How To Quick Tracking Location of Twitter Account

The Twitter microblogging service includes a geolocation feature that automatically adds region or city information as well as the user’s location to each tweet. As a privacy measure, the geolocation feature is disabled by default and every user must subscribe to the service in order to add location information to Tweets. You can find location information in public Tweets from Twitter users who have subscribed to a location service.

1. Log in to your Twitter account.

2. Search public tweets from any Twitter user. Click “Following” on the left side of the page and click any user’s name on your Watchlist to display a list of the user’s latest Tweets. Click “Members” and click any username to see a list of your subscriber’s latest posts. Alternatively, enter any Twitter username in the search field and click the username in the search results to view the user’s latest public tweets.

3. Click the Tweets link below the user’s profile picture on the right side of the page to display a full list of all of the user’s Tweets.

4. Scroll to any Tweet in the list. If the user is subscribed to the location feature, you’ll find location information in red below the message body and above the date and time bar at the bottom of the message.

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