How To Immediately Update Your Chrome Browser

How To Immediately Update Your Chrome Browser

Google urges users of the Chrome browser/browser on desktop platforms such as MacOS, Windows, and Linux, whose number is estimated at 2 billion, to update their website.

This update is needed to close the security gap ( bug ) in the browser. Google itself found 25 bugs, seven of which are serious threats and fall into the category of high-security level.

However, Google said on its official blog that an update for the Chrome browser, namely version 96.0.4664.45 will be available in the next few days/weeks.

This update was released by Google after receiving input from several security experts who found the 25 bugs within two weeks.

The latest version of Chrome (96) reported that the browser experienced strangeness when accessing large sites, such as Instagram, Twitter, and Discord.

The notification “Something went wrong. Try reloading.” appears, and when the page is reloaded, website elements such as photos, videos are lost, even the website colors are different from the original.

Google Product Manager, Craig Tumblison said that his party will continue to monitor reports from users about this problem.

“We are continuously monitoring user reports regarding this issue, including reports from our team,” said Tumblison.

Google also claims to have made some efforts to address this, including disabling the new embed feature in Chrome 96, though it hasn’t been evenly distributed across all users.

It is not yet known whether Google can patch this vulnerability remotely, without releasing a new version and asking users to update to a new version.

To be sure, Chrome users on Windows, macOS, and Linux at any time can be victims of exploits, because patches for the 25 bugs above will only be released in the near future.

A list of 25 bugs in Google Chrome, including seven that are high-level hazards, can be seen at the following link.

Attacks against these security vulnerabilities have a similar pattern, which is followed by the Use-After-Free (UAF) exploitation method, which in September and October were successfully carried out 20 times (10 times each month).

These attacks are also the source of reports of zero-day hacks, or newly discovered security holes for which there is no “cure”.

What do users need to do?

Google said it will release an update of Chrome to version 96.0.4664.45, but it will only be released in the next few days/weeks.

To check the version of the Chrome browser you are using, users can click the menu icon in the upper right corner, next to the profile icon.

Then select the ” Help ” option and click ” About Chrome “.

If there is an update available, it will also be shown on the same page.

After updating, make sure you restart the Chrome browser directly as a safeguard.

In Chrome 96, Google also added a useful Back Forward Cache option to speed up page load times, by saving the version of the page you last visited.

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