Enrique Iglesias Biography, Wiki, Age, Songs, Net Worth, Height

Enrique Iglesias Biography, Wiki, Age, Songs, Net Worth, Height

Enrique Iglesias

Birth name: Enrique Miguel Iglesias Preysler
Nickname: Enrique
Date of birth: 08 May 1975
Place of birth: Madrid, Spain
Profession: Singer, actor, model
Marital status: married, 3 children
Children: Lucy Iglesias, Nicholas Iglesias, Mary Iglesias
Nationality: American, Philippine, Spanish
Siblings: Julio Iglesias, Jr., Tamara Falcó, Chabeli Iglesias, Ana Boyer, Victoria Iglesias, Cristina Iglesias, Rodrigo Iglesias, Miguel Alejandro Iglesias
Partner: Anna Kournikova
Height: 187 cm (6′ 2″)
Weight: 85 kg or 187 lbs
Original hair color: Black
Eye color: Brown
Zodiac Sign: Bull
Net Worth: $100 Million As of October 2022
Salary: $10 Million +
Monthly Income: $1 Million +

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Enrique Miguel Iglesias Preysler was born on May 8, 1975 in Madrid, Spain, the third and youngest child of singer Julie Iglesias and journalist Isabel Preyslert. Isabel Prysler’s aunt is Neile Adams, who was Steve McQueen’s ex-wife, so Iglesias is related to Steven R. McQueen, even through a chain of cousins. 

In 1986, Enrique’s grandfather was kidnapped by the Basque terrorist group ETA, causing Enrique’s sister Julie to send him to Miami to live with her father for safety reasons. Enrique’s father became more and more involved in his musical career, so you could say that little Enrique was raised by the family’s nanny. he attended Gulliver Preparatory School, where he performed in the play Hello, Dolly, showing off his skills. His mother is ethnically Filipino, but Enrique does not speak Tapalog,

He later studied business at the University of Miami. Iglesias did not want his father to find out about his plans in the field of music, and he did not want his father to make him famous. He borrowed money from a good friend of the family and independently recorded his own song, which consisted mostly of Spanish tracks, but also included two English tracks. After leaving university, he traveled to Toronto, where he was able to release his first album.

Enrique Iglesias career

1995–1996: Enrique Iglesias

On July 12, 1995, Iglesias released his Enrique Iglesias album, which featured several soft rock ballads including Si Tú Te Vas and Experiencia Religiosa. His album was bought by more than half a million people in the first week, and in the following month the sales list was over a million.

Her song “Por Amarte” also became the theme song of the soap opera Marisol. The CD of his first album was “improved” by the Italians and the Portuguese since most of the tracks were translated into their own languages. Several tracks were released as a sampler from the album, which led to a number-one spot on Billboard’s Latin charts. The album was such a hit that it won the Grammy Award for Best Latin Pop Performance.

1997-1999: Vivir and Cosas Del Amor

In 1997, Iglesias continued his music career and released his album Vivir, which became such a big seller that Erique became one of the biggest singers in the English language. The album included tracks such as the Yazoo song “Only you”, whose Spanish translation is “Solo en Tí”.

Three songs from the Vivir album, Enamorado Por Primera Vez, Sólo en Ti and Miente, were released, and with their help Iglesias entered the Latin charts and in several countries where the official language was Spanish. With the support of his father and Luis Miguel, he was nominated for the Favorite Latin Artist category at the American Music Award.
In 1998, he released his new album, Cosas Del Amort. The album brought another success for Iglesias, as the most popular songs from the album were “Esperanza” and “Nunca Te Olvidaré”, which immediately entered the Latin singles chart, and this helped him to stabilize his position.

Iglesias went on a short tour interspersed with smaller stops, one of which was Acapulco, Mexico, where the series Paula and Paulina was filmed. This was followed by a tour of a much larger caliber, funded by McDonald’s.

He won the American Music Award in the Favorite Latin Artist category, beating Ricky Martin and Chayanne. The number he performed was Nunca te Olvidaré, which was also used in a Spanish opera.

1999–2001: Enrique and Escape

By 1999, Iglesias had become one of the most successful performing artists in the music market, thanks to Ricky Martin and Gloria Estefan, among others. In March 1999, Will Smith attended his concert and asked if he would do the theme song for Enrique’s movie Wild Wild West. His song ” Bailamos ” reached number one in America.

After the success of Bailamos, Iglesias was attacked by several well-known record companies in order to sign a contract with them for the young Latin musician. Finally, after several weeks of negotiations, Iglesias signed a contract with a company called Interscope. The man also recorded his first album, which contained only English-language songs, and the album was called Enrique. The album includes the song “Rhythm Divine” and “Could I Have This Kiss Forever”, which he sang with Whitney Houston.

In 2000, Iglesias performed at Super Bowl XXXIV alongside Christina Aguilera, Phil Collins and Toni Braxton. It was a shocking experience when Howard Stern repeatedly played Enrique’s song on his radio show, and finally accused the man of not being able to sing live. On June 8, 2000, Iglesias appeared on Stern’s show, where he played the guitar himself and showed off his musical skills. The second song from the album was “Be With You”, which reached number one on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart.

In 2001, Iglesias released his second English-language album, Escape. Although Iglesias has long made his way among Latin artists, he achieved a breakthrough in record sales last year like never before. The first track from the album was Hero, which reached number one in the UK and many other countries. All the tracks on the album were written by Iglesias.

Escape became one of the biggest advertising albums. The next song to be released from the album was Escape and Don’t Turn Off The Lights, which soon topped the radio charts, not only in North America but around the world. Another track from the album was “Maybe”, which is in principle one of Iglesias’ favorite tracks, and the track “To Love a Woman”, which is sung together with Lionel Richie.

Iglesias organized the tour of his most successful album, which was called the One-Night Stand World Tour: the tour included more than 50 shows in 16 countries. The tour visited countries such as Great Britain and Romania. The second tour, “Don’t Turn Off The Lights” ended in the summer of 2002, when he gave two huge concerts, first in Madison Square, and later two more in Mexico at the National Auditorium. And finally the show in San Puerto Rico Finished in Juan.

2002–2004: Quizas and 7

In 2002, Iglesias released his fourth Spanish-language album, Quizás. The album peaked at number 12 on the Billboard 200 album chart and was the biggest Spanish-language seller at the time, selling more than a million copies in its first week. In the last five years, this amount of sales was not typical, so the list was headed by Iglesias. Three tracks were released from the album, which led Iglesias to the number-one spot on several radio charts. He currently holds the record for number one on Billboard’s Latin Chart. The last song to be released from this album was Para Que la Vida, which was a huge hit in the US in both English and Spanish.

Quizás was the first track to have its music video added to MTV’s Total Request Live. Iglesia also performed on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. He recorded this album for the Don’t Turn Off the Lights Tour. The album was an amazing success, even winning a Latin Grammy Award in the Best Pop Vocal Album category.

In 2003, Iglesias released his seventh album, titled 7. This was the second album for which he wrote the lyrics himself. The first track that was released from the album was Roame, which he wrote with his friend Tony Bruno, who can play guitar. The album also included the track Be Yourself, as well as Addicted and Not in Love, which he sang together with Kelis.

With this album, the man went on his biggest world tour. The high-quality tour first gave twelve shows in North America, and as a farewell he played at the Houston Rodeo, and then continued his tour to many countries where he had not been before. This was the case, for example, in Australia, India, Egypt and Singapore, as well as the Republic of South Africa.

2007–2009: Insomniac, 95/08 Exitos and Greatest Hits

After a two-year hiatus, Iglesias released a new album titled Insomniac on June 12, 2007. Several tracks appeared on the album, in which several famous singers and American rappers contributed. Such was, for example, “Push”, which he made together with the American rapper Lil Wayne, or “Ring My Bells” and “Tired of Being Sorry”.

The first song to be released from the album was “Do You Know?” (The Ping Pong Song), which was released on April 10, 2007. It was Enrique’s highest-charting single on the Hot 100. since the Escape album. The song started to conquer not only America, but also Europe, it fought its way to the first place in the top 10 list in several countries. The Spanish title of the song was “Dímelo, sa Hot Latin Trackson became the second most popular song.

The young Latin musician then created a ballad called Somebody’s Me, which was released only on the American continent. The song was the first broadcast by AC radio, and later reached the top of Billboard’s Hot AC list. In Europe, the second song released from the album was Tired of Being Sorry, which he performed in quite a few European countries. he also sang this number in French, which was Nâdiya, and dominated the first place of the French music list in the first eleven times.

On July 4, Iglesas became the first Western performer, as he gave a concert in Damascus in Syria, and even this week he performed in Hamburg at the Live Earth event. The Insomniac World Tour opened at the Dome in Johannesburg, South Africa. The tour introduced him to Africa and then Europe. The scene of his first tour was in the United Kingdom, and then he returned to America, where his tour first conquered Latin America and then North America as well.

His song “Push” was included in the soundtrack of the film “Step Up 2”, and it was the third song released from the album. In the music video for the song, the actors from the film appeared. It didn’t originally appear on the radio charts, but this track was played in several countries and attracted an incredibly large audience of fans. The next song to be released was Can You Hear Me, which became the official theme song for the 2008 UEFA Champions League. This track was sung by Enrique on June 296, 2008 in Vienna, Austria.

On March 25, 2008, Iglesias released his Spanish Greatest Hits album titled 95/08 Exitos, which was seventeen years old and included two new tracks. The first such track was Dónde Están Corazón, written by Argentinian star Coti, which peaked at number 18 on Billboard’s Hot Latin Songs. The album also debuted at number one on Billboard’s Latin Albums Chart and was ranked eighteenth on the Billboard 200 albums chart. The album went platinum in North America and some Central American countries.

The album’s second song was Lloro Por Ti, an official remix version of which he did with Wisin & Yandell, which also reached number one on international and local charts. Iglesias gave a mini-tour within the USA, starting first in Texas, in the city of Laredo, and then New Jersey. The front band of the mini-tour was the band Aventura, who also performed the song “Lloro Por Ti” together with the man.

Iglesias made a surprise appearance at the Lo Nuestro Awards, where he actually opened the show with Dónde Están Corazón and Dimelo. He also performed at the Billboard Latin Music Awards, where he received a special award.

After the success of Spanish Greatest Hits, he released this album in English on November 11. The album included tracks such as Can You Hear Me, Away, a collaboration with Sean Garrett, and Takin’ Back My Love, a collaboration with Ciara. The album hit the field and reached number one on the UK Albums Chart several times, and the album sold more than eighty thousand copies in the first week.

On November 9, 2008, Iglesias won twice at the World Music Awards, once for World’s Best Selling Latin Performer and once for World’s Best Selling Spanish Artist.

2010-2011. Euphoria

On July 5, 2010, Iglesias released his ninth studio album, Euphoria, released by Universal Republic. This album can be said to be mixed, as it contains seven songs in English and six songs in Spanish. The album won the Billboard Music Award for Top Latin Album, Billboard Latin Award for Latin Album of the Year and Latin Pop Album of the Year and was also nominated for the Latin Grammy Award for Album of the Year. Iglesias has also collaborated with three famous producers RedOne, Mark Taylor and Carlos Paucer. Several famous singers such as Akon, Usher, Nicole Scherzinger, Sunidhi Chauhan, Ludacris, Pitbull, Juan Luis Guerra and Wisin & Yande contributed to the tracks on the album.

The first English-language track from this album was I like it, which was made together with the famous American rapper Pitbull, and this track was released in the USA on May 3, 2010, and at the first listen, people became his favorite song. It reached number four on the Billboard Hot 100. The track peaked at number eight and twenty-five on the US Latin Pop Songs and US Hot Latin charts. 

In January 2011, he broke into the top 10 of the Billboard charts with the song Tonight (I’m Fuckin’ You). The track soon reached number one on the US Pop Songs and Hot 100 airplay charts. The Euphoria tour covered countries and continents such as the USA, Canada, the United Kingdom and Europe. The second tour also covered North America and Australia, where they performed joint tracks with Pitbull and Prince Royal. 2011


On August 25, 2012, Iglesias released his new song Finally Found you, which he created with American rapper Sammy Adams. The US iTunes Store published this track on September 25, 2012, with a UK release on December 9, 2012. On December 8, 2012, Enrique performed at the Z100 Jingle Ball in Miami, and shortly after, he appeared at the iHeartRadio Festival, where he stated that he was working on several new tracks. 

The man revealed that in the future he will work with famous people such as Mark Taylor, The Cataracs and Carlos Paucar. On May 31, 2013, Iglesias performed at the Mawazine Festival in Morocco. The show broke the previous record, as there were more than 120,000 fans in the audience. This was the highest number of employees in several decades. On June 29, 2013, Republic Records confirmed,

On August 14, 2013, Loco, the Spanish track from his new album, was released on iTunes and worldwide on August 26. The album will probably be released in January 2014. On September 17, 2013, Z100 Radio played Enrique’s third released song, Heart Attack, which was released in October 2013. 

Enrique and Marco Antonio Solis created a song called El Perdedor together, and it is supposed to be the theme song of Lo Que La Vida Me Robo, a Mexican soap opera series. This is the third time that Enrique has been asked to do a set of theme songs, the first being Nunca Te Olvidaré and the second being Cuando Me Enamoro. The song was released on October 28, 2013, as the second Spanish song and the fourth new song from his new album.

Enrique and Marco Antonio Solis recently recorded their song “El Perdedor” as the theme song for the newly launched Mexican soap opera series Lo Que La Vida Me Rob. Not long after, Iglesias confirmed that the third hit “I’m Freak” will also be heard on the album. The song is performed together with Pitbull, and this track was released in January 2014. Iglesias also recorded a joint track with Kylie Mingoue, the title of which became Beautiful, and this track will be heard on Kylie’s 12th album Kiss me once -you. On January 29, 2014, IIglesias said that the title of his tenth album will be Sex and Love, and it was released on March 14, 2014.

The song “Bailando”, made with Sean Paul, Descemer Bueno and Gente De Zona, won three Latin Grammy awards, and the Euphoria album was also nominated. The video for the song Bailando has already been viewed by more than 880 million people. It was also on the Just Dance 2015 soundtrack.

According to Spotify’s Sex and Love was the 7th most listened-to album in 2014, and Bailando was the most listened-to song mostly in Mexico and Spain. Iglesias called this the king of 2014, because it was his tenth album and it became his most famous song Bailando. Billboard named it The Crowd Pleaser of 2014. Iglesias developed a really close relationship with Universal Music, which is why he left his previous record label and signed a new contract with Sony Music.

2017 to the present day

On January 11, 2017, Iglesias traveled to Cuba, where the music video for the song Súbeme La Radio was shot. The location of the clip was downtown Old Havana, where Enrique sang on a bus. It is interesting that the Cuban people in the clip were not extras, but actually filmed the real life in Havana and cut it up in the clip. The video is actually about Iglesias and a Cuban woman falling in love. 

The video was officially released on February 24, 2017. Between 2014 and 2017, the Sex and Love tour started, which included a total of 156 stops. the Tour ended on September 16, 2017. Enrique Iglesias and Pitbull launched on June 3, 2017! Live tour, which included a total of 35 locations in the USA. The tour ends on October 28, 2017. Enrique filed a lawsuit against his former record label in Miami Court. 

According to the singer, the record studio did not pay him proportionately for the record sales, and he hopes that if he wins the lawsuit, the record studio will pay several million dollars in damages. In 2018, two new tracks were released: El Bano, which he made with Bad Bunny, and Move to Miami, which he made with Pitbull. He did not release another song or album in 2019.

In 2020, he was voted the best Latin artist of all time at the 2020 Billboard Latin Music Awards. In March 2020, Iglesias announced that he would embark on a joint tour with Ricky Martin. The tour was originally scheduled to begin in September 2020, with the first stop in Phoenix, Arizona, and the finale in Atlanta on October 30. However, due to the COVID outbreak, the tour was thought to be postponed and possibly resumed in 2021 or 2022. 2021. On July 1, the song “Me Pasé” was published, in which Farruko participated. His latest album, Final, was released on September 17.

Enrique Iglesias Private life

In 1997, Enrique met Samantha Torres, a playboy model, for a while, but they broke up soon after for unknown reasons. In 2001, he met Anna Kournikova, the famous tennis player, on the set of the video clip entitled Escape. They didn’t want to admit their relationship at the beginning, but later they made it public. In June 2008, Iglesias told the Daily Star that he would marry Anna. The couple finally got married in May 2013 in Miami. In October 2013, the news broke that Enrique and Anna had broken up, but they have been together ever since. In 2014, Enrique built himself a beach house in Miami, the property is worth about 26 million dollars.

Enrique Iglesias Filmography & Movies


2003  Once upon a time there was a Mexico – Lorenzo


2007  Two boys – and a little one – Fernando
2007 This is how I used to go with your mother – Gael

Enrique Iglesias Discography

Euphoria (2010)
1. “I Like It” (featuring Pitbull)
2. “One Day at a Time” (featuring Akon)
3. “Heartbeat” (featuring Nicole Scherzinger)
4. “Dirty Dancer”
5. “Why Not Me ?”
6. “No Me Digas Que No
7. “Ayer”
8. “Cuando Me Enamoro”
9. “Dile Que”
10. “Tú y Yo”
11. “Heartbreaker”
12. “Coming Home”
13. “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright”
14. “No Me Digas Que No”

Insomnic (2007)
1. “Ring My Bells”
2. “Push”
3. “Do You Know?
4. “Somebody’s Me”
5. “On Top of You”
6. “Tired of Being Sorry”
7. “Miss You “
8. “Wish I Was Your Lover”
9. “Little Girl”
10. “Stay Here Tonight”
11. “Sweet Isabel”
12. “Don’t You Forget About Me”
13. “Dimelo”
14. “Alguien Soy Yo”
15. “Amigo Vulnerable”

7 (2003)
1. “Not in Love”
2. “The Way You Touch Me”
3. “Say It”
4. “California Callin'”
5. “Addicted”
6. “Break Me, Shake Me”
7. ” Free”
8. “Be Yourself”
9. “Wish You Were Here (With Me)”
10. “You Rock Me”
11. “Roamer”
12. “Live It Up Tonight”

Quizás (2002)
Tres Palabras
Para Qué La Vida
La Chica de Ayer
Pienso en Ti
Suéltame las Riendas
Mentiroso [Mariachi]
No Apagues La Luz

Escape (2001)
1. “Escape”
2. “Don’t Turn Off the Lights”
3. “Love to See You Cry”
4. “Hero”
5. “I Will Survive”
6. “Love 4 Fun”
7. “Maybe”
8. “One Night Stand”
9. “She Be the One”
10. “If the World Crashes Down”
11. “Escapar”
12. “No Apagues la Luz”
13. “Héroe”

Enrique (1999)
1. “Rhythm Divine”
2. “Be With You”
3. “I Have Always Loved You”
4. “Sad Eyes”
5. “I’m Your Man”
6. “Óyeme”
7. “Could I Have This Kiss Forever”
8. “You’re My #1
9. “Alabao”
10. “Bailamos”
11. “Ritmo Total
” 12. “Más Es Amar” (Sad Eyes)
13. “No Puedo Más Sin Ti” (I’m Your Man)

Things of Love (1998)

1. “Nunca te olvidaré”
2. “Cosas del amor”
3. “Esperanza”
4. “Desnudo”
5. “Contigo”
6. “Alguien como tú”
7. “Sirena”
8. “Para de jugar”
9. “Dicen por ahí”
10. “Ruleta rusa”

Vivir (1997)
1. “Enamorado por primera vez”
2. “Al despertar”
3. “Lluvia cae”
4. “Tu vacío”
5. “Sólo en ti”
6. “Miente”
7. “Viviré y moriré
8. “Volvere”
9. “El muro”
10. “Revolución”

Enrique Iglesias (1995)
1. “No Llores Por Mí”
2. “Trapecista”
3. “Por Amarte”
4. “Si Tú Te Vas”
5. “Si Juras Regresar”
6. “Experience Religiosa”
7. “Falta Tanto Amor”
8. “Inalcanzable”
9. “Muñeca Cruel”
10. “Invéntame”

FAQs Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Anna Kournikova married to Enrique Iglesias?
Ans: In May 2007, Iglesias told the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet that he and Kournikova had secretly married – and gotten a divorce.

2. Is Enrique Iglesias ending his career?
Ans: Enrique Iglesias isn’t going anywhere

3. How old is Enrique Iglesias and how much is he worth?
Ans: Age: 47 And $110 Million

4. Who is more successful Enrique or Julio Iglesias?
Ans: Enrique Iglesias is a more Successful Artist than his father Julio Iglesias, a Latin Music Legend.

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