Hilary Duff Biography, Wiki, Height, Net Worth, Movies and TV Shows

Hilary Duff Biography, Wiki, Height, Net Worth, Movies and TV Shows, and more

Hilary Duff

Birth name: Hilary Erhard Duff
Nickname: Hil
Date of birth: September 28, 1987
Place of birth: Houston, Texas, USA
Profession: actress, singer, writer
Marital status: married, 3 children
Spouse: Matthew Koma (m. 2019), Mike Comrie (m. 2010–2016)
Children: Banks Violet Bair, Luca Cruz Comrie, Mae James Bair
Siblings: Haylie Duff
Songwriting partners: Haylie Duff, will.i.am, Ryan Tedder, Carl Falk
Height: 157 cm
Original hair color: blond
Eye color: green
Star ticket: Libra
Net Worth: $25 Million
Nationality: United States of America

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Hilary Erhard Duff was born on September 28, 1987 in the city of Houston, Texas, in the United States of America. His father, Erhard Duff, is an American convenience store chain owner, and his mother, Susan Colleen, is a housewife, who later tried her hand at film and music production. He has a sister, Haylie Duff, two years older than him, who also chose an acting career. When Hilary was young, her family commuted between Houston and San Antonio for her father’s business, so she claims both cities as her homeland.

Influenced by her mother, Hilary and her brother sang, danced ballet and took drama lessons from a very young age, and also performed in local theater productions, and Hilary later performed in the BallettMet Nutcracker. he also showed his talent in his play. After both girls became more active in the entertainment industry, they moved with their mother to California in 1993 to further their careers, while their father remained in Houston to continue running his business. From then on, Hilary became a private student, but her education was always important to her.


Children’s acting, beginning of career (1997-2000):

In the beginning, she went to auditions with her brother, which allowed her to appear in TV commercials, and later Haylie and Hilary also appeared in various campaigns for many clothing brands. Soon after, the two girls started to go their separate ways, and Hilary got her first minor roles. Amazon in the Wild West debuted on television in 1997. in production. The following year, he was seen as an extra in Love, if you can! in the 1998 film. His breakthrough came the same year when he was cast in an animated fairy tale, Casper and Wendy, based on the Harvey Comics comics. The film was a huge success.

In 1999, Hilary got the role of Ellie in the highly successful TV series Soul Collector, for which she later won a Young Artist award for her outstanding performance. In 2000, the Chicago Hope hospital appeared as a guest. the show, where he played a sick child. In the same year, we also saw NBC’s highly successful Daddio c. also in his TV series, where he played a little girl. Several people praised her performance here, but the producers of the show thought it would be better to continue the show without Hilary.

Hilary Duff – What Dreams Are Made Of (From The Lizzie McGuire Movie)

The Big Break: Lizzie McGuire and the Disney Channel (2001-2004):

However, her real breakthrough came with the series Lizzie McGuire, broadcast by the Disney channel. The channel started showing the program on January 12, 2001, which already attracted more than 2.3 million people to the screen with the pilot episode. Hilary played the titular Lizzie McGuire, and thanks to the show, she quickly made a name for herself not only in the States but all over the world.

Besides the show, the creators of the series paid a lot of attention to marketing as well, they published many books, dolls, computer games and, of course, songs, and from the show alone they were able to collect approximately 100 million dollars in revenue, which was a huge amount in the early 2000s.

In the same year, 2001, Hilary also made her debut on the screen, as she got a role in the comedy film Libido – Back to Instincts directed by Michel Gondry, where she brought the character of the young Lila Jute to life. On the production, he could work with such stars as Patricia Arquette, Tim Robins and Peter Dinklage.

On February 6, 2002, the newest film produced by the Disney channel, entitled Tinikadét, and in which Hilary played the main role, was released. In the story, Kelly’s mother remarries a general, so the girl has to fit in at the military academy run by the man. The film was a huge success when it was released, and to this day it is also the most-watched film on the Disney channel.

In March 2003, the latest action-comedy film directed by Harald Zwart, Öcsikém, debuted . The film stars Hilary alongside Frankie Muniz and brings Natalie Conners to life. Although Hilary appeared relatively little on the screen during the film, the performance was very positively reviewed by the critics.

In May of that year, the film version of the highly successful Lizzie McGuire series, Csaó, Lizzie, debuted. The purpose of the film was to conclude the series: in the story, Lizzie and her friends travel to Rome, where the girl is accidentally mistaken for an Italian pop star. The production was a huge success worldwide, bringing in a total of approximately 50 million dollars for Disney Channel.

Soon after, Hilary also appeared in the TV series Mes plus belles années, for a total of one episode, where she took on the role of Shangri-La. His last released film of the year was Cheaper by the Dozen, directed by Shawn Levy. production. Here, Hilary played alongside famous actors such as Steve Martin, Piper Perabo, Tom Welling and Bonnie Hunt. The film shows the life of the Baker family, as the two parents try to raise their 12 children in addition to new jobs. The production is one of Twentieth Century Fox’s most successful films, bringing in more than 130 million dollars.

At the beginning of 2004, Hilary took on a guest role in the highly successful A dumagép c. in series. We saw her here for one episode, and she played Britney. In the same year, his film The Fairy Tale of Los Angeles was released, in which he played the lead role with Chad Michael Murray, known from Tuti Gimi, in Disney’s latest self-produced production. The production modernizes the original Disney fairy tale, Cinderella. The focus of the film is on the hard-working, modest, but orphaned girl Sam, who is oppressed by her foster mother and step-sisters, then she meets her true love at a masquerade ball, and her life takes a huge turn. By the way, the production became a huge sensation, despite the negative reviews.

Hilary’s next blockbuster debuted in the fall, in which she once again showed the audience not only her acting but also her musical talent. Directed by Sean McNamara, A Star Is Born tells the story of Terri, who moves to Los Angeles to pursue her dream of becoming a singer. Although the film was not considered a big hit by the critics, everyone praised Hilary’s acting and singing skills to the skies.

In November 2004, the actress lent her voice to an animated film: she voiced Princess Crystal in the family adventure film In Search of Santa Claus.
Main film roles, world fame (2005-2007):

At the beginning of 2005, the actress appeared in two series: for the first time, she appeared as a guest in the TV show Isteni gallate, where she played the role of Dylan Samuels. Later we also saw her in the series Une Famille du Tonnerre, where she played Stephanie, also for one episode.

In June 2005, the latest romantic family drama film directed by Mark Rosman, The Perfect Guy, was released. In the production, Hilary can be seen in the main role alongside Heather Locklear. The film follows the life of teenager Holly Hamilton, who grows tired of moving around because of her mother’s personal problems and invents a “perfect guy” to solve her problems.

In the fall of 2005, the continuation of the story of the Baker family, Cheaper by the Dozen 2 , will be shown, in which Hilary once again takes on the role of Lorraine. Although the film brought good income, it cannot surpass the success of the first part.

The following year saw the debut of Hilary and her sister Haylie’s first film together, Girls in Pickles. The comedy and romantic drama was a huge flop for both girls, as they were also nominated for a Razzie Award in the Worst Acting category for their performance.

Hilary then gave up acting for a while, and later, only in 2008, we saw her again on TV screens, in the movie Good Business at War. The actress starred in the production alongside John Cusack and Marisa Tomei as Yonica Babyyeah, a reporter for the US Vice Presidential candidate. This film, like Girls in the Pickle, was a huge flop for both Cusack and Hilary.

In 2009, Hilary again took on a guest role in a series: this time she appeared in Ghost Whisperers for one episode. In September, his latest film, Újra a gimiben, was released, where he played together with Winona Ryder and Josh Holloway. She was later seen in an episode of Special Operations, where she played Ashlee Walker.

That same year, she had a recurring role on the CW’s hit TV series Gossip Girl. In the series, the actress brought the character of the star Olivia Burke to life. We saw him here for 6 episodes, and he also won a Teen Choice award for his performance.

After that, she again got a leading role in a film: she played Greta, a rebellious, suicidal teenager in the drama film Greta directed by Nancy Bardawill. At the end of the year, we saw him in the main role in the mini-series The Chase, where he played himself.

In the spring of 2010, Shane Dax Taylor’s latest drama film, Lands of the Night, was released, which tells the story of a country singer’s homecoming. We can see Hilary in the role of Raven Lee Halfacre, alongside actors such as Val Kilmer, Frances Conroy or even Kris Kristofferson. His next production was released in the fall, the film ” A Boyfriend Got a Job ” presented by ABC. The story follows the life of Lane Daniels, who moves to New York to work as a journalist for a fashion magazine. Later, Lane discovers that work and dating are not the easiest in the Big Apple. After that, she appeared in NBC’s latest sitcom, The Brakes, for one episode as Meghan.
Guest roles, dubbing roles (2012-2014):

Rob Margioles’ latest work, the comedy She Wants Me, was released in 2012, starring Aaron Yoo, Alex Solowitz and Brennan Murray. After that, he takes on a dubbing role again in an animated film, Foodfight! in the production. In the film, Hilary lends the voice of Sunshine Goodness, alongside stars such as Charlie Sheen and Eva Longoria. In addition to this, she takes on another dubbing role this year, she provides the voice of Windy in the 3D film Ot vinta.

At the beginning of 2013, he mainly takes on minor roles in series: he appears in Neveléz zól séstégés. show where she plays Rachel. Two men – and a little one c. in the hit series she takes on the role of Stacey, while in the animated fairy tale Dora the Explorer she lends the voice of the Ice Witch.
The big comeback, or Younger (2015-present):

From then on, the actress did not take on roles in films or serials for two years. In 2014, the TV Land channel announced that they would make a series based on Pamela Redmond Satran’s short story, Younger of which Hilary gets one of the main roles. The channel will start the new series on March 31, 2015, which is a huge success, and even before the end of the first season, it will be announced that the second season will arrive. The second season returned to screens in January 2016 with 12 brand-new episodes.

The series continues its success, picking up numerous nominations, including at the People’s Choice, MTV Fandom and Hollywood Music in Media Awards. The third season of the series is also ordered by TV Land, which will be released in September 2016. The viewership of the third season also hits the mark, which is why Younger has been ordered for another, now fourth, season. The new season is currently being worked on, the fourth season premiered in the spring of 2017. The fifth season of Younger debuted in 2018, and it will return to screens with its sixth season in 2019.

In 2016, the Bob Castrone film originally planned for 2014, Flock of Dudes, was released . In the production, Hilary can be seen in the role of Amanda, alongside actors such as Skylar Astin, Jamie Chung and Chris D’Elia. In 2019, she will portray the title character Sharon Tate in The Haunting of Sharon Tate.

A reboot series of Lizzie McGuire has been announced for 2020, where she will also play the character of Lizzie McGuire. For 2022, he was signed to the series How I Met Your Father, which will be a spin-off of the American sitcom How I Met Your Father. She will play Sophie in the series.


Hilary took music lessons from an early age. Her career really took off when she got a role in the Disney series Lizzie McGuire, which allowed her to showcase her musical talent. Her first released single was the theme song of the series itself, which was originally a Brooke McClymond song, “I Can’t-Wait”.

Afterward, Hilary worked on an entire album of songs, which were finally released on the Lizzie McGuire soundtrack album by the Various Artist record label. The disc included hit songs by such artists as “ABC” from the Jackson 5, “Irrisistible” from Jessica Simpson or “Walk Me Home” from Mandy Moore.. By the way, the record sold more than 1 million copies in the USA alone, and it also earned platinum status over the years.

After that, the singer also covered a song for the Disney channel, “The Tiki Tiki Tiki Room”, which was included in the compilation of the Disneymania album released in September 2002. From then on, Hilary became even more interested in the music career, in which the Disney channel also supported her 100%. He started work on his first Christmas album in autumn, which finally debuted in October 2002 Santa Claus Lane with title.

The disc contains ten highly successful songs, two of which Christina Millian and Lil’ Romeo contributed to. The album quickly became a big success, debuting at number 154 on the Billboard 200, but also entering the Top 5 on the Top Heatseekers and Top Kid Albums charts. The album was certified gold in 2003 and has sold more than 500,000 copies over the years. Thanks to this record, Andre Recke signed the singer to Hollywood Records this year, and Hilary’s first solo album was already planned.

In 2003, Csaó, Lizzie! the actress also showed her singing voice in the film, which of course also had a soundtrack album. The album was available from April 2003, with 14 songs, three of which – Why Not, What Dreams Are Made of and Why Not (McMix) – were sung by the singer/actress.

The song “Why Not” was Hilary’s first own single, which was available from June 2003. Not long after, Hilary’s second single, “So Yesterday”, arrived. The song was a huge success all over the world, in the Top 50 in the States, while it was also included in the Top 10 on music charts across Europe. The single achieved platinum status in Australia.

During the same year, work began on Hilary’s second LP, which was finally titled Metamorphosis, and was released on August 26, 2003, courtesy of Buena Vista and Hollywood Records. There are a total of 12+1 bonus songs on the disc, of which three singles were released: the first was ” So Yesterday ” (July 15, 2003), and the second was ” Come Clean “, which was released by the singer in January 2004.

This single even surpassed the success of So Yesterday, reaching number 35 on the Billboard Hot 100 list, and quickly earned gold status in America. The third and final single from Metamorphosis, ” Little Voice2004. was published in May. After the release of the album, the 4-week concert series promoting the album began in November 2003, during which the singer toured North America. The LP was so successful that it received a Juno Awards nomination in 2004, and the singer won the Best New Artist and Best Female Artist awards at the Kids Choice Awards.

In May 2004, Hilary began work on her third studio album. The singer’s Most Wanted tour began in June 2004 and lasted until September. In mid-August, the singer together with her sister Haylie released the song “Our Lips Are Sealed”, which is based on the fairy tale of Los Angeles. was also included on the film’s soundtrack. The DVD of Hilary’s first live concert, The Girl Can Rock, was also released in August, which was recorded at the Ventura theater performance.

Also in August, Hilary announced that the new album is titled Hilary Duff. The disc finally debuted in September 2004, with 17 tracks. According to Hilary, this disc also marks the end of the Lizzie McGuire era, which is why its style is different: the disc is no longer pop-rock, but rather rock. The disc contains two singles: the first is “Fly”, which is available from August 3, 2004, and the second is “Someone’s Watching Over Me”., which was published in February 2005.

This album was also accompanied by a promotional North American tour, tickets for which were sold out in seconds. The singer also visited Australia in October 2004, where she gave two concerts. The album otherwise received positive reviews, many compared Hilary’s album to Ashlee Simpson’s Autobiography; the album received multi-platinum status – in America, Canada and Australia – and went gold in Japan.

During 2005, the singer mainly promoted her new album through tours. In July, he released the compilation album Disney Artist Karaoke Series: Hilary Duff, and in August Most Wanted. a compilation disc was also released. The album contains the singer’s hits, as well as some of her new compositions, which she later released as singles. Such was, for example, “Wake Up”, published in July 2005, in the writing of which Joel and Benji Madden also helped.

The song evokes the dance-pop style of the 80s, with a little pop-techno touch. The single achieved gold status in the USA and sold more than 500,000 copies. The other new composition from Most Wanted is “Beat of My Heart”, released from December 2005. This song was also written by Hilary with the Madden brothers, but it could not surpass the success of Wake Up: it reached 13th place on the music charts in Australia, while it reached the Top 20 throughout Europe.

In 2006, the singer again came up with a new album compilation: 4Ever Hilary was released then, which was released exclusively for the Italian audience by the record label Virgin Records. The album again featured his best songs ( Fly, Supergirl, Wake Up, etc.), and included one of his brother’s compositions, ” Sweet Sixteen “. In the same year, she released her two singles, Supergirl and Play with Fire. The latter song again combines the styles of electropop and techo, as well as the song Lányok a pácban c. also reappears in one of the scenes of the film.

Work on Hilary’s fourth studio album began in October 2006. The album was titled Dignity, which the singer explained by saying that you don’t have to be born with dignity, but you do have to work for it. The style of the album was again inspired by Joel Madden: Dignity, like Hilary’s 2006 songs, crosses the dance style. After a long period of work, the album was released on March 21, 2007. Among others, Pink, Raine Maida and Chantal Kreviazuk helped in the composition of the songs. There are 14 songs on the disc, three of which were selected as singles: the first was ” Play with Fire ” released in August 2006“.

The next one was With Love, released in February 2007, which entered the Top 100 on music charts – worldwide – and is even in the Top 10 throughout Europe. The last and third single is Stranger, which was released in June 2007. The song became No.1 on the Billboard Dance music chart, while in Italy it finished sixth on the FIMI chart. By the way, Dignity was a great success, especially in the USA, Ireland, and Italy, where it received gold status and sold more than 13 million copies worldwide. The singer promoted the album with four world tours, so she visited Europe, Australia, North and South America.

The following year, the singer’s musical career reached a milestone: in November, she released her first Greatest Hits album, Best of Hilary Duff. Only one single was released from the 12-song disc, which is also one of the new songs on the album – “Reach Out”. The song was released on October 20, 2008 and is based on Depeche Mode’s 1989 track “Personal Jesus”. The singer of One Republic, Ryan Tedder, assisted in the songwriting work. The single was not as successful as Hilary had hoped, reaching only number 193 in the UK music charts, which was very weak compared to Hilary’s previous singles. By the way, the greatest hits album produced a good performance.

In 2009, Hilary returned to the studio and revealed that she is working on new compositions, which the public will soon be able to hear. In 2009, he released a single, “Any Other Day”, which was also featured in the movie What Goes Up. In August 2009, the singer’s latest compilation album, Metamorphosis / Hilary Duff / Dignity, was released and presented by Hollywood Records. In the same year, he released his second live DVD, Live at Gibson Amphitheatre: August 15, 2007. disc, which recorded his concert that day.

However, the work on the new album was canceled due to problems with the record label, so Hilary had to leave Hollywood Records. In January 2012, Hilary announced that the fifth album was on the way, and they started working again – the singer worked with Jason Evigan, Ali Tamposi and Matt Squire, among others. For a while, however, the work on the record stopped again, as Hilary was expecting a child. In September 2013, the singer returned to the studio, and then the album’s first single, “Chasing the Sun”It debuted in July 2014. Hilary then changed her style again, the new song was made in the style of folk pop, and music critics evaluated this new direction really positively. The single opened at number 79 on the American Billboard chart, then quickly climbed higher. It was also a huge success in Australia and Canada, but it was most popular in Spain, where it reached number 46.

In July 2014, Hilary signed a contract with one of Sony Music Entertainment’s record labels, RCA Records, so she was already the publisher of the forthcoming album. The disc’s second single, All About You, was available from August 2014. They assisted in songwriting again, this time Savan Kotecha and Carl Falk worked together with Hilary. The song was praised to the skies by the critics, which was also reflected in the rankings in the music rankings: it entered the Top 20 in the USA and Australia, while it was also in the Top 10 in Canada. By the way, the single won gold status in Australia. According to the original plans, the new album would have debuted in October 2014, but Hilary’s serial role (Younger) interfered with the actress’ calculations, and the work was delayed again.

In February 2015, the singer traveled to Sweden, where she worked with Christian Karlsson and Tove Lo on a new hit. On May 13, he revealed the title of the new album – Breathe In. Breathe Out. – and its cover, as well as the official publication date, which was June 12, 2015. The album will finally be available on store shelves from June 12, with 12 songs on it. The album’s third and final single was “Sparks”, released on April 7, 2015. Sparks, just like the previous two singles, enjoyed great success, produced the expected rankings, and Hilary even performed with it on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. It is interesting that Hilary did not promote the album as part of a tour, since her role in the series did not give her the opportunity to do so. In January 2016, Hilary’s latest single, a“Little Lies”, which is also the promotional single of the Younger series.

In June 2016, Hilary revealed that she is currently working on new compositions and that her sixth studio album is on the way. The style of the new album will be much darker and more powerful than Breathe In. Breathe Out. The first single of the new CD was titled ” Tied To You “, which the singer presented on Snapchat. Hilary has not revealed anything more about the forthcoming album.

Hilary Duff MUSIC STYLE:

He draws his musical style mainly from the world of pop and pop-rock. Hilary loves to listen to rock music from a very young age, according to her, it influenced her musical world a lot. However, at the Disney channel, he did not have the opportunity to develop his rockier side, instead he performed compositions in the pop style. He changed his musical style for his second studio album, and was assisted by the production team The Matrix. In this era, she was inspired by artists such as Avril Lavigne, Ashlee Simpson, or even former Disney star Lindsay Lohan. His third studio album demanded another change of style: the musical base is much stronger, and the guitar, drums and bass are present more strongly than before – instead of the direction of pop, he pulls more towards pop-rock and rock. On his next album, Most Wanted, he returns to a softer sound world, to pop, and dance also appears as a new trend. Dignity, published in 2007, continues this line. on his disc, accompanied by europop, hip hop, rock ‘n’ roll and electro. In 2014, folk and indie pop dominate his music, which is a huge change compared to the style of his previous records. In some of his songs, the banjo provides the basic tone, and he also likes to compose songs performed acoustically.


In addition to her acting and music career, Hilary also dabbled in writing. According to him, he toyed with the idea of ​​starting a mini-book series for a long time, which initially started as a screenplay. Later, at the encouragement of his mother, he decided to write a book from the script, for which he finally asked the help of the writer Elise Allen. Hilary worked on the work with Elise Allen for almost a year until the volume was finally completed. The book was eventually titled Elixir and was published by Simon & Schuster on October 12, 2010, first in the United States and then worldwide.

The story centers on Clea Raymond, a talented photojournalist. Clea’s life changes completely when her father disappears during a humanitarian mission, then a series of shadowed photographs and a special stranger begin to stop appearing in Clea’s photos. The girl soon meets the stranger in person, and a strong relationship develops between the two young people, who soon begin to search for the mystery surrounding the girl’s father.

Duff’s book was a huge success, The New York Post magazine praised it to the skies. Incidentally, the work reached the 10th place on the New York Times Best Seller list, so there was no question of a continuation.

We didn’t have to wait long for the sequel either, since the volume entitled Devoted debuted a year after the publication of Elixír, on October 11, 2011. The second volume was also a great success, so Hilary and Elise agreed to expand the originally two-volume series into a trilogy. The third and final book was titled True and was available from April 16, 2013. Hilary has not yet said whether she has any plans for her next volume.


Hilary’s first official boyfriend was American singer Aaron Carter. The couple met in 2000 and started dating officially in 2001. Aaron also appeared in Hilary’s TV series Lizzie McGuire for one episode. The couple decided to break up in May 2002. Soon after, in the summer of 2002, the press compared Hilary to fellow actor Shia LeBeouf, whom she dated for about a month. Later, on the set of Öcsikém, Hilary met the actor Frankie Muniz, with whom they were a couple for about two years, between 2002 and 2004, until they finally parted ways in April 2004. In the summer of 2004, the actor-singer was photographed with the singer of Good Charlotte, Joel Madden. The couple confirmed they are together. They were a couple for about 2.5 years, until they broke up in November 2006. Hilary was particularly affected by the breakup, especially since her parents also filed for divorce during this period, so Dignity c. two songs on his album tell of his pain.

In 2007, Hilary met NHL hockey player Mike Comrie, who was 7 years older than her at the time. The couple quickly found each other and admitted their relationship to the media. In February 2010, Mike popped the big question to Hilary, would he marry her. Of course, the singer said yes, so the marriage took place in August of the same year. The ceremony took place in Santa Barbara in a close circle of family and friends. Hilary said yes in a Vera Wang dress. Two years later, the couple looked forward to the joys of parenthood, as their little boy, Luca Cruz Comriet, was born on March 20, 2012. However, Hilary and Mike’s happiness did not last long, in January 2014, the couple filed for divorce. The divorce was finally pronounced in 2015, and Luca was placed under Hilary’s guardianship.

The press then compared Hilary to her personal trainer, Jason Walsh, which later turned out to be true. The couple was together from August 2015 until November 2016. In January 2017, Hilary was photographed with American singer Matthew Koma, who later confirmed that they are still a couple. On June 8, 2018, she announced that she was pregnant with their first child together, who was born on October 25. In May 2019, Matthew proposed to Hilary, and they got married on December 21. On October 24, 2020, Hilary announced on Instagram that she was pregnant with her third child, and on March 24, 2021, she gave birth to her third child.

Hilary Duff CHARITY:

Over the years, Hilary has always thought it important to give back to people, so she has always actively donated to a good cause. In 2005, when Hurricane Katrina swept through South America, the actress was among the helpers who supported the victims. Hilary generously donated more than 250,000 dollars, which was used to buy food and clothes for those in need. In August 2006, he traveled to New Orleans, where, together with the USA Harvest organization, he helped distribute food to people living in difficult circumstances in an elementary school.

In addition, he has always been a big supporter of many organizations that help young people: he is a member of the organization called Kids with a Cause, which provides aid to children living in poverty, hunger, and suffering from diseases, as well as in the education of these children. She is also a member of the Advisory Board of the Audrey Hepburn Child Benefit Fund and holds an important position at the Celebrity Council of Kids with a Cause.

In October 2008, he participated in the Think Before You Speak camp. The purpose of the event is to prevent young people from using obscene words towards the LGBT community. In July 2009, Hilary was chosen as a youth ambassador for the children of Bogotá, the capital of Colombia. As a thank you for the prestigious honor, Hilary spent several days in the country just to get to know the children there, whom she also supported with several backpacks of food.

In 2012, shortly after giving birth to her first child, Luca, she participated in Johnson’s Baby’s “care” campaign. The aim of the campaign is to support expectant mothers and their babies living in difficult circumstances with the most necessary supplies. By the way, the campaign was created thanks to the Save The Children organization, which Hilary also actively supports, and which supports not only expectant mothers, but children living on the outskirts and their families.

In November 2013, he teamed up with battery company Duracell in Canada, with whom they collected money for children’s hospitals at Christmas markets. The campaign was also supported by Powering Holiday Smiles, who donated 20,000 batteries to Canadian hospitals, which they used for hospital equipment.


► Hilary has a total of 14 tattoos on her body. On her right leg is an inspirational text that reads ‘Let It Be’. Above his left ankle is the symbol of a hook, which he says always “keeps him on the ground”.

► Together with his girlfriend, he sews a French text, Ma Petite Amie, on the right side of his waist during their vacation in Portugal, which means “my little friend”.

► On his neck, at the base of his hair, he has a star-shaped tattoo, which is a guide for him that always leads him in the right direction.

► In honor of her husband, she had a small text tattoo made in the crook of her right arm, which reads “stand by me” or “stay by my side”. Interestingly, the song is also their chosen wedding song, to which they danced for the first time as husband and wife. Also in honor of her husband, she later had a bird made for the text.

► There is also a small sternal bone on the upper arm of his right arm.

► He shares a tattoo with his sister, Haylie, on the crook of his left upper arm, the text “Thick as thieves”, which means that they will always stay close to each other, no matter what happens.

► In honor of his little son, he sews a heart and the letter L on himself, which can be found on his right wrist.

► There is also a two-cent symbol above the tattoo he shared with his brother, which he shared with his girlfriend Alanna. Also with Alanna, he got a ghost and the words “Ride or Die” tattooed, which means ride or die. With another friend, Leah Miller, she sews a little heart on her wrist. Last but not least, he and his girlfriend Lauren have a joint tattoo, a letter BK, which reminds the two girls of Brooklyn.

►She used to have the text “Shine” on her middle finger of her right hand, but she later removed it.


Hilary has always been a huge fan of fashion, which is why she launched her first self-designed clothing collection, Stuff by Hilary Duff, in 2004. The brand’s pieces were first available in the United States at the Target department store, and later the collection was sold in Australia (Kmart), Canada (Zellers), and South Africa. Stuff by Hilary Duff later became so successful that the company expanded its range, and in addition to clothing, they also started selling furniture, jewelry and fragrances, all of which were designed for teenagers and young adults. Hilary’s clothing designs were even used by one of the biggest fashion websites, stardoll.com.

In 2006, Hilary’s first own perfume, called With Love…Hilary Duff debuted and was sponsored by the Elizabeth Arden company. The fragrance – just like Hilary’s clothing collection – was a huge success and could be found not only in the USA, but also throughout Europe and Japan. At the end of the year, the fragrance was included in the Top 3 bestseller fragrances and was nominated for the Best Women’s Fragrance award at the Annual Basenote Awards, but unfortunately it did not win.

In 2007, Stuff by Hilary Duff expanded again, when the brand began selling make-up products; among others, lip glosses, eyeshadows, mascaras and lipsticks were also available.

In November 2008, Hilary announced in an interview with Fashion Rules that she had put her company on hold because she felt she was no longer in control of it. The clothing line was bought by Donna Karan New York a year later, in 2009, and she launched her own collection, Femme for DKNY. The new clothing collection was again designed by Hilary, and the poems were limited edition.


• He has four puppies: Beau, Coco, Dubois and Jak
• He hates spicy food
• He often loses his apartment and car keys
• He once rapped live with Snoop Dogg
• He loves salt, he likes all his food salty
• He likes to cut his bangs, but after a while always bored
• Loves to make people up, if she wasn’t an actress, she would like to work as a make -up artist
• Learned to drive while filming Los Angeles Fairytale • Has
German, Irish, French, Scottish, English and Welsh ancestry
• Loves being with her brother when teheti always spends his free time with him
• In 2005 he performed in front of the US president George Bush and his family
• He is a big fan of Janis Joplin
• She has her own barbie modeled after her
• Left-handed
• Catholic
• Her natural skin color is brown, but she likes herself blonde
• She loves watching hockey games
• She can’t keep her plants alive
• She loves playing scrabble and shopping online
• She supports animal rights and is a big he is an animal protector himself.


– Her favorite sports are swimming and skating
– Her favorite artists are Christina Aguilera, Lady Gaga, Madonna, Pink, John Mayer, Britney Spears and Florence and The Machine
– Her favorite actor is Tom Welling
– Her favorite actress is Sandra Bullock
– Her favorite color is pink
– Favorite his car type is SUV
– His favorite movie is Ace Ventura: Animal Detective
– His favorite cuisine is Mexican and Italian
– His favorite foods are sushi, pickled cucumbers and pasta dishes
– His favorite candy is chocolate chip cookie
– His favorite brand is Louis Vuitton
– His favorite series it features Hotel of Hearts, Seventh Heaven and The Osbournes
– Favorite stores: Bloomingdales, Juicy Couture, Guess, Barney’s, Nordstroms, Le Château
– Favorite video game is Dance Dance Revolution
– Favorite books: Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, 50 Shades of Gray and The Fault in Our Stars

Hilary Duff AWARDS WON:

2004: Golden Raspberry Awards – Worst Actress (Los Angeles Fairytale / A Star Is Born)
2005: Golden Raspberry Awards – Worst Actress (Cheaper by the Dozen 2. / The Perfect Guy)
2006: MTV TRL Awards Italy – Best New Artist of the Year
2004: Radio Disney Music Awards – Best Dressed Female Singer
2004: Radio Disney Music Awards – Best Song (Come Clean)
2004: Radio Disney Music Awards – Best Song At Home (The Math)
2004: Radio Disney Music Awards – Rockiest Siblings (Haylie Duffal jointly)
2005: Radio Disney Music Awards – Best Female Artist
2005: Radio Disney Music Awards – Best Single (Wake Up)
2005: Radio Disney Music Awards – Best Video (Wake Up)
2003: Teen Choice Awards – Best New Actress (Bye, Lizzie!)
2003: Teen Choice Awards – Hottest TV Star (as Hilary Duff)
2005: Teen Choice Awards – Best Scene in a Motion Picture (Fairytale from Los Angeles)
2007: Teen Choice Awards – Best Romantic Song (With Love)
2010: Teen Choice Awards – Female Scene Stealer (Olivia Burke – Gossip Girl)
2003: VH1 Awards – Emerging Talent of the Year
2000: Young Artist Awards – Best Supporting Actress (The Soul Collector)
2004: Young Artist Awards – Best Young Actor (Cheaper by the dozen)
2005: Young Artist Awards – Superstar of “Today” (as Hilary Duff)
2004: World Music Awards – Best Female Artist
2004: AOL Awards – Most Wanted Celebrity of the Year
2005: Cosmopolitan Magazine Awards – Born to Lead Award
2009: Seventeen Magazine Awards – Most Stylish Celebrity of the Year
2012: StyleBistro Awards – Hottest Pregnant Celebrity


Hilary Duff
United Talent Agency
9336 Civic Center Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90210-3604

Hilary Duff Movies

1997: True Women / Amazons in the Wild West – Extra
1998: Casper Meets Wendy / Casper és Wendy – Wendy
1998: Playing by Heart / Love if you can! – Extra
1999: L’ange de l’amour – Ellie
2001: Human Nature / Libido – Back to instincts – Young Lila Jute
2002: Cadet Kelly / Tinikadét – Kelly
2003: Agent Cody Banks / ÖcsiKém – Natalie Connors
2003: The Lizzie McGuire Movie / Bye, Lizzie! – Lizzie / Isabella
2003: Cheaper by the Dozen /Cheaper by the Dozen – Lorraine Baker
2004: A Cinderella Story  Sam
2004: Raise Your Voice  Teresa “Terri” Fletcher
2005: The Perfect Man – Holly Hamilton
2005: Cheaper by the Dozen 2 / Cheaper by the Dozen 2. – Lorraine Baker
2006: Material Girls / Girls in Pickle – Tanzie Marchetta
2008: War, Inc. / War Is Good Business – Yonica Babyyeah
2009: Stay Cool / Back in High School – Shasta O’Neil
2009:What Goes Up – Lucy Diamond
2009: According to Greta – Greta – Greta
2010: Provinces of Night  Raven Lee Halfacre
2010: Beauty & the Briefcase – Lane Daniels 2016: Flock of Dudes – Amanda


2000: Chicago Hope  Jessie Sheldon
2003: Mes plus belles années – Shangri-La
2004: Frasier – Britney 2001-2004: Lizzie McGuire – Lizzie McGuire 2005: Joan of Arcadia – Dylan Samuels 2003 -2005: Une famille de tonnerre – Kenzie / Stephanie 2009: Ghost Whisperer  Morgan Jeffries 2009: Law & Order: Special Victims Unit  Ashlee Walker 2009: Gossig Girl /

Gossip Girl – The Gossip Girl – Olivia Burke
2009: The Chase – Hilary Duff (mini-series)
2010: Community / Left Brakes – Meghan
2013: Raising Hope / Raising Enough – Rachel
2013: Two and a Half Men / Two Guys – and a Little – Stacey
2015-2021: Younger – Kelsey Peters
2020: Lizzie McGuire – Lizzie McGuire
How I Met Your Father (2022) – Sophie (10 episodes)


2004: In Search of Santa  Princess Crystal
2012: She Wants Me – Kim Powers
2012: Foodfight! – Sunshine Goodness
2012: Ot Vinta 3D – Windy
2013: Dora the Explorer  Ice Witch


2002: Santa Claus Lane
2003: Metamorphosis
2004: Hilary Duff
2007: Dignity
2015: Breathe In. Breathe Out.
2017: ???


2005: Disney Artist Karaoke Series: Hilary Duff
2005: Most Wanted
2006: 4Ever Hilary
2008: Best of Hilary Duff
2009: Metamorphosis / Hilary Duff / Dignity


2004: The Girl Can Rock
2009: Live at Gibson Amphitheater: August 15, 2007


2003: Metamorphosis Remixes
2007: Dignity Remix


2003: Why Not
2003: So Yesterday
2004: Come Clean
2004: Little Voice
2004: Out Lips Are Sealed ft. Haylie Duff
2004: Fly
2005: Someone’s Watching Over Me
2005: Wake Up
2005: Beat of My Heart
2006: Supergirl
2006: Play with Fire
2007: With Love
2007: Stranger
2008: Reach Out
2009: Any Other Day
2014: Chasing The Sun
2014: All About You
2015: Sparks
2016: Little Lies

Hilary Duff’s Upcoming Movies

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