Five Life Phenomenon of a Homeless, Worrying

Discussing about life in each element of society does feel different. Almost every region has people with different layers, ranging from high social status to some who are affected by poverty.

One of them is if you look at roadside areas that are generally filled with homeless people or also known as homeless people. These homeless people generally do not have a home, so their lives will move from one place to another. Even some of the following life phenomena are also often found in homeless people.

1. Identical to the impression of slums

Identical to the impression of slums

Living life as a homeless person, of course, no one ever expected. Even if they could choose, they certainly don’t want to be in the difficult position of being a homeless person. Especially with the various negative stigmas and stereotypes attached to them.

As reported by The Guardian, not infrequently there are many people who see the homeless as a group of slum people, lacking morals, to become a burden in society. It is clear that negative stigma like this will continue to stick with the homeless, so it is difficult to get rid of that view just like that.

2. Low standard of education

Low standard of education

Education is the most important foundation for forming a civilized society and has a future. Unfortunately, this is sometimes difficult to realize for the homeless community groups who still have small children. They are very synonymous with the stigma as people of low education level.

Quoting Everyday Feminism, in the span of 2013-2014 in the United States, there were approximately 32,494 homeless people who enrolled in school. This figure is actually an increase of about 8 percent from the previous year.

From this, it can be seen that the stigma of lack of education for the homeless is due to the difficulty of getting them the opportunity to access education, like other children.

3. Poor economic status

Poor economic status

When you see the condition of the homeless, one impression that will stick with people is poverty. Although in fact the explanation of homelessness is very broad, it is not only limited to the inability to have a proper place to live.

Even the homeless usually have to struggle with the inability to fulfill nutrition, obtain proper education, and even have the right to obtain proper facilities, as reported by the American Psychological Association. This is what makes homeless people very synonymous with poor economic status.

4. The risk of malnutrition that may occur

Homeless people don’t just have problems related to housing. This problem can become risky, if the problem begins to spread to other things such as fulfilling nutrition. This is further supported because some are homeless and some are even married and have children.

Even though it is clear that the homeless are very at risk of malnutrition because they eat what is found without clear nutrition, as quoted by Hearts for Homeless. This makes them more susceptible to health problems.

5. High crime rate

High crime rate

For people who live on the streets like the homeless, it can’t be separated from the crime that surrounds them. The risk of crime is also quite high. This is because other homeless people have difficulty in obtaining sufficient income.

However, sometimes the criminalization of the homeless without any basis is also often carried out. In fact, launching End Homelessness, criminalizing the homeless without any evidence actually makes it difficult for them to carry out their usual activities, so it is very disturbing.

Of course, with the various negative stigmas attached to the homeless, their protection is very much needed. Priority for the welfare of all communities including the homeless should be the main focus for local authorities. Don’t immediately label the homeless in a negative way, okay?

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