft. Sting, “Snakes”)
Ally McBeal: A Very Ally Christmas (Soundtrack) (2000) (performer: “River”, “White Christmas” ft. Vonda Shepard)
Friends & Lovers (1999) (writer/performer: “Carla”)
Two Girls and a Guy (1997) (writer/performer: “Snake”)
Heart and Souls / Lelkük rağla (1993)(performer: “Walk Like A Man”)
Too Much Sun / Marha nagy kalamajka (1990) (writer/performer: “Too Much Sun”)

FAQs Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will Rdj return to MCU?
Ans: Robert Downey Jr is all set to reprise Tony Stark aka Iron Man in the MCU.

2. What is Rdj salary for endgame?
Ans: $75 million

3. Is Robert Downey Jr is rich?
Ans: $300 Million

4. Who is new Iron Man?
Ans: IRONMAN 4 – TEASER TRAILER | Marvel Studios & Disney+ | Robert Downey Jr. Returns As Tony Stark (HD)

Watch IRONMAN 4 2022-2023 – TEASER TRAILER | Marvel Studios & Disney+ | Robert Downey Jr. Returns As Tony Stark (HD)

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