How To Baby Head Control

The greatest happiness for every parent is to have a child. This happiness comes with mixed emotions where you are trying to understand the enormity of the situation, at times it will make you happy or at times it will scare you as you are trying to understand how to raise a small and delicate baby. When holding delicate babies, make sure their head and neck are held securely until they learn to control themselves.

when will the baby control his head?

A baby reaches many growth milestones in his or her first year. The neck muscles of babies are weak and it takes a few months for them to become strong. When the muscles become strong then the child can support his head and neck comfortably. They can then sit, crawl, roll over and stand.

Most babies have some control over their head by the end of the first month. Initially, they lift their head after lying on their stomach for some time. Monitor your baby’s head control and provide support until he can hold his head on his own.

Baby head control during the first six months

1. Tilting baby’s head: Newborns learn to hold their head slowly, and go through different stages before they learn full control. Here’s how to control your baby during the first six months. .

2. 1 to 2 months: After the first month, the neck muscles start developing. When your baby lies on his stomach and starts moving his head to look around. By the time your baby is 6 to 08 weeks old, he lies on his back and tries to lift his head off the bed. Your baby may only lift his head for short periods of time while you are carrying him, so it is important to support the head and neck to prevent injuries.

3. 3 to 4 months: During these months, the neck muscles become stronger and your baby has better head control.

4. 5 to 6 months: During these months the neck muscles are fully developed and your baby sits without assistance and controls his head easily and he tries to look around. Some babies are older than others. I soon get good head control and this is normal. Don’t worry when you compare your child’s development with that of other children.

How can you help?

It takes some time to develop neck muscles, here are some ways you can get better head control.

1. Tummy Time: Once or twice a day you should make your baby lie on his stomach, which will help the baby gain control over his head faster. The child will be encouraged to raise his head to look around.

2. Simple Exercise: When your baby turns 04 months old, you can make him sit with some support on his back to keep his head in line with his body, this helps him gain control over his head and neck quickly.

Warning: It takes time for the baby’s neck muscles to develop, so whenever you pick up the baby from the bed or take him anywhere, provide proper support to his head and neck for the first six months. Avoid unsupported strollers, swings and bouncers. While head control problems are rare, it is wise to monitor your child’s progress and consult a pediatrician if needed.

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