Like to eat Dim Sum? Learn Healthy Ways to Consume Them

Dim sum is a delicious dish that is loved by most people. However, do you know how many calories are stored in dim sum?

dim sum is a popular Chinese specialty food. This type of food has a small size and is often considered a healthy food because it is processed by steaming.

Because the portions are small, most people feel guiltless when consuming them because they don’t provide many calories. However, are dim sum calories really low? Is it safe to consume daily? Let’s find out the explanation through the following comments.

Various Dim Sum Calories

Dim Sum has a variety of dishes, ranging from siomay, spring rolls, chicken legs, haka, and many more. Many may be curious, are boiled dim sum calories low?

When a person consumes dim sum as much as 1 portion or equivalent to 84 grams, the calories in steamed dim sum are 94 kcal. In addition to being high in calories, it turns out that dim sum is also high in sodium. 1 serving contains 365 mg of sodium.

The high level of calories and sodium is affected by the filling, such as fatty meat, smeared with oil, as well as chocolate sauce or other spices.

Here are the number of calories in various dim sums:

Chicken Dim Sum

Chicken dim sum is one of the most popular dim sum variants. As the name suggests, this steamed dim sum is filled with pieces of chicken. Chicken dim sum calories in one serving (758 grams) is 1484 calories.

In addition to the high number of calories in chicken dim sum, the sodium content is also quite high, namely 4246 mg.

Siomay Prawns

Eating siomay with shrimp filling as a light snack is certainly very tasty. However, the calories in this prawn dim sum are quite high. One piece of shrimp siomay contains 35 calories and 136 mg of sodium.

Calorie dim sum siomay tends to be lower when compared to pork siomay. According to Doctor Adeline, pork siomay contains at least 105 calories.

“Choose siomay or dim sum that is boiled rather than fried to minimize added fat and calories,” he said.

Fried dim sum

Fried dim sum

Fried dim sum is often used as a favorite food of most people. Just like steamed dim sum, this type of dim sum also has a variety of fillings, ranging from chicken, shrimp, and mushrooms, to vegetables.

Even so, the calories of fried dim sum turned out to be higher when compared to steamed dim sum. In 1 piece of fried dim sum (50 grams), it contains 116 calories and 160 mg of sodium.

If you consume one portion of dim sum, the calories of 4 dim sum can contribute around 464 calories.

Dim Sum Mentai

dim sum with added mentai sauce is also a favorite of many people. In one piece of dim sum itself contains 41 calories. While one portion of mentai sauce (15 grams or equivalent to 1 tablespoon) contains as many as 60 calories.

That is, the calories of 1 piece of mentai dim sum with the addition of mentai sauce on it contains 101 calories.



Baozi is a round bread that can be filled with various kinds of food. Normally, Baozi calories containing chicken and vegetables can contribute 90 calories and sodium as much as 160 mg.

The sodium and calorie content in Baozi will generally vary, depending on the content of the Baozi itself. Therefore, if you are on a diet, don’t eat Baozi excessively, yes!

Spring rolls

In Chinese restaurants, spring rolls are generally made from meat or vegetables that are rolled with the skin of eggs or tofu that will later be fried. This food will certainly increase the number of calories.

In one piece of spring roll, it contains 127 calories, 211 mg of sodium, and 10 grams of fat. you should reduce your intake of saturated fat from fried foods.

The reason is that if you consume more than 3 grams of saturated fat per day, this can increase the risk of diabetes and heart disease.


Checkers or chicken feet are also often found in the dim sum menu. Although it tastes savory and delicious, you need to be careful. The problem is that 100 grams of boiled chicken contains 215 calories and 67 grams of sodium.

In fact, the Center for Food Safety Hong Kong revealed that 100 grams of boiled checker with added black bean sauce contains 620 mg of sodium.

It is important to remember that excessive sodium intake can increase blood pressure which triggers the risk of coronary heart disease.

Sticky Leaf Wrap

Sticky Leaf Wrap

Leaf-wrapped sticky rice is another type of dim sum that contains quite a lot of filling. Unfortunately, in one serving, leaf-wrapped sticky rice contains 525 calories or the equivalent of 2.5 bowls of rice.

Therefore, you need to be careful if you consume dim sum, especially if you are undergoing a weight loss diet.

Healthy Ways to Eat Dim Sum

It has been known that dim sum contains quite a lot of calories. For this reason, it is recommended to watch the portion of dim sum consumed. In order to be healthier, here are dim sum eating tips that you can try:

1. Choose a dim sum that contains vegetables or shrimp that is healthier
2. Consumption of steamed dim sum that is low in calories
3. Reduce the use of chocolate sauce, you can ask for chopped chilies as an alternative
4. Complete the meal with fruits
5. Be sure to drink water and tea to maintain your appetite while eating dim sum

That’s the calorie explanation of various dim sums and tips for eating healthy dim sums. If you have any other questions about the fulfillment of healthy food intake, do not hesitate to consult with a doctor

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