Mind Mapping: Definition, Types and Examples

Mind Mapping: Definition, Types, and Examples

The term mind mapping may still sound foreign, but this term is often used in academia and business. The term is used to facilitate one’s work in understanding a concept.

The term mind mapping can be interpreted from these two words, namely mind and mapping which come from English. The word mind means thinking and mapping means mapping.

In simple terms mind-mapping is mind-mapping.

The presence of mind mapping is always related to creation and art in writing it. This is necessary so that it is easier for us to understand a concept contained in the mind map.

Especially for people who have a visual way of learning, of course mind mapping is a pretty effective way of learning.

An important point in writing a mapping is the existence of a major theme and its branches. The big theme represents the title of the concept to be understood, while the mind mapping branches show the sub-chapters that will be displayed.

Decorations and creations are needed to make it easier to understand. However, don’t let these decorations and creations make it difficult for yourself and take up a lot of time.

What can be mutually agreed upon is that compiling a mind map must be accompanied by sensitivity to the sense of art. The hope is to create creative display ideas.

In addition, the aspect of artistic sensitivity is also very important in compiling it, because the potential for uniqueness is built through illustration images, colors, writing models, and accentuation of a mind map.

On the other hand, there are also mind mappings that are arranged simply or simply and creatively.

Understanding Mind Mapping According to Experts

First, an expert named Tony Buzan, as quoted through romadecade.org, said that mind mapping is developing a thought process so that it starts in one direction and then becomes all directions.

In addition, the term can draw various kinds of thoughts into various points of view and mind mapping develops a branched and creative way of thinking.

Second, through the same page, Caroline Edward stated that mind mapping is an effective and efficient way to express various kinds of data or information from the brain.

The system takes place naturally by the human brain. Another opinion comes from Melvin L.

Silberman states that mind mapping is a way of thinking that is conveyed creatively in order to generate ideas that can be applied from what is being studied, note a lesson, or creative ways to plan a new research.

Different Types of Mind Mapping

Some types of mind maps that are widely used by people include:

1. Mind mapping syllabus

Syllabus mind mapping or often referred to as macro mind mapping is a type of mind mapping that describes concepts to be understood in a large size arrangement and is usually pasted on a wall.

2. Mind mapping chapter

Chapter Mind mapping, as the name implies, this type of mind mapping is arranged based on the chapters that have been studied. However, the biggest homework that must be done in compiling this mind map is to summarize the important points of a concept so that it is easier to remember and understand it.

3. Mind Map Paragraphs

A paragraph mind map is a mind map that is presented with a more complete Mind mapping paragraph, which is one that can provide complete information because the explanation of the concept is explained so completely.

Examples of Creative Mind Maps

Composing a creative mind map compiled with elements of innovation and creation. Both are present in creative mind mapping in the form of images, colors, accents and other decorations. The purpose of this creation is to make it easier to understand the concepts to be studied by utilizing creative mind mapping.

On the other hand, don’t let your intention of wanting to create a creative mind map to make it more comfortable and easier to understand the concept actually backfire for yourself.

Moreover, compiling a creative mind map takes quite a lot of time. The need for creative mind-mapping which was originally intended to be easy will become difficult when you do not have much time to arrange it.

Examples of Creative Mind mapping


An example of a creative mind mapping raised the big theme of “TIME MANAGEMENT”. The creators of the creative mind map examples discuss concepts about matters related to time management.

Several branches of the big theme of time management include: clarity, key issues, monitoring, communication, ergonomics, supervision, etc.

Each point is marked and colored with various illustrations and different writings.

The creative aspect in the creative mind map example lies in the various colors, different writing (use of capital letters and various writing styles), as well as various images such as keys on key issues which clearly symbolize the word key issues itself.

It is very clear that the creation of creative simple examples is also visible at the same time the scale of complexity in its manufacture.

In other words, the preparation of this simple creative mind mapping example takes quite a long time, so if you want to make a mind mapping example you must also consider the time aspect because not all mind mapping examples can be made in a short time.

Simple Mind Mapping Example

Simple mind mapping is known briefly as simple mind mapping. The simple type relates to the aspect of short build time.

It is possible that the preparation of a simple mind map is needed in a short time. Simple making is arranged while still prioritizing the delivery of concepts that will be clearly understood.

Simple Mind Mapping Example 1

Mind Mapping Example

The example of Mind mapping Simple 1 above talks about the concept of “BUSINESS PLAN”. The concept is described in a mind map that is outlined in a simple way. In addition, the Simple 1 Mind mapping example has various branches of the “BUSINESS PLAN” concept which includes a marketing plan, mission, SWOT, timeline, strategy, team, competitors, finance.

The mind mapping is described by using arrows and there is no other access in the form of colors or other images.

Simple Mind Mapping Example 2


Example Simple 2 describes the CAREER concept which is divided into several branches, namely skills, network, experience, interests, values, education.

The presentation of this simple mind mapping is marked by the use of round shapes and arrows, without any creations in the form of decorations or other forms.

It is clear that this one is very simple as seen from the visual appearance of this mind mapping. It’s as if the mind mapping compiler prepared it in a short and spontaneous time.

An example of a simple mind mapping like this implies that it is not always about such a complicated creation, but there is also a simple mind mapping.

As long as the concepts expressed in the mind map are accommodated, it will not be a wrong thing.

Keep returning to the initial function, which makes it easier for us to understand a concept.

Examples of Unique Mind Maps

Mind mapping is unique, as the name implies, this type has its own characteristics so it is said to be ‘unique’.

Whether the concept is conveyed, the visuals, or the accentuation in the form of colors, writing style, and illustrations that support it.

The word ‘unique’ in the Big Indonesian Dictionary (a) is separate in its form or type; different from others; nothing in common with the others; special.

Examples of Unique Mind Maps

The example is said to be unique because it utilizes a fairly complex picture of a tree.

The big theme contained in Mind Mapping Unique 1 is the Constitutional Provisions which are divided into many branches in the form of articles.

mind mapping

This unique mind mapping has a different side from the others in terms of a visualization in the form of a large tree.

The thing that must be paid more attention to is the availability of time, is there enough time to compose a creative mind map?

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