If You Recover Deleted Pinterest Board Follow instruction Step-by-Step

Recover Deleted Pinterest Board:

Pinterest attracts the attention of a large number of users by giving it the ability to save any image as a pin. You can save and manage various contacts and media content on the boards.

Have you ever deleted Pinterest boards and wanted to restore them? Well, there are some easy ways to recover deleted Pinterest boards.

Let’s take a look at the steps on how to recover lost or deleted contacts on Pinterest.

How to Recover Deleted Pinterest Board

1. Use Different Pinterest Accounts

Use Different Pinterest Accounts

If you can’t remember to delete your Pinterest boards, chances are you’re signed in to a different Pinterest account. If this is why your Pinterest board is missing or looks different, don’t worry! You can use your email to sign in to different Pinterest accounts until you find the right one.

2. Use Backup

Use Backup Pinterest

Many Pinterest users share fallback links via email and social media. These links can be your backup for restoring missing boards. To recover deleted contacts, check your email or social media for links to boards.

When you open these links, you will get a message that says “The board you are trying to access has been removed”. Just below this message you will find the Restore button. From here, you can restore the Pinterest board.

3. Get Your Group Board Back

If you’ve joined a group board and can no longer find the board on your board, either the group admin deleted it or you deleted it yourself. You can ask your administrator to add you back so that you can find the Groups toolbar.

Here’s how you can:

1. Find the board you want to join.
2. Click on the “Request to Join” button.
3. Once your application is approved, you will receive an automatic notification.
4. Now you can access the Group Board.

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