How To Create A Sales Page In WordPress For Better Conversions

Are you willing to create a sales page in WordPress? But don’t know how to do that? This article will guide you through. Here you will learn how to create a sales page in WordPress to increase your sales and revenue considerably. So without much ado, let us see how we can create a Sales page in WP from scratch.

Creating A Sales Page In WordPress – The Easiest Way

For this, you will need a SeedProd Plugin. This is a beautiful landing page plugin. Now follow the steps mentioned below to get a sales page ready.

Step 1: Installing and Activating WordPress SeedProd Plugin

Install the SeedProd plugin and activate it. After activation, you will see the SeedPred welcome page in your WordPress admin area. Begin with adding your license key for verification. The license key can be obtained from your SeedProd account.
After completing the verification, go to SeedProd > Pages in your WordPress admin dashboard.

After that, click the button named ‘Create New Landing Page’.

Step 2: Selecting Your Sales Landing Page Template

On the next page, there are multiple built-in landing page templates. These Responsive WordPress Themes and templates are fully ready to use and are accessible with just a single click. Just go ahead and click on the Sales tab. It will load all the templates for the sales pages.

Now you can select the best template that satisfies your business requirements. Hover over the template and click the (✔) button. Here we are using the Fitness Sales Page.

A pop will open up where you have to give a name to your sales page and the page URL as well. You can specify them for the time being and customize them later.

Now click on the Save and Start Editing the Page button to continue.

Step 3: Customizing the Sales Landing Page Template

You can edit the template using the Drag and Drop landing page builder of SeedProd. You can easily edit or customize any element as it is a fully functional sales page template for fitness & gyms.

The page builder of the SeedProd plugin also has multiple built-in templates for buttons for changing the color and design the way you need.

You will also be able to customize and change the images and the image size from the editor.

With over a dozen ready-made blocks, you can use them to add more content to your sales page. All these blocks are bifurcated into two categories: Advanced and Standard.

The Standard blocks have text, headlines, lists, buttons, images, and more.

In the Advanced blocks, you will get helpful custom blocks for your sales page, giveaway block, option form block, contact form block, etc.

Suppose you want to add a contact form to your sales page. Then you can choose Advanced blocks. After you are done with the editing part of your sales page, click on the Save button.

Step 4: Connecting Email Marketing Service To Your Sales Page

SeedProd helps you to integrate multiple popular email marketing services in just a few clicks. So whenever anyone signs up from your page, you will be able to add them automatically o your email marketing list. Now click the Connect option to see all the available services.

Support here. If you want to select an email service named Constant Contact, hover over the preferred service and click on the Connection button. Click the ‘Connect New Account button.

It will ask you to provide the connection name and API key. Now click on the Connect to Constant Contact button to sign in and get these details.

After you have added the needed details, click on the Connect button.

Step 5: Managing The Sales Landing Page Settings

Bow, the sales page is ready. Just go ahead and, from the top bar, click on the Page Settings.

It includes the general settings, SEO options, Sales page analytics, and custom scripts. You will now be able to change the page status from Draft to Publish and once you are done, click on the Save button from the top right corner. Now, your sales page is ready. Click the arrow next to the Page URL on the settings page to see the live preview of the sales page you have designed.


In this article, we have seen that creating a sales page in WP is very easy using ta plugin. Using the SeedProd plugin, you can create your sales page in a few easy steps. I hope this article was helpful to you and has answered your question about how to create a sales page in WordPress.

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