How to Sell on Facebook for Fast Sales

Although it has been around for a long time, Facebook is still one of the social media with the most users in it. This condition is used by many business actors as a place to sell and promote their business. Some of you may already know how to sell on Facebook. However, do you know how to maximize it so that your merchandise sells faster?

Basically, how to sell on Facebook is quite easy to do. You just need to upload a photo of your product and write a description regarding the product.

However, there are several ways you can do to make product marketing more effective and efficient. The following is a further explanation regarding this, namely how to sell on Facebook.


1 Way to Sell on Facebook
1.1 1. Use the Marketplace Features
1.2 2. Take advantage of Buy and Sell Groups
1.3 3. Use Original and Interesting Photos
1.4 4. Display Complete Product Information
1.5 5. Learn Copywriting
1.6 6. Give Good Response
1.7 7. Create a Fanspage
1.8 8. Use Facebook Ads Service
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How to Sell on Facebook

1. Use the Marketplace Features

The Marketplace feature provided by Facebook is intended for Facebook users to sell and buy goods. Where this feature is similar to marketplaces such as Bukalapak and Tokopedia.

This feature is displayed simply and is located on the left side of the page when you log into Facebook via Desktop. This feature will also display your complete product information, from product photos, prices, locations, detailed product descriptions, to your name as a seller.

As for making transactions, the system applied is Cash On Delivery (COD) which requires you to meet with buyers. The goal is clear to avoid fraud, whether committed by the seller or the buyer.

Even so, the seller and the buyer can first discuss the price agreement. If you as a seller are quick to respond to buyer messages, Facebook will give you a “Highly Responsive” badge on your Marketplace profile.

2. Take advantage of Buy and Sell Groups

The group feature on Facebook has been around for a long time. But now, there are also groups that specialize as a place for sellers to promote their goods.

You should take advantage of the existence of these groups as part of a more effective and efficient way of selling on Facebook.

You can join buying and selling groups based on locations that you can reach. You also only need to upload a product to increase the chances of the product selling quickly. Later, potential buyers will contact via message on Facebook or the contact you listed.

3. Use Original and Interesting Photos

The next most important step in how to sell on Facebook so that your merchandise sells quickly is by displaying original and interesting product photos. One of the reasons buyers are attracted to a product is because the image looks original so you can trust its authenticity.

An attractive photo can also be interpreted as a photo that is clear and not blurry. Don’t let the buyer be disappointed because the photo of the product and the condition of the original item do not match or are not the same.

4. Show Complete Product Information

Product-related information must also be conveyed clearly and completely. This will make it easier for potential buyers to understand product details and avoid misunderstandings that may occur in the future.

Not only that, when customers compare a product between two stores, customers tend to buy products with complete information.

5. Learn Copywriting

Copywriting is a method of making material, usually in the form of writing, which aims to invite potential consumers to buy the advertised product. In this case, copywriting needs to be learned the writing technique, even though at first glance it looks easy to do.

Copywriting must be made as attractive as possible so that the audience is curious and wants to know more about your product. Good copywriting will also form a good branding for your business as a whole.

6. Give Good Response

When people are interested in your product, they will contact you to find out more. When that happens, give a kind and polite response. This will make the customer feel valued.

Don’t be too picky in responding to messages from potential buyers. Serve everything well, even though in the end they just ask and don’t buy.

7. Create a Fanpage

Fanspage is a special page provided by Facebook, which contains information that the account owner wants to convey. In this case, fan page accounts can be used by government agencies, communities, organizations, brands, and online stores. Therefore, you can use this service to maximize the introduction of your product.

Slightly different from personal accounts, there is a follow button that can be clicked if the user wants to follow the fan page account. Each upload on the fans page can also be liked, commented on, and shared by users.

8. Use the Facebook Ads Service

The next good way to sell on Facebook is using the Facebook Ads service. Where this service tends to provide fast results compared to the other points above which are classified as organic.

Facebook Ads itself is a paid service aimed at disseminating campaigns with a targeted audience. The cost to use this service varies, ranging from 10 thousand rupees to millions of rupiah depending on the advertising settings.

To be able to run it, you must first have a business account.

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