Diet With Chili, Is It Really Effective To Lose Weight?

Some time ago, the famous singer from the United States (US) Beyoncé Knowles, revealed the secrets of the diet obtained from her personal doctor. Beyoncé admits that the secret to her effective weight loss comes from a diet of chili peppers and other blends like lemon juice or apple cider vinegar.

Not surprisingly, many ordinary people out there flock to mix and consume the chili diet concoction that was popularized by Beyoncé. So is it true that the chili diet is safe and good for weight loss? First, consider the following facts.

What is the chili diet?

Diet chili (chili), is a combination of chili powder ingredients (can also use hot pepper powder), lemon juice, or apple cider vinegar. This diet is believed to be a detox liquid that is effective in losing weight and accelerating fat burning.

Cayenne pepper or powder, is known to play a role in accelerating metabolism in the body. According to biologist Helen Kollias, as quoted from LiveScience, the content of capsaicin in cayenne pepper can stimulate hormones that cause your heart rate and breathing to be faster. Thus, your body will burn more calories.

Meanwhile, lemon juice or juice is believed to be able to soften the food you consume into feces quickly. The reason is, lemon juice is quickly absorbed by the body.

Drinking lemon juice and chili peppers several times a day is considered a solution to curb hunger and suppress appetite. This herb is also said to be able to make the body remove toxins and waste substances in the body. This process is known as detoxification. Therefore, your body can be slim quickly.

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Is there any danger from consuming chili diet ingredients?

Although chili itself is one of the foods that are rich in nutrients, it does not mean that the chili diet is completely safe for everyone. The reason is, chili has not been proven effective for weight loss. Why so? Instead of being effective for weight loss, the chili diet actually increases health risks.

1. You could be malnourished

According to Susan Moores, of the American Dietetic Association, the juice of lemon and chilies in this diet does not contain many nutrients in it. If you replace eating with this diet ingredient, you are also at risk of experiencing nutritional deficiencies.

This can hinder your process of losing weight. The reason is, people whose bodies are malnourished tend to be faster and become cravings for foods that are high in calories.

2. The mood becomes changeable

In addition to a malnourished body, Susan Moores worries that people on this diet will experience an unstable mood or mood. For example, dieters will become bored quickly, irritable, have difficulty concentrating and may experience headaches. Even Beyoncé herself has admitted that when she goes on this diet, she becomes moodier.

This is natural, nutritional deficiencies can indeed affect a person’s emotional state. Your moods or emotions are regulated in the brain. Meanwhile, to work properly, the brain needs complete nutrition. For example from good fats, protein, and minerals. If you go on a chili diet and reduce your nutritional intake, of course your brain doesn’t work well so your emotions will fall apart.

3. The detox effect is still questionable

David Dahlman, a nutritionist from the US, said that this diet is not harmful. But for the problem of detox, this diet can be said to be a failure. Keep in mind that detoxification works by digesting the nutrients eaten, filtered by the liver, and then excreted either through feces or urine.

Meanwhile, according to Dahlman, this chili diet does not provide the necessary nutrients for the liver to do its job. Therefore, a diet that does not provide a variety of nutrients and nutrients, even in the form of a detox, is arguably not beneficial for the body.

4. Another danger that can have a direct impact after doing the chili diet

Throat burning. When you consume a liquid that tastes spicy and sour, it can burn the throat. If you feel such an effect, it’s a good idea to immediately neutralize the burning sensation by drinking a glass of milk or yogurt. A glass of milk or yogurt can help the capsaicin in chilies move away from nerve receptors to reduce the burning sensation.

1. Skin irritation. Don’t get me wrong, chili powder or chili that you use in your diet can irritate your skin. Especially if this capsaicin substance touches the eyes, nose, or other sensitive parts. Be careful not to let the chilies touch your eyes, nose, mouth, or other sensitive parts of your body. Especially after cooking with chili or making chili diet ingredients.

2. Can be toxic to the body. The high capsaicin content of chili can be bad for the body. Among other things can make and inhibit the production of certain neurotransmitters. Worst of all, this diet can hurt your intestines and digestion.

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