Encourage Reading Habit In Children

A few years ago, reading was one of the most popular activities that made leisure time fun, productive and entertaining for readers. Since reading was a very popular hobby, children were encouraged to pursue it from an early age. Parents encouraged them to utilize their free time by reading comics, story books, children’s magazines, etc., which inculcated the habit of reading in them. However, with the advent of technologically advanced gadgets, children lost the habit of reading. Now children are busy in their new hobbies i.e. playing computer games, surfing the internet etc.

As a result, the habit of reading books other than textbooks gradually started disappearing and today, children have become tech-savvy and are interested in the latest discoveries and use gadgets instead of reading books. Therefore, it becomes important for parents to promote reading in children and maintain this habit throughout their life.

Here are some useful tips that will help you effectively develop the habit of reading in your child.

1. Tell your child about the importance of reading

Sit with your child and discuss with him why he should incorporate the habit of reading into his lifestyle. Tell him that in addition to textbooks, it is important for him to read good books, as the habit of reading will contribute to his psychological and cognitive development and will also help him achieve academic success. Also, assure your child that he will benefit from the habit of reading books throughout his life as it will increase his general awareness and intelligence, which will ultimately make him a knowledgeable and well-learned person.

2 . Show your interest in reading

Showcase your enthusiasm for reading because if your child sees you reading, he will definitely love to try it himself. Also, enrich your child’s knowledge by sharing age-appropriate information with him, from the books and magazines he reads. With your praise and inspiration, your child will be able to develop the habit of reading.

3. Create an environment for studying at home

Provide a reading environment at home, so that your child finds it interesting to develop the habit of reading. For this, create a small library at your home, containing books and magazines that are appropriate for his age and developmental level. Arrange the books neatly in bookshelves, so that the small library looks attractive and attracts your child’s immediate attention, every time he passes by the area.

4. Make reading a part of your daily routine

Prepare a study routine for your child in such a way that there is enough time to read reading material such as story books, newspapers and magazines etc. Encourage your child to read a few pages of the story. Books every day, after finishing household work and before going to bed. This activity will not only enhance his reading skills but will also introduce him to new words and phrases, which in turn will enhance his vocabulary.

5. Provide a variety of reading material

Encourage your child to look for things like street food, game instructions, movie time schedules, restaurant menus, newspapers and every other practical information he sees in his everyday life. Encourage your child to discuss with you what he reads. This will not only reinforce the habit of reading in him but will also excite him to acquire knowledge at every step of his life through reading.

6. Gift him books of his choice

Gift your child storybooks of his choice. You can take your child to the nearest bookstall and let her choose the books she wants to read. To find the best books to offer your child, you can take advice from your friends or search through the internet to know the latest best books in the children’s category available in the market.

7. Do fun reading activities at home

Plan a 15 to 30-minute family reading activity on the weekend. Involve all members of your family in the activity. Provide them reading material such as newspapers, magazines, story books etc. You can either ask family members to read to each other or have everyone sit together in a room and read silently.

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