Importance Of Protein For Children

Often we see that bad habits go away with great difficulty, but good habits start growing quickly. To fulfill the nutritional needs of children, there is a need to pay attention to the diet plan of your child from an early age. Protein is very important for children, and it is very important for the development of children.

What is protein?

In school we had learned that protein is the building block of the body, always remember this and tell it to your children too. If our body is biryani then rice is protein. These are essential, abundant, and fundamental structures that makeup everything in the body, from muscles and ligaments to nerves.

Why do children need protein?

Protein is very essential for people of all ages, whether newborn, child, young or old. It is most important for children. Protein helps children to grow. Protein helps your kids maintain their superhuman energy levels, which helps them play all day long. Body repair. Protein is needed for wound healing, blood formation, boosting immunity, as a source of energy for everyday activities, building cells and muscles, and supporting healthy physical and cognitive development.

How do I increase protein intake in children?

Children can be very moody when it comes to food. You can’t argue with their preferences. The best way is to include proteins like milk, eggs, lean meat, fish, cheese, peanut butter, soya or curd in their diet. Consume more pulses and beans in your diet. You can try many types of recipes, like adding pre-boiled pulses to vegetables like Ghiya Loki, ridge gourd, etc., or adding a few soybean nuggets to the curry to increase the protein intake for children. The white protein of a boiled egg is a great protein source and children also like it. Including these in your daily diet is the first step towards a balanced diet and a healthy child.

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