How to warm up in the gym

The objective of warming up in the gym is none other than to get your body to reach the optimal situation to perform at its best during training. In addition to being more effective in sports, this also helps us reduce the risk of injury while putting the body under stress.

From the physical point of view, what heating is looking for, as its name suggests, is to increase the body’s temperature. To help you with this goal, we explain how to warm up in the gym. According To BrittanyLupton Why & How to Warm Up and Cool Down | 5-10 Minute Warm Up Routine | Gym for Beginners

Steps to follow:

1. The elliptical has multiple benefits and one of them is that it allows you to warm up your whole body at the same time. Of course, you must use it at a moderate pace so that what you do on it is a low-intensity activity, which is adequate for warming up.

2. On the exercise bike you will also find an answer to the question of how to warm up in the gym. However, with this machine, basically, you will be doing localized work on the legs, which is useful if you want to warm up, mainly, the lower extremities.

3. If, on the other hand, what you want is to warm up the upper body, trunk, and arms, you should use rowing. You will have to start at a low pace, a level that you will maintain until you break a sweat.

4. If you’ve exercised the day before and your body feels stiff, gentle stretching should also be part of your warm-up work. In any case, stretching is something you should always do once you are done with your training routine.

5. On average, you should spend about 15 minutes warming up in the gym. However, this figure will increase if your physical condition is not good. In any case, you should never warm up for more than half an hour, since the effect would be that of excessive energy consumption before having started the training for which we are preparing.

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