Kyeon Mi Ri Biography, Wiki, Age, Height, Daughter, Net Worth and more

Kyeon Mi Ri Biography, Wiki, Age, Height, Daughter, Net Worth, and more

Kyeon Mi Ri

Birth name: Kyeon Mi Ri
Nickname: Rate
Date of birth: September 19, 1964
Age: 57 years old
Place of birth: Seoul
Profession: Singer, Actress
Marital status: married, 2 children
Genre: Korean Trot
Record label: 조방헌
Spouse: Lee Hong-Heon (m. 1998), Im Yeong-Gyu (m. 1987–1993)
Children: Lee Da-in, Lee Yu-bi, Lee Ki-baek
Nationality: South Korea
Height: 159 cm( 5′ 3″)
Original hair color: Black
Eye color: Black
Zodiac Sign: Virgin
Net Worth: $1 Million – $5 Million in 2021

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Kyeon Mi Ri life

Kyeon Mi Ri was born on September 19, 1964 in South Korea. In 1987, she married the actor Im Young Gyu, and then they parted ways in 1993. Mi Ri remarried in 1998 to businessman Lee Hong Heon. Her new husband accepted Mi Ri‘s two daughters, who were born in her first marriage. They were then taken to change their surnames. Lee Yoo Bi and Lee Da In, who eventually became known in the acting field following their mother’s example.

In 2009, Mi Ri and her husband Hong Heon were accused of stock manipulation and insider trading. The actress bought 55,000 shares worth ₩900 million in bioengineering plant FCBTwelve, raking in more than ₩4.59 trillion, making her the 4th largest shareholder among stars in the entertainment industry at the time. Mi Ri rejected any such suggestion and claims that he is just a simple investor.  

Kyeon Mi Ri Career

Mi Ri graduated from Seoul Traditional Arts School in 1983. He then continued his studies at a dance school at Sejong University. She debuted as an actress in 1984 and has been actively working since then, in various television dramas. She mostly plays arrogant and ambitious characters, such as the courtesan Choi ( Csve ) in the Korean series Jewel of the Palace. It was with this drama that he entered the public consciousness the most, as it was screened not only in Korea, but also throughout Asia and in our country, and it also achieved great success.

In 2009, Mi Ri also tried her luck in the music industry. Then her first album appeared, which was called Happy Women .

Kyeon Mi Ri Movies

TV /1985/ 500 Years of Joseon – Pungran /
1986/ Naughty
/1988/ 500 Years of Joseon – Queen Inhyeon
/1988/ City of famine
/1989/ One thousand people
/1989/ Giant
/1991/ Ine mudong home
/1993/ Han cuckoo
/1993/ MBC Best Theater “순달 씨 와 보구 씨 와 옥주 양”
/1994/ Han Myung-kapa
/1995/ Ttangulrim
/1995/ Korea’s Goal
/1995/ Jang Hee-bin
/1995/ West Palace
/1995/ LA Arirang
/1996/ Cute girl
/1996/ Wonjidong Blues
/1997/ Mr. Right
/1998/ Six Children
/2000/ Legends of Love
/2000/ All About Eve
/2000/ Aspen Trees
/2000/ Ajumma
/2001/ Tender Hearts
/2001/ Well-known women
/2002/ Who is My Love
/2002/ To Be With You
/2002/ Daemang
/2003/ Jewel a Palace
/2003/ A Million Roses
/2004/ Dal-Rae House
/2005/ Love and Compassion
/2005/ Goodbye Sadness
/2005/ Sisters of the Sea
/2006/ As the river flows
/2006/ Kkam-Geon Mom
/2007/ Gold Bride
/2007/ Yi San
/2010/ Three Sisters
/2011/ Dear Sister
/2011/ Just Like Today
/2012/ Rooftop Prince
/2012/ Childless Comfort
/2013/ Gu-am Heo Jun
/2013/ Amazing Mama
/2013/ Shining Romance

/1988/ Fragrance Dangerous
/1989/ Wanna cry
/2009/ Running Turtle

/1994/ Thirty kinds of ways to kill her husband


/2009/ Happy Woman

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