Low Milk Supply: Homeopathic Treatment

In the early days of motherhood, breastfeeding takes up most of your waking and sleeping hours! Normally, the mother produces enough milk to meet her baby’s needs. However, some breasts may experience insufficient milk production. Often this is a temporary phase that can be cured with appropriate treatment and support once the cause is identified.

Common causes of inadequate milk supply:

  • Supplementing with breast milk may cause your baby to lose breast milk. This disrupts milk supply
  • Very short-duration feeds or long intervals between feeds
  • excessive use of pacifiers
  • Lack of nutrition and hydration in the mother
  • baby having jaundice
  • premature birth
  • Lack of proper latching required for breastfeeding
  • Low thyroid hormone means hypothyroidism in the mother.

Homeopathic Remedies to Increase Milk Supply

Homeopathic medicines are completely safe and extremely effective in restoring or improving low breast milk supply. These measures can help both mother and child mentally and physically.

Here are some excellent remedies that can correct milk production:

Condition: Milk supply or absence, swollen painful breasts

Indicator: Mood changes with fluctuations in milk supply

Homeopathic medicine: Pulsatilla

Condition: Diluted watery milk which the child does not take

Indicator: Mom sweats excessively and craves eggs and dairy products

Homeopathic Medicine: Calcarea Carbonica

Condition: Watery Milk

Indication: Excessive itching on the breasts with pain as if stung by a bee.

Solution: Urtica Urens

Situation/Problem: Low milk supply

Indicators: Disappointment in mother i.e. disappointing all the time, feeling guilty, feeling low

Solution: Agnus Castus

Situation/Problem: Fluctuation in milk supply

Indicator: Milk flow is low or high

Solution: Lac caninum

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