Queen Elizabeth’s remains at Westminster Hall

Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin is now at Westminster Hall and is being laid to rest for the next four days.

From Buckingham Palace, the Queen’s coffin was transported by horse-drawn carriage from the palace gates to Westminster, at 2:22 pm local time.

1. Residents are allowed to pay their last respects directly

Reported by the BBC on Thursday (15/9/2022), the sound of Big Ben bells and the sound of cannons accompanied the procession of Queen Elizabeth’s coffin being released from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall.

King Charless III, his brothers, and Princes William and Prince Harry followed the procession on foot behind the coffin procession.

It is at Westminster Hall that people are allowed to pay their last respects. It is estimated that hundreds of thousands of people will come.

2. Thousands of people watched the procession

As early as this morning, it was reported that Britons as well as tourists had gathered in front of Buckingham Palace and lined up as far as Westminster, to see the procession.

Applause broke out as Queen Elizabeth‘s casket passed the Horse Guard Parade.

Many residents raised their cellphones to record this procession, and there were also residents who cried seeing the departure of Queen Elizabeth II.

3. The convention was held at Westminster Hall

Arriving at Westminster Hall, the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby presided over a service which was attended by King Charles III and members of the royal family.

As the coffin entered, thousands of people also lined the banks of the Thames, waiting for their turn to enter the hall and pay their respects.

Westminster Hall, a 900 year old building, is the oldest building in the British Parliament. This building is also the place where Queen Elizabeth II took the throne.

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