Differences Between Fish Broth And Fumet

Would you know how to differentiate a fish broth from a fumet? We tell you everything about these two basic kitchen preparations so that you know in which cases to use them.

In many preparations from the traditional recipe book we find fish broth or fumet as a base, and both are classic and basic preparations that with very few ingredients provide a lot of flavors. A priori we may think that these tasty preparations are very similar to each other since they are cooked with very similar ingredients, but the truth is that there are some key differences between fish broth and fumet that make them more suitable for one dish or another. We discover the most notable differences between both, such as the ingredients used, the way they are prepared, the concentration of flavors or their culinary uses.

What is fish broth

Fish broth is a clear soup with a delicate flavor and very light texture made from fish bones, heads, carcasses, and different vegetables in which the water is impregnated with the flavor of the fish and vegetables, resulting in a liquid solution. light. From there, we can take it alone or add it to other preparations to provide more flavor.

What is smoking?

Fumet is a basic base with an intense flavor made from fish bones, heads, carcasses, and vegetables, and to which, as a notable difference, some seafood is added to further enrich and enhance its flavor. From this mixture, a concentrated fish broth is obtained, with a more intense flavor and more pronounced aroma that is added to countless culinary preparations.

What are the differences between a fish fumet and a broth?

Although sometimes these terms can cause some confusion and seem the same, there are undoubtedly certain basic differences between fish broth and fumet. The most notable are the ingredients used to cook them, the process of making the broths, the concentration of flavors of each, and even the different culinary uses that can be given to enhance the flavor of any preparation.

Ingredients: the fumet contains seafood

To make a good fish broth, in addition to water, you need some pieces of fresh fish, as well as its bones and head, which are determining parts for the flavor. Likewise, onion, carrot, and celery are essential as basic ingredients. From there, you can add other vegetables such as fennel or garlic, and likewise aromatic herbs such as parsley or bay leaf. Likewise, a pinch of salt is added to the fish broth.

If we talk about fumet, we will also need water, pieces of fish, bones and heads, and shellfish as fundamental ingredients to enhance the flavors and much more. As for the vegetables used, onion, carrot, celery, leek, tomato and a bunch of fresh aromatic herbs such as tarragon, bay leaf, and thyme are essential. Unlike fish broth, fumet does not have any added salt, but it does need a splash of olive oil.

Preparation: fish broth is easier

To make the fish broth we will only have to clean the vegetables well, put them together with the fish in a good-sized saucepan to cover with water, and put it on the heat with a pinch of salt. After 20 minutes of cooking in which we will remove the foam, we will only have to strain the broth to remove the pieces of fish, bones, and vegetables.

Differences Between Fish Broth And Fumet

The preparation of fumet would be different, for which we must start from a base of finely chopped vegetables that we will sauté in a saucepan with a drizzle of olive oil until they are well cooked. From there, we will add the pieces of fish, bones, and heads, as well as the seafood that we will cook over high heat for a few minutes until they are toasted. The next step would be to cover with cold water, add the bundle of aromatic herbs and cook over medium heat for 30 minutes while we remove the remains of foam that remains on the surface. After the cooking time has passed, we will have to pass the broth through a strainer to remove all the solid ingredients.

Flavor: fumet, more concentrated and intense

If we look closely at the process of making fish broth, we will see that it is a very simple and quick way to obtain it. This is directly reflected in the flavor, being in the case of the fish broth light and soft on the palate.

On the contrary, in fumet, in addition to being cooked, the vegetables are previously sautéed in olive oil along with the fish and shellfish, which will undoubtedly enhance the flavor. After a longer cooking process, we will obtain a concentrated fish stock with a much more pronounced flavor than in the case of fish broth.

Culinary uses: broth is more versatile

Although we can use it as a base for different preparations, fish broth can also be consumed alone, without the need for accompaniment, as we would do with a light consommé before starting a meal. However, if we are looking for tastier preparations, we can use it as a base to prepare a rich and comforting traditional fish soup, a typical white stew from Andalusia, or more robust fish stews such as fish zarzuela or stews based on potatoes with fish.

In the case of fumet, we can use it to enhance the flavor of various culinary preparations such as suquet de peix, a traditional fish stew prepared in Catalonia, Valencian rice dishes such as paella or arroz a banda, dishes such as fideuá and different sauces such as American or marinara, but it is not taken alone as in the case of broth but is usually one more ingredient in other recipes.

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