God of War Ragnarok launches today. Everything you need to know about the game

Many players have been waiting for this day. The premiere of God of War Ragnarok has become a fact. Today, November 9, the work of Santa Monica Studio will go into the hands of players around the world.

The long-awaited premiere of God of War Ragnarok becomes a fact. November 9, 2022 is the day that shines on this gaming map of the year. The expectations of the gaming community are extremely high and it’s no wonder. The previous part, released in 2018, set the bar very high.

And everything indicates that God of War Ragnarok will become a real pearl in Sony’s crown. It is enough to take a look at the overview of reviews to see what kind of work we are dealing with. We also encourage you to read our review (there is a potential spoiler in the text – the fragment has been duly separated ).

God of War Ragnarok – how does the game work on PS4?

The premiere of God of War Ragnarok is also the players’ concerns, mainly about whether PlayStation 4 will be able to bear this title. There is good news here as well. Comparing how the new God of War works on individual consoles, we can get the impression that the creators are literally squeezing the last sweat out of the older generation of equipment. Here is the graphic comparison.

Not wanting to spoil the game and at the same time a bit closer to the game, it is worth emphasizing that God of War Ragnarok was built on the foundation of the previous part, which does not mean, however, that there is a lack of new, innovative solutions. But shhh … keep it a secret.

God of War Ragnarok boasts a wide range of graphics modes. A detailed description, along with a section for individual consoles, can be found in the God of War players’ guide attached below.

In terms of platforms, God of War Ragnarok is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Pro and PlayStation 5. Perhaps the latest work of Santa Monica Studio will share the fate of its predecessor and, who knows, maybe in the future on PC? It is not excluded at all, as the PC market is not indifferent to Sony. This was the case with the previous installment of God of War.

God of War Ragnarok – how much does it cost on PS4 and PS5?

The price of the game differs for the PS4 and PS5 versions. Where does this difference come from? Of course, the already old PlayStation 4 is not able to provide such impressions as in the case of newer equipment. Interestingly, the price difference is not colossal |

God of War Ragnarok – prices:

1. Standard Edition for PS4 – PLN 299
2. Standard edition for PS5 (also works on PS4) – PLN 339
3. Digital deluxe edition for PS5 and PS4 – PLN 389

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