Nutritious Breakfast Options For Kids

Children are generally super active – they love to run and play with their friends. His day is often busy. Which involves a lot of activities; To go to school, to do homework, to have play time, to study, or to participate in a sport or music class. To have enough energy for all this, your child must eat well. Moreover, as a child is growing, his food requirements will increase. Parents need to ensure that their child does not snack on junk food like burgers, fries, milkshakes or instant noodles. Now you must be wondering what you can give your child to eat, right? Don’t worry because we have created a comprehensive list of nutritious snacks that you can prepare for your baby:

1. Curd Berry + Antioxidant Snack Bar:

This is one of the well-known breakfasts. Besides being gluten-free and 100% vegan, this snack bar is made with ingredients your child is sure to love. It’s got dark chocolate, orange zest, crunchy nuts and super seeds. You can also give it to your child as a dessert as it is a healthy alternative to frozen yogurt or ice cream.

2. Naughty Bar:

Dry fruits are great for your baby as they contain iron, magnesium and fatty acids which are important for brain development. There are no flavors or sugar in this nutty bar – just a 100% natural blend of roasted cashews and almonds.

3. Multivitamin 100 + Vitamin D30 :

Does your child hate taking supplements? This is because children think the taste will be bitter and strange. You can now give your children Multivitamin A Vitamin D30 with gummiking. The brand aims to make nutrition delicious, and these candies can be chewed in seconds.

4. Barry Bar:

Oats are a superfood rich in fiber and antioxidants. On the other hand, dates are a natural sweetener and brain health. The primary ingredients of the berry bar are two cranberries, strawberries, rice crispies and honey. Give this to your child when he returns home after playing.

5. Dark Chocolate and Seedy Crackers:

No child refuses anything that contains chocolate. These crackers contain five types of seeds, oats and dark chocolate. It is full of protein and will help your child’s tired muscles.

6. Organic Banana Bites:

Organic bananas are barely processed because they are just as aromatic. These delicious banana nuts have a shelf life of 8 months and make a great travel snack. Bananas give instant energy and are one of the healthiest fruits.

7. Spinach and Lemon Puff Snack:

This is perfect for your super energetic kids. Spinach is loaded with iron and lime contains vitamin C which fights cold and cough. These puffs will fill your baby’s tummy and he will also enjoy eating them.

8. Tomato and Cheese Rings:

Children mostly like both tomatoes and cheese. Your child will like these very much. These are made from whole wheat, corn, ragi, and other nutritious ingredients.

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