List of Shortcut Keys for Watching YouTube

 YouTube is one of the most widely used video streaming platforms. This is because video content is the most popular entertainment content.

According to the APJII report in the second quarter of 2020, as many as 61 percent of internet users in the world often access YouTube to watch film, music, and sports content.

When enjoying a video, you definitely want to watch it comfortably. Including when operating video shows on YouTube.

Such as reducing and increasing the volume, displaying subtitles, speeding up or slowing down the video, or setting the screen size, either to cinema mode, full screen or mini-player.

Most people will use the cursor to arrange these things. But do you know if there is a quick and practical way that you can try?

Like most other platforms, YouTube also has shortcut keys that make it easier for users to watch videos.

With shortcut keys, users can simply press one to two buttons, without needing the mouse or touching the pad to adjust the cursor.

Keep in mind that shortcut keys are only possible when watching YouTube on a laptop or with the help of an external physical keyboard. Here’s a list of YouTube shortcut keys you can try to make watching videos easier.


  • F: switch to full screen
  • Q: switch to cinema mode
  • I: enable/disable mini player
  • Escape: close the current mini video or dialogue playing
  • M: enable/disable sound (mute/unmute)


  • K: play/pause video
  • A: go back 10 seconds
  • L: fast forward 10 seconds
  • : fast rewind 5 seconds
  • → : fast forward 5 seconds
  • : turn up the volume
  • : lower the volume
  • C: show/close text (subtitle)
  • O: change the opacity of the text
  • W: change the opacity of the text frame
  • + : enlarges the text letters
  • -: reduce text letters
  • Shift + P: previous video
  • Shift + N: next video
  • (,) : previous frame (when paused)
  • (.) : next frame (when paused)
  • Shift + (,) : decrease playback speed
  • Shift + (.): increase playback speed
  • Number 0…9: search for a specific part of the video, for example, to advance 70 percent of the total duration, press the number 7 key.

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