How To Breastfeed Your Baby During Teething?

Mother’s milk is like nectar for the baby, hence breastfeeding is a mother’s blessing for the baby. But during teething, babies often start biting the breast, so to avoid pain, the mother is forced to think whether it is time to stop breastfeeding.

In fact, to avoid the discomfort that occurs in the gums of children during teething, they start chewing the nipple of their mother’s breast, because this gives them a feeling of comfort. This is why many new moms think that breastfeeding and teething cannot go together because it causes pain.

Does the problem of the baby’s teething affect breastfeeding?

It is a known fact that children become irritable due to teething problems. To avoid the problem of swelling and pain in gums, babies want to breastfeed more, because it provides relief to their gums.

If you decide not to breastfeed your baby to avoid the pain of teething during teething, it is possible that he may suffer from it. Therefore, if the child wants to drink milk, do not stop him from breastfeeding.

Additionally, sucking the mother’s breast can provide comfort to the baby. This is why many mothers give their babies teething toys so that they can suck them.

Instead of thinking about stopping breastfeeding, you should While breastfeeding, such a position should be created so that more breasts can be taken in the baby’s mouth., When babies are latched on properly, they use their tongue to suck.

Since their tongue sticks out, it covers their lower teeth and gums. Therefore, babies do not bite while drinking milk.

When should one stop breastfeeding the child when the child’s teeth emerge?

You already know that mother’s milk provides ideal nutrition to the child during infancy and childhood. Eating solid food can be started when the baby starts teething. Therefore, there is no need to stop breastfeeding after the baby’s teeth appear. Even if the child starts eating solid foods, there is no problem in breastfeeding.

Tips to avoid biting the breast while breastfeeding when the baby is teething

1. If you think that The baby may bite the breast after drinking milk, so keep an eye on the rhythm of his milk drinking and as soon as the rhythm stops, remove the breast from his mouth with the help of a finger.।

2. If the child starts biting the breast even before he starts drinking milk, then explain to him that if he does so, he will not be allowed to breastfeed and do not allow him to breastfeed. By doing this, they will understand that if the breast is cut, they will not be able to breastfeed, so they will stop cutting it themselves.

3. When the baby feels irritable during breastfeeding, try to hold him properly so that he does not dig his teeth into your breast.

4. You can buy and keep teething toys., Some toys are filled with liquid so that they can be refrigerated. The cold touch it provides to the child’s gums provides relief.

5. If you want to go for the safer option, you can purchase teething rings and refrigerate them before giving them to your baby.

Expert Tips: To avoid biting the breast or nipple during breastfeeding, wash teething toys thoroughly before giving them to the baby. After that, wash the child’s hands and your hands with natural foaming hand wash so that any kind of infection can be prevented.

Apart from this, sunscreen should be used to protect the child’s skin from the effects of strong rays of the sun. Because it is very important to take care of the skin along with the health of the child.

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