Recognizing the Characteristics of Severe Stress and How to Overcome It

What is Severe Stress and Signs, Symptoms, Ways

Severe stress can occur when a human experiences excessive mental or emotional stress. However, not everybody can immediately realize that he is suffering from severe stress. this condition can be immediately detected and treated, we require to recognize what are the characteristics of severe stress.

Severe stress can be caused by various things, ranging from workload, family problems, loss of loved ones, suffering from certain diseases, divorce, job loss, to being in debt.

Signs of Severe Stress

Severe stress can affect many aspects of life, from emotions, behavior, thinking abilities, to health. Before creating a wider problem, it is crucial to recognize the characteristics of severe stress so that this condition can be treated immediately.

Signs of Severe Stress

The characteristics of a person experiencing severe stress below:

1. Easily agitated, frustrated, and often looks gloomy.
2. Easily offended.
3. Feeling that he is not good and worthless, and feels so depressed.
4. Unable to think calmly.
5. Not energized or excited.
6. Can not sleep or have insomnia.
7. Easily hurt.
8. Frequent headaches.
9. Often experience digestive disorders, such as bloating, diarrhea, and constipation.
10. Decreased appetite or no appetite.

Various Ways to Overcome Heavy Stress

Severe stress that is not handled properly can raise the risk of many diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes, obesity, acid reflux disease, asthma, and mental illnesses, such as depression and anxiety disorders.

To deal with severe stress, there are many ways you can do, namely:

1. Think Positive

It’s not easy, but you still have to attempt to think positively about the problems you’re facing.

Attempt to remind or motivate yourself about the positive things you have & should be grateful for. This method can decrease the stress you experience.

2. Write a Diary

Pouring complaints into a writing can support relieve stress. By writing down all your complaints, the worries you feel can be decreased. You may even understand and manage your emotions nicely afterward.

3. Tell the Closest Person

Do not keep the problem to yourself, but attempt to share what you are experiencing and feeling with family or friends. By telling stories to those closest to you, the burden you feel can be decreased.

4. Get Enough Sleep

Getting sufficient sleep can also help you deal with severe stress. Try listening to music before bed, so that the mind becomes better relaxed. In addition, you can also take a hot bath before bedtime.

5. Go on Vacation

To decrease the stress you are experiencing, take time off work to go on vacation. This can make the mind to be fresher so that stress can be decreased.

If the methods above have been done but the severe stress you participate has not been resolved properly, consult a psychologist immediately. A psychologist can help you search the right solution to manage the severe stress you are experiencing.

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