How To Upload Google Photos and Videos Without Internet

How To Upload Google Photos and Videos Without Internet

Google recently added a new feature to the Google Photos application. With this new feature, Google Photos can now be used to upload photos or videos without an internet connection, aka offline.

As is known, cloud services such as Google Photos, are practically used to store various media files such as photos and videos.

Thus, the phone’s storage capacity becomes more spacious, because photos and videos have been stored on the Google Photos cloud service.

One of the conditions that must be met by users who want to upload files to the Google Photos cloud service is an internet connection. But thanks to the presence of this feature, users can upload photos even without being connected to an internet service.

To use this feature, users only need to select the photos and videos they want to upload to the Google Photos cloud service. Next, put the photos and videos into a new album.

If so, enter the album name and press the Ok button. Later, a row of photos and videos stored in the album will be uploaded automatically as soon as the user’s cellphone is connected to the internet.

Google claims that the file upload process will not experience interference.

This new feature itself is still not rolled out evenly. So it is suspected that the new Google will roll out this feature periodically.

Currently, Google Photos still provides unlimited storage space for free to its customers.

However, this benefit will no longer be valid from June 1, 2021. Because Google will limit the storage space on Google Photos to 15 GB only.

If you want to increase the storage capacity, the user will be charged an additional fee. All photos and documents uploaded before June 1, 2021 have not been affected by this policy change.

So, it will not reduce the storage capacity of the next 15 GB. This restriction is unlikely to apply to Google Pixel users.

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