How to Mobile Legends Game: Bang Bang with Friends

Playing together is a term that is often used to invite friends to play online games together.

This term is often used by online game players, one of which is Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. to persuade friends to form a party and play in various modes in the game.

Playing Mobile Legend with friends can provide benefits because players can set strategies easily.

Because they already know the abilities of their friends, players can also determine the role of the character that will be played by each player. As a result, players have a higher chance of winning compared to playing solo.

In one game mode in the Mobile Legend game, players can invite up to four friends at once. So, how do you work out in Mobile Legends?

How to stay in Mobile Legends

  • Open the Mobile Legends game and select the friend you want to play with. Players can find a list of friends on the right side of the screen.
  • Players can only invite friends who are online. This is indicated by the appearance of a green icon in the friend’s name column.
  • If you don’t have friends in the game, players can press the plus icon to invite new friends
  • The method of inviting new friends can be done by entering a nickname or account ID number. Then press the “Follow” button to add to the friend’s list.
  • Players can also search for other users in the surrounding area by activating the GPS feature.

If you already have friends that you can invite to members, players can immediately create a party by selecting the mode they want to play.

Then click the add icon on the list of friends who are online. Finally, click the “Start Game” button to start playing Mobile Legend with friends.

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