Jeeja Yanin Biography, Wiki, Chocolate 2, Height, Movies, and more

Jeeja Yanin Biography, Wiki, Chocolate 2, Height, Movies, and more

Jeeja Yanin

Birth name: Nittahri Vismitananda
Nickname: Shit, Jeeja
Date of birth: March 31, 1984
Place of birth: Bangkok, Thailand
Profession: actress, martial artist
Marital status: married, 2 child
Spouse or partner: Adrian Robert Bowden (m. 2012)
Parents: Prasita Vismitananda, Pawadol Borirak
Siblings: Nantapong Vismitananda
Height: 162 cm
Original hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Star ticket: Aries

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Jeeja Yanin LIFE:

Janin Vishmitananda as Thai; ້ຂຂຂນນ ສ່ນນນນນນນນນນນ, born on March 31, 1984 in Bangkok. His mother is Prasita Vismitananda and his father is Pawadol Borirak, who was a businessman. Jeeja was 17 years old when his father lost his life. It was around here that Jeeja received his Dan black belt. He has an older brother, Nantapong “Jeed” Vismitananda.

Jeeja Yanin CAREER:

Jeeja was a sickly child, so his mother enrolled him in taekwondo classes to strengthen his body. Prachya Pinkaew, the director of Ong-bak – The Thai Boxing Fighter, discovered her at an audition, but at that time she was not given an opportunity. Instead, they started preparing him for a project of his own, for which he took Thai boxing lessons and learned gymnastics under Phanna Ritthikraj for four years. The film was released in 2008 under the title Spirit of War. Vismitananda also stopped his university studies in order to train full-time, but later applied to university again, majoring in communication and art.

Fighting Spirit: (2008)

After dropping out of studies, Jeeja just focused on training, which paid off. In 2008, he got the lead role in the film The Spirit of War (originally titled คักลับ, English title Chocolate). It is directed by Prachya Pinkaew, who scored the film Ong-bak – The Thai Boxing Fighter. The film received largely positive reviews, with a score of 73% on Rotten Tomatoes based on the aggregated opinions of 33 critics.

He was a supporting actor in films called:  Jak Ka Ran, The Kick.

He was the main character;  In the movies Raging Phoenix, Tom Yum Goong 2, and Spirit of War.

Jeeja Yanin Movies

2008 – The Spirit of Fighting (Chocolate)

2009 – Raging Phoenix

2011 – Jak kar ran

2011 – The Kick

2011 – Chocolate 2

2013 – Tom Yum Goong 2 (The Protector 2)

Jeeja Yanin Acting

2019: Triple Threat as Mook
2018: Europe Raiders
2018: Monkey Twins (13 episodes) as ทามาโกะ
2018: The Crown Princess (33 episodes) as Petra
2017: Oversize Cops as Muay Thai Trainer
2016: Hard Target 2
2016: Never Back Down: No Surrender as JeeJa – Gym Fighter Girl
2015: Halfworlds (8 episodes) as Thip
2013: The Protector 2 as Ping Ping
2011: The Kick as Wawa
2011: This Girl Is Bad Ass as Jukkalan
2009: Raging Phoenix as Deu
2008: Chocolate as Zen

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