How Can I Boost My Children’s Immunity?

The power to fight diseases by protecting the body from infections comes only from immunity. For this reason, it is important to improve immunity. Let us know further why the immunity of children decreases and what foods increase immunity. How can I strengthen children’s immunity during the winter season?

Why does the immunity of children decrease?

There can be many reasons for the weak immunity of children. We are mentioning some common reasons further in the article –

  • One reason for weak immunity in children can be premature birth.।
  • The child should not receive the mother’s milk, because the mother’s milk contains antibodies that boost immunity.
  • Not consuming enough nutritious food also causes weak immunity in children.
  • A child suffering from malnutrition has weak immunity.
  • Excessive consumption of junk foods weakens the immune system.
  • Immunity also weakens due to the child not being vaccinated on time.
  • If the immunity of both the parents of the child is weak, then the immunity of the child may also be weak.

Ways to increase the immunity of children

This question always comes in the mind of parents that how to increase the immunity power of their children (How to increase the immunity power of children). Ways to increase immunity include keeping the house clean, giving it the right nutrients, and washing vegetables properly while cooking and storing them properly. Apart from this, motivate the child to do physical activities. Special attention has to be paid to which food items are best to consume to increase the immunity of the child. We are giving detailed information about this further.

Feed these foods to increase immunity in children

Note that to increase immunity in children, the food items fed to children will have to be washed thoroughly first. Only after that cooking, it can increase the immunity. Let us know further about the foods that increase immunity.

Citrus Fruits

Among the foods that increase immunity, the first name comes to those fruits that contain Vitamin C in abundance. Citrus fruits are included among them. These contain a sufficient amount of Vitamin C which is essential for the body. You can give citrus fruits like oranges, sweet lime, lemon juice, grapefruit, etc. to children.


Pomegranate is a treasure trove of qualities. Yes, pomegranate seeds are rich in antiviral, antioxidant, and antibacterial effects. These effects improve the body’s immunity by fighting viruses and bacteria. Apart from this, pomegranate seeds and pomegranate juice help in controlling blood pressure. as well as Can increase immunity by reducing free radicals and oxidative stress।


Papaya is also one of the fruits that increases immunity. The flavonoids and immunostimulant effects present in it improve immunity. Not only this, papaya also contains essential nutrients like Vitamin C and Vitamin B. These nutrients are called immunity boosters.


Blueberry is also called Neelbadri. The phytochemicals present in it make the body’s immune cells function better. As a result, immunity increases. Not only this, it also has bioactive compounds and antioxidant effects. All these together also help in protecting the child from diseases. For this reason, blueberry is eaten as an immunity-enhancing fruit.


You can give watermelon juice or watermelon to your child to boost immunity. Watermelon contains two nutrients that boost the immune system. These are Vitamin C and Vitamin A.


You can feed beetroot to the child. It contains betalin compound. This compound provides the body with the ability to fight disease. Not only this, beetroot also has immunomodulatory properties that change the immune system according to the needs of the body.


No one is unaware of the benefits of Amla. One benefit of Amla is to improve the immune system. Actually, Amla has anti-apoptotic and antioxidant effects. It prevents cell damage caused by free radicals in the body.

Now you must have understood how to increase the immunity of children (How to increase children’s immunity power). By consuming these food items, children are easily protected from minor diseases. Note that do not allow any of these food items to be consumed by children younger than one year. You can give their juice in small quantities to the child after six months, but the whole fruit or a piece of fruit can get stuck in the child’s throat. So be careful.

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