Let’s See How The World Looks To A Newborn Baby From His/Her Perspective

For every mother, her child is a genius and they are proud of their child and to be honest, we will not deny this because without any doubt, children learn everything very quickly. When your child is born, his intelligence is on the verge of formation and it keeps progressing. Newborn babies can only see objects 8 to 15 inches away – their vision can only see the shape of the person holding them.

With each passing week, babies start distinguishing colors and can see distant objects clearly. In the first weeks after birth, the world appears to be black and white. Below we have included a video for you so that you can see how the world looks to your baby after he/she is born. Watch how your baby’s vision continues to improve as the weeks go by. According to BuzzFeedVideo

Way to increase baby’s brain power

Those parents who talk less to their children during their childhood are often weak in studies, however, those children who are talked to more or told stories in their childhood are good in studies. By talking to children in their childhood, they understand the differences in other languages ​​and rhythms and as they grow up, they become successful in understanding and learning everything quickly.

If something is repeated to children more often, they remember it for a longer time. If a sentence is told to them like “The horse pulled the cart” then they create a picture of the horse in their mind, this trick further boosts their thinking power in school when they grow up. While teaching anything to your child, keep in mind that you are preparing a citizen who can think about his future, understand it and explain it to others.

Teach your child the difference between things, like the difference between a dog and a cat, the difference between a mouse and an elephant so that the next time you show such a picture to your child, he knows the difference between a mouse and a cat. Making children sit in front of the TV or giving them a gaming pad will not help their mental development but will make it more difficult for them to learn things.

When parents prepare their children for school or feed them or bathe them, they should talk to their children, such things from which they can learn something or such stories which can teach them something. And parents should not limit their conversation with their children to just childish things, but should also use some words that can teach them wordplay.

So what are you waiting for, start talking to your child and by sharing this post let other mothers also know the importance of talking to their child.

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