Phoebe Tonkin Biography, Wiki, Husband, Net Worth, Height, Boyfriend and more

Phoebe Tonkin Biography, Wiki, Husband, Net Worth, Height, Boyfriend, and more

Phoebe Tonkin

Birth name: Phoebe Jane Elizabeth Tonkin
Nickname: Phoebus
Date of birth: July 12, 1989
Place of birth: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Profession: actress, model
Marital status: unmarried
Boyfriend: Alex Greenwald
Parents: Jannyfer Tonkin, Nicholas Tonkin
Siblings: Abby Tonkin
Net Worth: $3 Million Dollar
Height: 178 cm
Original hair color: brown
Eye color: green
Star ticket: Cancer

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Phoebe Jane Elizabeth Tonkin is an Australian actress. He was born on July 12, 1989 in Sydney. His parents are Jannyfer and Nicholas Tonkin. Her sister’s name is Abby. He quickly began to develop his skills as a performer, as he attended dance school from the age of 4. She studied classical ballet, hip-hop and contemporary dance. At the age of 12, he took a couple of courses at the Wharf Theater in the Australian Theater for Young People (ATYP). Here he learned comedy, classical acting and musical performances. He acted in several William Shakespeare plays. In the meantime, she studied at the Queenwood School for Girls and then passed her exams.

In December 2005, he got his first television role. She played the role of Cleo Sertori in the series H2O: just add water. The series is about the adventures of 3 girlfriends who become mermaids. Although he was successful at the audition, he had a small problem: he couldn’t swim, but his role required him to swim with several kilos of fins. He quickly solved the problem by hiring a trainer. In no time he was swimming confidently in the water. The series was played by the channels from 2006. Although it was planned for 2 seasons, it became so popular that a third season was also filmed. The series was available in more than 12 countries. The last season was shown in 2010 and had 26 episodes. They have won countless nominations and several awards. During the screening of the series, it gained great popularity.

In 2010, he played for a few episodes in the series Home and Away and Packed to the Rafters. That same year, he got his first film role in the war drama Tomorrow, When War Began. She played the blonde Fiona Maxwell.

In January 2011, he moved to Los Angeles to launch his international career. In March, she auditioned for the new series of The Secret Circle, where she was cast as Faye Chamberlain, a witch with supernatural powers. The CW channel scheduled the screening for September 15. Based on the book by LJ Smith, the series was immediately ordered for the entire season. Its viewership was 3.5 million, and the decision was made to end the season due to the high cost of special effects. Phoebe received many positive reviews for her performance and was also considered the best rising TV star of 2011.

In August 2010, he auditioned for the horror film Bait 3D, still in his home country. One of his old colleagues, Cariba Heine, also appeared in the film set on the Gold Coast. The film was released in 2012.

A drop of water plays Cleo Sertori in quite a series.

In September 2012, he joined the already popular series The Vampire Diaries. She played Hayley Marshall in a recurring role. In January 2013, it was announced that a sister series to The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, was being prepared. The series following the story of ancient vampires debuted on the channel on October 3, and we saw Hayley in the main role. Claire Holt, her co-star from A Drop of Water, also appeared in the series as Rebekah Mikaelson. The series produced by Julie Plec met expectations, and was quickly ordered for the next season.

Meanwhile, in 2014, he played in the drama The Ever After. Here he also played with Teresa Palmer, who is a very good friend of Phoebe. She also appeared in the Stalker series for one episode, and in 2016 another film followed, Billionaire ransom, where she played the wealthy Amy Tilton. In 2018, she played Olivia Gallagher in the 4-part mini-series Safe Harbor. This year also saw the end of the Dark Ages series, in which he played for 5 seasons and 86 episodes. On 20 August, it was announced that he would be cast in the Australian series Bloom, playing the young self of lead character Gwen Reid. The series was launched by the Stan channel on January 1, 2019.

Hayley Marshall in The Originals series

In 2020, she was seen in 2 episodes of Westworld, and also played as a younger Gwen in the second season of the Bloom series.

In 2011, he appeared in the music video for Miles Fisher’s song Don’t Let Go. In 2012, he and his girlfriend Teresa Palmer started a health blog, Your Zen Life. Phoebe announced her retirement in 2015. Also this year, she became the face of Ilona Hamer’s swimwear collection, Matteau Swim, and worked with the brand for three years, until 2017. This year he also participated in Smythson’s Journey To The Wild side campaign.

Phoebe Tonkin PRIVATE LIFE

She started dating Harry Potter star Tom Felton in 2006, with whom they were together until November 2008. In January 2011, there were rumors that there was more than friendship between them and Ed Westwick, but none of them officially confirmed it. In February, they discussed it with Xavier Samuel, they dated for a couple of months. In January 2012, she dated Joseph Gordon-Levitt. She briefly dated Chris Zylka in 2013 before dating her Vampire Diaries co-star Paul Wesley in July. The couple split in January 2017 after four years, then got back together before calling it quits for good in October.

Phoebe Tonkin INTERESTS

– when he goes back to Australia, he is most happy with fresh seafood and always swims in the sea
– his favorite movie is Tenenbaum, your house and he would like to work with Wes Anderson
– he learned to swim during the filming of H2O: A drop of water, before that he was a swimmer
– her hobbies are pilates, boxing, music and dancing
– her favorite bands are Radiohead and The Black Keys
– her favorite books are Lolita and The China Study
– she wears Chanel No. 5 perfume
– she eats a bit of dark chocolate every day
– she really likes muffins
– vegetarian
– He met his girlfriend, Teresa Palmer, in 2009, and later they kept in touch in America.

Phoebe Tonkin Filmography & Movies

2018: Final Stop … The Girl
2016: Cul-de-Sac … Mother
2016: Billionaire Ransom … Amy Tilton
2014: The Ever After … Mabel
2012: Decoys … Jaimie
2010: Tomorrow, when the war began … Fiona Maxwell

2019: Bloom (filming)
2013-2018: Age of Darkness … Hayley Marshall
2018: The Affair … Delphine
2018: Safe Harbor … Olivia
2017: Pillow Talk … Sonja
2015: Stalker … Nicole Clark
2012-2013: The Vampire Diaries … Hayley Marshall
2011-2012: The Secret Circle … Faye Chamberlain
2010: Our Home … Adrian Hall
2009-2010: There’s Only One Family … Lexi
2006-2010: H2O: A drop of water is enough … Cleo Sertori

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