Have You Read These Books For Your Preschoolers?

A Must-Read Book for Toddlers Before Starting School

“Lama llama warm in bed
wakey wakey sleepy head
Lama School Begins Today
time to learn time to play

These are the opening lines of the book “Llama Llama Goes to School” by Anna Dewdney, a book that I highly recommend for children who are going to go to preschool this academic year. Starting school for your child is an important stage for you as a parent and for your child as well. This stage can be very stressful and frustrating if not handled well. It is very painful for parents to see their child crying while going to school. If you think that one fine day you will wake up and drop your child to school without any hassle, you need a reality check.

One of the major factors is the books that children are reading, which can help them learn in school. Reading books to children from a young age has its own long-term benefits. Children up to 5 years of age especially believe what they see and hear. Pictures in books and short stories can create awareness and help them connect with the real world better.

Why do I recommend this book for preschoolers?

This book is about a llama’s day at school. It tells how he wakes up in the morning, does all his chores and goes to school with his mother.

It is important to get your child into a routine before they start school. It is very important to follow this routine consistently. This is the first step to infection. It also clearly tells the child that going to school is a routine.

This book talks about how Llama gets nervous when his mother takes him to school and says goodbye. The llama is hesitant to make friends or eat his food.

Separation anxiety is normal in children. This will make them feel nervous, cry or feel sad. Reading books like this on a regular basis can be a good way to prepare your child’s mind.

The whole statement is in a funny and poetic way.

Reading books with a funny and poetic tone along with relevant pictures helps children to be imaginative and absorb things better. This also increases their attention. They are able to connect with the real world easily and comfortably.

The story slowly progresses toward where Llama finally settles down and enjoys her day with her new friends, fun activities and outdoor games.

Always give your kids a virtual or physical tour of the school. It helps them know what to expect from their study center and helps them settle faster. Always talk positively about school and the overall need for learning.

The story comes to end of Llama’s day at school when his momma comes to pick him up and greets him with excitement, showing interest in returning the next day.

The whole story comes to a child’s mind that if mother leaves him at school, she also comes back during the day to take him home. This is a very comforting feeling for a child and plays an important role in reducing separation anxiety.

I started reading this book to my children when they were 2 years old and the character Llama and this story left a very positive impression in their minds about the whole concept of going to school. Transitioning them to school became an easier matter because they knew what was expected of their daily routine. wait long. Just take this book now and start reading it to your child. Don’t forget those feelings while reading!

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