Largest Snake Species in the World, Ever Seen Live 2022

What do you fear most about a snake ? Almost everyone will probably answer the bite. Unlike most animals , snake bites are not only painful, but also deadly if you don’t get help right away.

Even so, venom is not the only weapon possessed by snakes. Some snake species don’t even have venom at all. Instead, they will twist the victim’s body to shreds before devouring it whole. As reported by AnimalWised, usually this is only done by large snakes, such as the anaconda and the six largest snakes in the world below!

1. Yellow anaconda

Yellow anaconda

Living in the swamps and rivers of the United States, Paraguay, Bolivia and Uruguay, the yellow anaconda is one of the largest snakes in the world. Adult yellow anacondas can weigh up to 59 kg and reach 4.5 meters in length.

Usually, they prey on turtles, lizards, snakes, lizards, and birds. Like most other large snakes, the yellow anaconda coils up and strangles its prey to death, before swallowing it whole.

2. Gem python

Gem python

Not inferior to the yellow anaconda, the amethystine python or known as the gem python in Indonesia has a much larger size. Weighing up to 92 kg and a length of more than 7 meters, gem pythons can prey on animals that are four times their body size, and even prey on humans. They come from Australia, but can also be found in Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.

Amethystine Pythons have pale brown skin and blue or yellowish green skin. They are introverted and easily angered. Large snakes live in rivers, while small gem pythons hide themselves in the tops of tropical forest trees.

3. Indian python

Indian python

As the name implies, this species of snake lives in swamps, rivers, meadows, and forests in India. Apart from India, Indian python species also exist in Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka.

Weighing 95 kg and 6 meters long, the Indian python prefers to prey on birds, rodents or small mammals that are easy to catch. Unfortunately, the Indian python population is getting more and more threatened by the ongoing poaching.

Unlike other snakes, Indian pythons have brown skin with beautiful white motifs. No wonder this animal is the target of many hunters.

4. Python flower

Python flower

Not only being one of the largest snakes in the world, the reticulated python is also the longest snake in the world. Adult reticulated pythons can reach 10 meters in length, while weighing more than 158 kg.

With a large body, a flower python requires large amounts of food. Nighttime is the perfect time for reticulated pythons to forage for food. To meet their needs, these snakes usually prey on monkeys, deer, and even leopards if they are lucky.

The population itself is spread across various countries in Southeast Asia, including Indonesia. Just like the Indian python, the reticulated python is also often a target for hunters because its skin can be used as traditional medicine.

5. African rock python

African rock python

From Asia, we cross to Africa. There, you will find another large snake species, namely the African rock python or African rock python. This snake can grow as long as 7 meters and weighs 113 kg. Unlike its Asian counterpart, this snake, which lives in the jungles and sub-deserts of Central Africa, does not eat too much food.

They are more active in summer and rain. Usually, they prey on poor goats or deer that roam around.

6. There will be a dream

Not far from India, you can find another large snake species, the name is Burmese python or python bodo. This species is the second largest snake species in the world. It can reach 7 meters in length and weigh up to 181 kg.

Well, in addition to its extraordinary size, the python bodo is also a great swimmer. They can swim quickly and can stay underwater for 30 minutes.

7. Green anaconda

Green anaconda

Although most large snakes are dominated by python species, they still can’t beat the size of the green anaconda. At 9 meters long and weighing 249 kg, the green anaconda is still the largest snake in the world.

Living in South America and the Amazon rainforest, this snake has an egg motif on its skin. In local legend, this snake is said to be able to change shape and even heal. Despite the legend, the green anaconda is still a dangerous snake that we must stay away from, as far as possible.

Of the seven largest snake species in the world listed above, some are hunted for their skin or as pets. Even so, snakes are not cute cats. No matter big or small, they are still dangerous. So, don’t just keep it, okay!

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