Maite Perroni Biography, Wiki, Movies & Tv Series Show, Net Worth

Maite Perroni Biography, Wiki, Movies & Tv Series Show, Net Worth

Maite Perroni

Birth name: Maite Perroni Beorlegui
Nickname: May
Date of birth: 09 March 1983
Age: 39 years
Place of birth: Mexico City, Mexico
Profession: actress, singer
Marital status: unmarried
Partner: Koko Stambuk
Parents: Javier Perroni, Maite Beorlegui
Record labels: Warner Music Group, EMI, Virgin Records
Height: 1.60m. (5’ 3”)
Original hair color: black
Eye color: Brown
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Net Worth: $7 Million
Monthly Income: $40,000 +

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Maite Perroni was born as Beorlegui on March 9, 1983 in Mexico City. Mexican actress and singer. His parents are Maite Beorlegui and Javier Perroni. He has two younger brothers, Adolfo (1986) and Francisco (1992). Soon after Maite was born, she and her family moved to Guadalajara because her father got a job there. They lived here for 12 years, after which they moved back to Mexico City. In 2000, Maite enrolled in Televisa’s acting school, the Centro de Educación Artistica ( CEA). In 2003, he graduated from acting training and received his diploma.

Maite Perroni Acting Career

Maite started her acting career in 2004, when she got a role in Pedro Damian’s new musical telenovela, Rebelde, in which she could shine her acting talent in the role of Guadalupe “Lupita” Fernández. In it, Maite was one of the main characters alongside actors such as Anahí, Dulce María, Christian Chávez, Alfonso Herrera and Christopher Von Uckermann. This series ran until 2006 and had a total of 3 seasons. A miniseries was made for the series in 2007, which was titled RBD: La Familia. In it, Maite also appears as herself (May). In the same year, he had a minor role in the telenovela Lola, érase una vez , starring Eiza González and Aarón Díaz.

In 2008, she got a leading role in one of Televisa’s telenovelas, Cuidado con el ángel , as María de Jesús “Marichuy” Velarde Santos. Maite’s partner was the handsome Cuban actor William Levy. This telenovela was also shown in Hungary under the title Orphan Angel. Because of this role, Maite became a real celebrity worldwide.

In 2009, she became richer with another leading role, namely in the telenovela Mi Pecado, in which TV viewers could see her as Lucrecia Córdoba Pedraza. Eugenio Siller was his partner in this. In the telenovela, in addition to Maite and Eugenio, we can also see actors such as Sabine Moussier, Francisco Gattorno, Sergio Goyri, Altair Jarabo and Jessica Coch. We also saw this telenovela in our country on TV2, a commercial channel, with the title My Sin.

In 2010, Maite was cast as Estela Blanco in an episode of the television series Mujeres asesinas . In the same year, he became richer with another leading role, namely in the adaptation of the 1998 telenovela Titkok és szerlemek, which was titled Triunfo del Amor . In it, he brought María Desamparada to life. We saw Maite again in this film alongside William Levy, who shaped the character of Maximiliano Sandoval. This telenovela was also shown in Hungary under the title Marichuy – The Triumph of Love. Since the telenovela Arva angyal was a huge success in our country, the names of the main characters were changed to Marichuy and Juan Miguel. This year he also appeared in a theater play, namely thein Cena de matrimonios, in which she appeared as Elisa on boards representing the world.

Two years later, Maite was able to prove herself in another leading role, namely in the telenovela Cachito de cielo , in which we saw her as Renata Landeros. Here we saw him alongside Pedro Fernández and Mane de la Parra. In the telenovela, we can also meet actors such as Cynthia Klitbo, Jorge Poza, Esmeralda Pimentel, Pablo Lyle and Sofía Castro. After that, he appeared in the film El arribo de Conrado Sierra, as well as in the animated film Rise of The Guardians, in which he voiced the Tooth Fairy.

In 2014, she got another main role in the telenovela La gata , in which she appeared on TV screens as Esmeralda de la Santacruz “La Gata”. Her telenovela partner was Daniel Arenas. It even features actors such as Laura Zapata, Erika Buenfil, Paloma Ruiz de Alda, Mariluz Bermúdez and Jorge Poza. We also saw this telenovela in Hungary, namely on TV2, where it was shown under the title The Cat.

In 2015, Maite became even richer with a main role, namely in the telenovela Antes muerta que Wichita , in which Alicia Gutiérrez López brings “Lichita” to life. Soñ adoras and Lovers and Rivals star Arath de la Torre is her partner in this. Besides them, Ingrid Martz, Chantal Andere, Eduardo Santamarina and Sherlyn also appear. After that, he had another dubbing role, namely in the animated film Un gallo con muchos huevos, in which he lends his voice to Di.

In 2016, he lends his voice to Maite in Perritos al Mundial . After that, she got a leading role in the horror film Presencias as Alicia. In 2017, she got richer with another leading role, as she got the role of Renée in the telenovela Papá a toda made. In it, he appears alongside Sebastián Rulli. In 2018, the Dibujando el Cielo film will be released, in which she appears as Sofía. In addition,  ¡Viva la Revolución! also appears in the short film Back in 2018, she was cast as Elena in the movie El Camino.

This was released in 2019. In 2019, she was also seen in the series El Juego de las Llaves as Adriana, as well as theDoblemente Embrazada as Cristina. In 2020, we can hear him as a dubbing voice in the movie Un rescate de huevitos . He can also be seen in the series Herederos por accidente as Lupe, and in the movie Dark Desire as Alma Solares. It can still be seen in the latter. In 2022, he can be seen in the films Sin ti no puedo  and La octava cláuso , and also appears in the series Triada .


In 2004, the main characters of the telenovela Rebelde, i.e. Maite Perroni, Anahí, Dulce María, Christian Chávez, Alfonso Herrera and Christopher Von Uckermann, founded the band RBD. Also this year, their first studio album was released, which was titled Rebelde. A total of 11 songs can be heard on the album. The album was a huge success, selling more than 550,000 copies in Mexico. In 2005, a Portuguese version of the album was released in Brazil, and in 2006 it was also released in English under the title Rebels.

In 2005, they released their second studio album, Nuestro Amor. A total of 15 songs can be heard on this album. The album went triple platinum and was eventually certified gold. The album was also released in the United States on October 4, 2005. A year after its publication, it was also published in Portuguese under the title Nosso Amor Rebelde. The band’s third studio album was titled Celestial and was released in 2006, and soon after it was also released in Portuguese.

In 2007, the fourth studio album, Empezar Desde Cero, was released. There are 13 songs on this album. Their fifth and last studio album was released in 2009 and was titled Para Olvidarte De Mí. This album also contains 13 songs. After the release of the last album, it was announced that the band would break up. After the breakup of RBD, Maite started a solo career and signed a contract with Warner Music. In 2010, his first single was released, namely A partir de hoy, which he sang with Marco di Mauro.

His first solo album was released in 2013 and was titled Eclipse de Luna. There are 13 songs on the album. For this, two singles were released, namely Tú y yo and Eclipse de Luna. In 2014, a deluxe edition of the album was also published, which already contains 17 songs.

In 2016, Maite’s latest single, called Adicta, was released, and a music video was also made for it. In 2017, he had the honor of singing one of the theme songs for the movie The Greatest Showman. The song is called Así Soy and will be heard in Latin American cinemas. In 2018,  the singles Como Yo Te Quiero and Bum Bum Dale Dale were released.

Maite Perroni INTERESTS

► In 2009, she was selected for the first time by People en Español magazine among the 50 most beautiful Latin celebrities, since that year she has been on the list every year.
► In 2014, EstiloDF magazine chose him as the best style man of the year.
► He has been the face of products/brands such as Mangum ice cream, NYX Cosmetics, Giraffas, Pepsi, Helato de Bonice, Asepxia, Teleton, Wal Mart, Ades Class, Hinds, Pantene and with Copp.
►  Fears rats and is claustrophobic.
► Smokes occasionally.
► In 2007, a Barbie doll was also made of Maite – like the protagonists of Rebelde.
►  Her favorite colors are purple and red.
►  Her favorite flowers include orchids, tulips and lilies.
 Favorite countries: Greece and India.
►  His hobbies include roller skating and drawing.
► Maite has already been nominated for many awards, namely at awards such as Premios TVyNovelas, Premios Juventud, Kids Choice Awards México, and People en Español.

Maite Perroni Private Life

Maite met Guido Larissa on the set of Rebelde in 2004, with whom they officially became a couple in 2005. Not long after, they moved in together and the engagement took place, but the wedding did not take place, as Maite ended their relationship in 2008. In 2009, on the set of Mi Pecado, he developed a good friendship with Eugenio Siller, with whom he was repeatedly accused, but they denied the rumors every time. After that, she dated Carlos de la Mota for a short time. After they broke up, Maite got together with Mane de la Parra, with whom she was together until 2012. In 2013, she got together with musician Koko Stambuk, with whom she has been a couple ever since.

Maite Perroni Filmography & Movies

2022: Triada
2020-2022: Guilty desire / Dark Desire – Alma Solares
2020: Herederos por accidente – Lupe
2019: El Juego de las Llaves – Adriana
2017-2018: Papá a toda madre – Renée Sánchez
2015-2016: Antes muerta que Lichita – Alicia ‘Lichita’ Gutiérrez López
2014: The Cat / La Gata – Esmeralda de la Santacruz ‘The Cat’ / Renata de la Santacruz (Hungarian voice: Ilona Molnár)
2012: Cachito de cielo – Renata Landeros de Franco
2010- 2011: Marichuy – The triumph of love / Triunfo del amor – María ‘Marichuy’ Desamparada Iturbide Gutiérrez (Hungarian voice: Ilona Molnár)
2010: Murderous women/ Mujeres asesinas – Estela Blanco
2009: My sin / Mi pecado – Lucrecia Córdoba Pedraza (Hungarian voice: Ilona Molnár)
2008-2009: Orphan angel / Cuidado con el ángel – María de Jesús ‘Marichuy’ Velarde de San Román / Alejandra Robles ‘Liliom’ (Hungarian voice: Ilona Molnár)
2007: RBD: La familia – May (herself)
2007: Lola, érase una vez
2004-2006: Rebelde – Guadalupe ‘Lupita’ Fernández
2005: La energía de Sonric’slandia – Guadalupe ‘ Lupita’ Fernandez

2022: La octava cláuso – Cat / wife
2022: Sin ti no puedo – Blanca
2020: Un rescate de huevitos – Di (voice)
2019: El Camino – Elena
2019: Doblemente Embrazada – Cristina
2018: ¡Viva la Revolución! – Mrs. Guevara
2018: Dibujando el Cielo – Sofía
2017: Presencias – Alicia
2016: Perritos al mundial – Maite (voice)
2015: Collared Rooster / Un gallo con muchos huevos – Di (voice)
2015: Selección canina – Maite Terranova (voice )
2012: The Five Legends / Rise of The Guardians – Tooth Fairy (voiceover)
2012: El Arribo de Conrado Sierra – Ninfa
2005: La pareja más pareja

2010: Cena de Matrimonios – Elisa

Maite Perroni Discography


Eclipse de Luna Deluxe Edition
Release year:

Songs on the album:

1. Vas a querer volver
2. Tu y yo
3. Eclipse de Luna
4. Todo lo que Soy (feat. Alex Ubago)
5. Inexplicable
6. Como Yo
7. Me va
8. Y Lloro
9. Agua Bendita
10. Llueve , llueve
11. Melancolía (Saudade)
12. ¿Qué te hace falta?
13. Sueño contigo
14. Ojos divinos (feat. Koko Stambuk)
15. Los Cangrejos
16. Loca de Amor
17. Inexplicable (feat. Thiaguinho)

Eclipse de Luna
Release year: 2013

Songs on the album:

1. Como Yo
2. Tu y Yo
3. Me Va
4. Inexplicable
5. Y Lloro
6. Agua Bendita
7. Llueve, Llueve
8. Eclipse de Luna
9. Melancolía
10. ¿Qué Te Hace Falta?
11. Sueño Contigo
12. Ojos Divinos (feat. Koko Stambuk)
13. Los Cangrejos


2018: Bum Bum Dale Dale
2018: Como Yo Te Quiero
2017: Loca
2016: Adicta
2014: Todo Lo Que Soy
2014: Vas a Querer Volver
2013: Eclipse de Luna
2013: Tú y Yo


2017: Así Soy (The Greatest Showman)
2014: Vas a querer volver (The Cat)
2012: Te dare mi corazón (Cachito de Cielo)
2010: A partir de hoy (Triumph of Love)
2009: Será mi pecado ser mujer (The my sin)
2009: Mi pecado (My sin)
2008: Separada de tí (Orphan angel)
2008: Solo contigo (Orphan angel)
2008: Esta soledad (Orphan angel)

————————————————– ————————————————– ——————————–


Para Olvidarte De Mi
Release year:

Songs on the album:

1. Camino al Sol
2. Mírame
3. Para Olvidarte de Mí
4. ¿Quién Te Crees?
5. Esté Donde Esté
6. Más Tuya Que Mía
7. Hace un Instante
8. Desapareció
9. Olvidar
10. Yo Vivo Por Ti
11. Lágrimas Perdidas
12. Puedes Ver Pero No Tocar
13. Adiós

Empezar Desde Cero
Release year: 2007

Songs on the album:

1. Empezar desde Cero
2. Y No Puedo Olvidarte
3. Inalcanzable
4. No Digas Nada
5. El Mundo Detrás
6. Hoy Que Te Vas
7. Llueve en Mi Corazón
8. Fui la Niña
9. A la Orilla
10. Amor Fugaz
11. Sueles Volver
12. Si No Estás Aquí
13. Extraña Sensación

Release year: 2006

Songs on the album:

1. Tu amor
2. Wanna Play
3. My Philosophy
4. Connected
5. I Wanna Be the Rain
6. Cariño mio
7. Era la música
8. Keep It Down Low
9. Happy Worst Day
10. This Is Love
11. Save Me
12. Money Money
13. Tu amor
14. Celestial

Release year: 2006

Songs on the album:

1. Tal Vez Después
2. Ser o Parecer
3. Dame
4. Celestial
5. Quizá
6. Bésame Sin Miedo
7. Tu Dulce Voz
8. Algún Día
9. Me Cansé
10. Aburrida y Sola
11. Es Por Amor

Nuestro Amor
Release year: 2005

Songs on the album:

1. Nuestro Amor
2. Me Voy
3. Feliz Cumpleaños
4. Este Corazón
5. Así Soy Yo
6. Aún Hay Algo
“7. Tu Lado
8. Fuera
9. Que Fue Del Amor
10. Qué Hay Detrás
11. Tras De Mí
12. Solo Para Ti
13. Una Canción
14. Liso, Sensual

Release year: 2004

Songs on the album:

1. Rebelde
2. Sólo Quédate En Silencio
3. Otro Día Que Va
4. Un Poco De Tu Amor
5. Enséñame
6. Futuro Ex-Novio
7. Tenerte Y Quererte
8. El Amor Cuando Se Acaba
9. Santa No Soy
10. Fuego
11. Sálvame


2009: Best of Remixes
2008: Greatest Hits
2008: Hits Em Português
2008: Best Of RBD
2007: RBD: La Familia
2007: RBD: Greatest Hits


2007: Hecho En España
2006: Live In Hollywood
2005: Tour Generación RBD En Vivo

FAQs Frequently Asked Questions

1. How old was Maite Perroni in RBD?
Ans: 39 Years

2. Which country is Maite Perroni?
Ans: Mexican

3. How old is Koko Stambuk?
Ans: 45 Years(16 March 1977)

4. How old is Dulce Maria?
Ans: 36 Years (6 December 1985)

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