How to Train a Dog for the Teeth Cleaning Process

Almost all dogs experience dental problems and bad breath. Maintaining dog oral hygiene is not only to get rid of bad breath but also to prevent health problems that can be experienced by dogs and humans.

According to VCA Animal Hospital, more than 80 percent of dogs over the age of three have active dental disease. Therefore, maintaining dog dental health is very important to do.

Cleaning a dog’s teeth can be difficult if he is not trained. Summarized by Reader’s Digest, here’s how you can train your dog to clean his teeth.

1. Prepare all equipment

The first thing to do is prepare all the necessary equipment. Some examples of equipment needed include a dog toothbrush and toothpaste, chew toys, gauze, washcloths, and mouthwash.

Every dog ​​has different behavior and needs. You can use toys or treats that he likes to practice cleaning his teeth. So, make sure you know the equipment your dog needs so that the teeth cleaning process can run smoothly.

2. Touch the dog’s mouth

This will train your dog to get used to it or not to be surprised when its teeth are cleaned. Start by petting the dog’s head and paying special attention to the outside of the dog’s mouth and lips.

If he feels comfortable, you can put your finger inside the dog’s cheek and stroke the side of his teeth. Do this for five minutes and give a treat every time you manage to touch your dog’s gums or teeth.

This step will make him trained for the process of cleaning teeth. Do this step once or twice a day for three to five days.

According To Global Dog Village (Donna Hill) Teeth Brushing: Teaching a Dog to Be Comfortable & Calm

3. Use chewing toys

Apply toothpaste to a non-woven chew toy. Many dogs like the taste of toothpaste. This will associate the cleaning process with a good taste.

Give your dog about five minutes to play with the toy. You can add toothpaste to the toy while holding the dog’s muzzle. Repeat this step once or twice a day for several days in a row.

4. Prepare the applicator

Once your dog has started training and seems excited to see chew toys and other toiletries, you can start the teeth cleaning process. Prepare the applicator you want to use, such as a finger toothbrush, gauze, or a washcloth.

Apply dog ​​toothpaste to the applicator you are using. You don’t need to use a lot of toothpaste. Just use the toothpaste to cover your fingertips.

5. Start with one side

Use one hand to grip the dog’s muzzle and use the toothpaste-coated applicator to clean the outside of the teeth on one side. Start with the upper jaw first.

If he doesn’t struggle and is okay, clean the lower teeth on the same side. You don’t need to scrub, just wipe the toothpaste from side to side.

You can end your cleansing session that day and move on to the other side of your mouth the next day. Give him a treat because he has followed the process well.

6. Clean all teeth at once

After two or three days of teeth cleaning on only one side, your dog will understand the process. At this point, you can clean your dog’s teeth all at once. Once trained, this process generally won’t take more than five minutes, including prep time.

Clean the dog’s teeth every day if your dog has been trained. You can add mouthwash when cleaning your dog’s teeth. This will keep the mouth fresh and improve dental hygiene.

These are the steps you can use to train your dog in the process of cleaning teeth. Training a dog takes a long time for some people. You can do this step slowly until your dog becomes trained.

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