Know The Most Expensive Cattle Species and Breeds in the World

Cows were domesticated around 10,000 years ago. The first species of domesticated cattle were called aurochs, wild animals that lived throughout Eurasia. The species eventually became extinct in the wild due to habitat loss and overhunting. Cattle were originally kept for various purposes.

Cattle breeding became very popular because of its source of meat and new breeds were born as a result. Depending on the location, the cow may have different characteristics due to breeding and climatic factors.

In addition to serving as a food source and work animal, cattle have historically been part of several religious and social traditions. Likewise, cows have often been a status symbol throughout history, indicating wealth and prosperity.

This time, let’s look at some of the most expensive species of cattle in the world. Each of these species has certain uniqueness and characteristics that make it more expensive than other species of cattle.

1. Wagyu


Wagyu beef is famous for being among the most expensive meats in the world, but did you know that delicacy actually comes from four different breeds of cattle?

Using English terms, Wagyu is derived from Shorthorn, Brown, Black, and Polled cattle. This variety is selectively bred for physical endurance, causing significant development of intramuscular fat. Simply put, Wagyu beef has a lot of fat that makes the meat tender.

The life of a Wagyu cow is pretty boring. The animals are deliberately kept in very small cages so that movement is limited. Less movement means farmers can control muscle (meat) development. Wagyu cattle remain in their cages until they are sold as food. They often sell for around $30,000, making them the most expensive cattle on the market.

2. Black Angus

Black Angus

Black Angus or its scientific name Bos taurus is a breed that originates from Scotland. This cow is probably best known for its meat, but did you know it’s used for everything from crayons to cosmetics?

After the cow is slaughtered, body parts such as bones, hooves, and hair are used for a variety of dairy products. Tendons, cartilage, and skin are used to make gelatin, a common ingredient in many foods. Cow parts can also be used to produce insulin for diabetics.

Overall, the most common use of Black Angus cattle is for the production of food resources. People are willing to pay more for Black Angus beef because of its flavor. These animals can sell for up to $12,000 each, making them the third most expensive cattle in the world.

3. Devon

Devon Cattle

Coming in at number five is the Devon cow. Although their true origin is unknown, experts generally say these cows originated in the United Kingdom. The cattle made their way to North America when colonists landed in Plymouth in the 1600s.

These hardy animals are able to survive there because of their weatherproof characteristics and high reproduction rates. Devon cattle are commonly defended as a source of meat today.

These animals are easily recognized by their thick short red fur, but they can also develop longer curly hair while living in cold climates. In total, Devon cattle can sell for nearly $6,000 each, making them the fifth most expensive cattle in the world.

4. Brahman


Coming in at number two is the Brahman cow. Under the Bos indicus cattle family, these cows are easily recognized by their large humps, wrinkled skin and large ears. The breed originated in India but crossbreeding in the United States resulted in a new subbreed called the American Brahman.

These cows are often slaughtered and used in the meat industry. Other common uses include selective breeding and dairy production. As a special breed, Brahman cattle demand a high price tag. A Brahman can sell for up to $20,000!

Brahman cattle are usually registered with organizations such as American Brahmans, which track the pedigree information of each cow. Registered cattle with “quality” pedigrees tend to sell for higher prices.

5. Longhorn


Unlike most cattle, Longhorns are not generally used as livestock for meat. On the other hand, these cows are often used for the show. Usually, the bull is judged on physical traits and the winner gets high-profile exposure in the Longhorn world.

Longhorns have deep ties to Texas, but they are not actually a species native to Texas. These cattle were introduced to North America when Spanish explorers visited the region with their cattle. Some of the cattle were left in America and began to breed.

Longhorns weigh about 1,200 pounds when they are fully grown. The price of a modern Longhorn depends on many factors, but typically the price reaches $10,000 for one of these cows.

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