Know How Actor R. Madhavan Became An Example For Other Parents

Remember Farhan Qureshi from the movie ‘3 Idiots’? Yes, we are talking about the famous hero of Indian cinema R. About Madhavan. He started his career with the movie ‘Rehnaa Hai Tere Dil Mein’ and kept moving ahead by leaving a mark of his acting in powerful roles one after the other.

R. Madhavan has made his own identity with his acting but his son Vedant has added more stars to that identity by winning 7 medals in the 47th Junior National Aquatic Championship held in Bengaluru. Vedanta has won four silver medals and three bronze medals in this championship. R Madhavan’s son won 7 medals in the National Aquatic Championship and made his father proud.

R. Madhavan

Maddy of ‘Rehnaa Hai Tere Dil Mein’ has given a new dimension to his life by taking him out of being an engineer, in the same way, he has set a new example as a father by making his son’s dream his own. In the movie ‘3 Idiots’, an attempt was made to tell that a child should be allowed to become whatever he wants to become. Parents should not force their will on him. It seems that R. Madhavan has also followed the same thing in the context of his son Vedant.

R., who played the role of Flight Lieutenant Ajay Rathore in ‘Rang De Basanti’. Madhavan has given many blockbuster films in his career. She has stolen the hearts of the audience and made them cry with her powerful acting in Hindi and Tamil films.

Apart from being a famous actor, he has also played the role of Sarita Birje’s husband and Vedant’s father well in his life. He has left no stone unturned in the upbringing of his son. Even his special comments regarding parenting of children are often read in his interviews. In an interview, to make children a good human being, he had said that they should teach their children to take small steps towards helping the poor people around them. Donate toys to needy children, and teach the elderly to try to help as per their needs. Even if there are trees and plants in the house, children should be taught to take care of them. Children should be inspired towards all these works.

From all these things you must have understood that the son of a father who has this kind of thinking will definitely become a good person. Vedanta has also proved the same thing through its kirtis. Vedanta has recently won 7 National Awards in Swimming. Vedanta has won 7 medals in the 47th Junior National Aquatic Championship held recently in Bengaluru. Vedanta has won four silver medals and three bronze medals in this championship. According to the report, Vedant has won silver medals in 800-meter freestyle swimming, 1500-meter freestyle swimming, 4×100 meter freestyle swimming, and 4×200 meter freestyle swimming relay event. Whereas he has won bronze medals in 100-meter, 200-meter, and 400-meter freestyle swimming.

r madhavan sons

R. Madhavan has not let his son’s success stop him. Recently, he has taken such steps to improve the future of his son that every father would be proud of him. Madhavan shifted to Dubai to get his son swimming training.
Vedant wants to participate in an international tournament in 2026 and to prepare for it, he needs a swimming pool. But due to Corona, India’s big swimming pools are closed. So he has shifted to Dubai for five months to further his son’s career.

While giving an interview in a web portal, he said that his son’s profession is more important than his own career. This statement is found in his Twitter handle-

R. This innovative step of Madhavan has set an example for every parent. While taking a decision for your child, definitely think once. Madhavan’s words will come to every father’s mind.

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