Lauren Taylor Biography, Net Worth, Age, Boyfriend, Family & More

Lauren Taylor Biography, Net Worth, Age, Boyfriend, Family & More

Birth name: Lauren Alexandra Taylor
Nickname: Laurie
Date of birth: June 16, 1998
Age: 34
Place of birth: Littleton, Colorado, United States
Profession: Actor, singer
Marital status: unmarried
Height: 157 cm
Original hair color: Blond
Eye color: Blue
Zodiac sign: Gemini

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His early life(Lauren Taylor Biography)

Lauren was born Alexandra Taylor on June 16, 1998, in Littleton, Colorado. He has two brothers who are twins, Conner and Jordan (July 10, 1995).


His talent showed up at a very young age, yet he started working as a professional singer at the age of 14. He soon gained recognition as the opening number for a show by Wilson Phillips, Michael Bolton, Debbie Gibson, and Vanessa Williams. In addition to countless adaptations and concert performances, the song Carousel was added to the YouTube channel in 2013, and in 2014the song Treat Me Right.

She moved to Los Angeles with her parents in 2014, opening a new chapter in her life and career. He soon began attending auditions. He first appeared in commercials, appearing in commercials for Disney’s Nintendo What’s Up MoshiPanda ExpressIowa Healthcare and Unity Healthcare.

She got her first film role in the horror Slit Mouth Woman in LA, in which she personified Claire. Fairest of the Mallin the film, he played Holly, which would have originally been the introductory episode of a series, but Disney Channel ultimately didn’t order it. The production company has decided to write a new project, retaining the main characters – Laurent, Landry Bender and Gus Kam. Lauren, meanwhile, signed to Netflix’s Richie Rich series to play Harper

The real breakthrough came with a Disney Channel television series called Öribarik. He was one of the main characters in the series alongside Landry Bender. Character Shelby Marcus and his girlfriend Cyd Ripley (Landry Bender), one day, have an accident in their neighbor’s science lab and will be able to travel through time if they both think about where they want to go and hug each other.

However, when they travel to the future, they always end up in the same place, tied to a table. They have to solve this mystery while going through many adventures. In addition to them, Gus Kamp and Ricky Garcia also appear in the series. The production went through two seasons.

Lauren Taylor as Shelby (left) and Landry Bender as Cyd (right) in the Öribarik promo photography

In 2018, we last saw it on the screens, namely in Short -like as Lemon LamdenThere are currently no movies or series in progress.


– She loves animals, she has a dog Hanna and two cats Baby and Mojo
– Netflix is ​​obsessed; favorite series: Parks and Recreation, 30 Rock, and House of Cards
– In addition to acting, he also likes to move; his favorite pastime is lacrosse and football

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